Customers value having all the information they need before making a purchase. One of the biggest influences in their decision-making process is the company estimates or business quotations they receive.

Price quotes are a potential legally binding agreement that offers clients an estimate before providing goods or services and outlines projected expenses for the company.

Writing effective quote templates for your business can result in new business, so this practice is crucial. Effective sales quotes will strengthen customer relationships and give your company greater security.

In this article, we’ll outline a few easy steps your business can take to establish and easily create the best free quote template for you.

Price Quote Template

How to Create a Free Quote Template

There are many ways to create your own free templates. Here are seven steps to help guide your business in making the most effective personal quotes:

  • Select or create a free quote template.
  • Add client details.
  • Enter a specific quote number.
  • Include significant dates.
  • Add the goods or services.
  • Include the terms and conditions.
  • Add Additional Notes.
  1. Select or Create Free Templates

To create the most effective quote templates, you’ll need some time and practice. It’s a lot easier to create quotes that are appealing to clients and look professional when you use a consistent quotation structure.

You can choose a quotation template that goes with your brand’s design or theme. Focus on making it unique for each client and calculate how many different templates you’ll need.

Updating the text to include information about your company, price ranges, and potential services is simple. You can also personalize and enhance your design by including your business letterhead or logo.

Depending on the type of software you have, you can research a wide range of quote templates. Alternatively, you can use tools to create your own. The following popular apps all include free quotation templates as well as the ability to make your own:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets

Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel quotation is a good place to start if you have the Microsoft Office suite installed. They are adaptable and well-known to most users. These templates can then be saved in quotation PDF format. This makes sending a client a polished copy simple.

If you choose to use Google Sheets, you can customize the blank parts as desired, save them, and send them. Your quotes will then be available at the push of a button.

Some businesses also create their quotes using accounting or bookkeeping software.

Estimates and quotations are extremely similar. However, an estimate rather than a fixed price is included in the quote templates. With the help of the free online estimating tool, it’s simple to create and submit price quote estimates to clients.

Using an estimate maker can help you deliver your client an exact estimate that is professionally formatted. It prevents any blunders that can hurt your company’s reputation in the industry.

  1. Add client details

Make sure to say who the quote is directed towards. Be sure to include all the details. Such as:

  • Name of the company
  • Name of dealing manager
  • Physical and postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Fax (if applicable)
  • Inbox address
  • Name and title of the binding contract

If you don’t include a generic letterhead in your template, be sure to include company contact details.

If you want to make the price quote more personal, you can edit and address the client directly in the quote. The receiver must understand who the document is intended for.

Including specific client information will assist in clearing up any confusion when the quote is being sent to a place of business where there are numerous people.

  1. Enter a specific quote number

Accounting software produces a quotation number for you automatically, incrementing each new quote by one. However, you should be able to alter the quote number. You can begin with “1” and work your way up if you’re using a template in Word, Google Sheets, Excel, or a similar program.

That said, you can also program the software to include individual page numbers on your quotation sheets. This ensures accuracy when sending many pages in the same email.

  1. Include significant dates

Your business quote dates assists you and your customer achieve consensus regarding the anticipated schedule. Include the following important dates:

  • Date of issue: This is when you provide the invoice to your client. Because quotes are time-limited offers, the date of issue is crucial. Include the phrase “Valid for 30 days.” Alternatively, you can change the timeline’s length as needed.
  • The due date for payment: Here, you’ll specify when you anticipate being paid for your good or service. You can specify a payment due date for each payment if you expect to receive more than one. This applies to both product quotes and service quotes.
  • Date of delivery: This relates to the anticipated delivery date for the client of the products or services.
  • Start of the project: This is the day the service will start if a customer purchases it.
  • End of the project: This is where you will note the deadline for a project.
  1. Add the goods or services

Add line items for the goods and/or services you’re quoting. Include the item descriptions, quantities, product numbers, unit prices, and (if appropriate) the total price per item.

Additionally, you can group the goods and services into several project phases if you want to split the costs of labor and materials. Your cost breakdown will be easier to organize if you choose a quotation template designed for your specific industry.

If your client is considering purchasing something from you, mention the following:

  • The specific item(s) they are interested in.
  • The amount of each item they are buying.
  • Detailed product or service descriptions and material costs.

If your client is considering your services, mention the following:

  • The specific service or services they are interested in.
  • How often do they request the service?
  • An explanation of the service (specify how many hours or days it will take, the equipment needed, etc.)

To keep everything organized with a larger project at hand, you should separate the labor and material descriptions. Additionally, if you’re offering both goods and services, you can decide whether to generate distinct quotes or have different sections of the same quote.

  1. Include the Terms and Conditions

This is where you consider any project deviations that might occur. For example, a backyard landscaping project’s timeline depends on the quality of the weather.

A small business might also describe the cost of the added work. They might say, for instance, that any further work will cost $50 per hour. Since many businesses’ sales quotes are designed to be a fixed fee, it’s important to specify the circumstances in which more work might be needed.

Include your desired payment method and due date as well. This might include:

  • Direct deposit
  • Check
  • Credit card
  • Single invoice after completion
  • Cash deposit
  • Upfront payment deposit

Be sure to add these specifics to your payment terms to make sure everything is clear. Also, consider adding what will happen if your client needs to remember to pay or refuses to do so.

Your quote template would also benefit from the following sections:

  • Disclaimers: This includes what will happen if unforeseen events change the terms originally negotiated. For instance, if you run a construction business and weather conditions cause delays in the expected schedule, or shipping delays affect when a customer receives his order.
  • Extra costs: It’s crucial to note that if a client wishes to add any items or services after the estimate has been accepted, they will be responsible for paying additional costs.
  • Terms of payment: This entirely depends on how you want to be compensated. From payment methods (direct deposit, debit, credit, check, etc.) to whether you require a large payment, a series of smaller payments, a single payment, or a downpayment.
  1. Add Additional Notes

Any additional information you include should go here. This includes timetables, anticipated completion dates, and a project objectives list. It is also professional to thank your client for the chance to quote them and express your excitement about working with them.

Include the following information in your quote template to further personalize your quotes:

  • Order number (provided by the supplier)
  • Business Identification Number
  • Sales tax number
  • Signature field
  • Any relevant discount

Excel Quote Template


How to Quote for Different Businesses

Quote template for advertising services – You can be sure to wow potential customers with a beautifully designed list of your services and costs. This can be entirely customized with your company logo and design preferences to ensure businesses understand why you are the ideal choice for their projects.

Quote template for auditing services – An auditor’s success depends on their attention to detail and financial knowledge. If you own an auditing company or offer clients auditing services, you’ll need a structured quotation style to spell out the specifics of your work.

To ensure that your clients know your accounting and financial services, create an audit services quotation style that contains line-by-line explanations of your services and specific pricing breakdowns.

Quote template for cleaning purposes – Many industries highly emphasize cleaning services. Use a sample quotation template for cleaning services to ensure your clients know why you are the ideal candidate.

You can modify your quote template to suit the service you are offering. This includes a list of everything you’ll clean, equipment costs, and the time the cleaning will take.

Quote template for construction estimates – Providing information to construction companies about the services you offer in a specified time frame is a terrific method to generate interest and win over businesses. A free construction quote template should include areas for particular services, labor prices, and material costs.

Quote template for personal auto insurance – Customers rely on you for their safety. This is why you must first quote them so they know the specifics of your services. A price quote template is a terrific approach to keep everything accurate and presentable while avoiding mistakes.

Quote template for photography services – You can submit a quote to clients to let them know your costs if you want to inform them about your photographic services. The ideal quotation template spells out the many photography services you offer, along with any hourly billing or other services you provide.

Quote template for taxi services – Sending out a quote to potential clients is a wonderful place to start if you run a cab company and want to spread the Word.

With line-by-line service information and customized hourly billing, a unique taxi quotation template can help you win over clients and sell them on your offerings.

Quote template for wedding planning – Knowing that every client wants the best for their special day is what you should focus on when creating a quote. Using a quotation template, you may outline your services in block quotation styles to highlight clients’ various choices.

Quote template for sales estimate – If you are in sales, you are aware of the power of a positive first impression. With your free sales quotation template that is simple to adapt to your business needs, you can inform clients of why your services are the best in the industry.

Quotation Template


Benefits of Free Quote Templates

A business quote will provide an accurate and profitable price and other advantages to you and your customers, regardless of whether your company provides services or sells products.

When your business provides clear and straightforward quotations, it establishes a line of communication between the parties and has the potential to influence customers to make a purchase. Your client will better understand what they are paying for because the sales quote template includes the final cost and a breakdown of all the related expenditures.

The customer will thus be able to see the genuine value of where their money is going rather than believing they are being overcharged.

As a business owner, you are well aware of how important it is to manage cash flow. Even though it may be difficult to forecast the future, a business quote that has been approved will help you do just that. You may accurately purchase the required resources by using the quote to track time, anticipate cash flow, and calculate profits.

Last but not least, obtaining a signed quote can help ensure payment. Unfortunately, there are instances where customers agree to pay and then vanish.

Therefore, it’s crucial to safeguard your company by obtaining signed written confirmation that the client has already consented to pay.

Quote Formats


A product or service quote template is often the first official impression that prospective clients get of your business. Having your own unique quote template ready will also make your life easier when quoting your customers.

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