Cleaning services need to be carefully detailed in a cleaning contract template. You will want to be sure that you have all the right information in the house cleaning contract that you create for your business. This will ensure a really effective janitorial contract experience for you and your clients.

If you have been struggling to write a commercial cleaning contract template or to create a cleaning contract for a smaller business, you need to be sure you know about the process of drafting one. Making sure that the right information is included in this document is just as important as structuring it to be easy to read and understand. The better your contract, the more likely it will be that you and your cleaning team will have good experiences with customers.

Cleaning Service Agreement
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What Should be Included in a Cleaning Service Contract?

A cleaning contract is actually a legal agreement between the cleaner and the client. It makes sure that the terms of the relationship between both of these parties is clear, and it helps to ensure that there is a clear line of communication between both parties about the job. This is one of the most important parts of the arrangement between the cleaner and the client since it eliminates confusion about what is expected from both the company and the client.

When a cleaning service contract is written properly, it will include details about the rate of pay for services, the kinds of services that have been requested, and the way that the cleaning contract can be revoked or altered. There might also be information about the kinds of products used in the cleaning and the hours and days that the cleaner comes into the client’s home or business to provide cleaning services.

This kind of contract can be used for a cleaning company that takes care of business properties, for a house cleaner, for a maid, or even for a live-in housekeeper. There are so many kinds of jobs that fall under this umbrella, and just hiring someone on a handshake is never a good idea. You want to be sure that the client and your cleaning crew are on the same page about the services offered, payment for those services, and the scope of the job at hand.

All cleaning contracts need to include the following information:

  1. The Date. The effective date when the contract goes into effect needs to be included in the contract language. This is the date at which the client and the cleaner enter into a legal agreement. Your cleaning contract template will need to be easy to adjust for unique contract needs, and this is one of the variables that will change every time you secure a new job.
  2. The State. There are different rules and regulations that govern the kinds of cleaning processes that can be done by cleaning companies in every state. This means that the state that the contract is valid needs to be included in the contract details. If you are using a generic cleaning contract template, you might need to be sure that there is no state-specific information in the blank form of the contract to eliminate confusion. You might also prevent problems of a legal nature by making sure that the state where the contract is effective is listed in the document.
  3. Party Information. The cleaner and the client’s information need to be listed clearly in the contract. This will include the full legal name of each party as well as any relevant business titles or official names that the parties go by. An address and phone number should be listed for both the cleaner and the client as well.
  4. Description of the Cleaning Services. The cleaning services that are being done will need to be carefully laid out in this section of the cleaning contract template. You will need to make sure that the services include information about the equipment used to do the cleaning and the full list of cleaning services that the client is expecting per their contract. You should also make sure that the cleaning locations are listed. If there is more than one building that the cleaner is cleaning, all the addresses where work is done need to be listed in this part of the template.
    You will also need to make sure that the cleaning dates are listed and the cleaning locations per date.  Many of these contracts will also include detailed information about the kinds of cleaners and products that are used by the cleaning company. These details can help to protect the cleaner from retaliation if the client does not remember what was discussed and thinks that there has been a breach of trust with regard to the services provided.
    You should also make sure that your liability and insurance information is present on each copy of your cleaning contract and that the duration of the contract is listed as well.
  5. Pricing and Payment. You might only accept payment in one way, but no matter how many different ways you take payment, these need to be clearly indicated in the cleaning contract. You will also need to indicate if the billing is for a flat rate for hours cleaned or a flat rate per service provided. There are various ways to bill clients for services rendered, and you want this information to be very clearly laid out in your cleaning contract template.
    No matter what pricing or payment agreement you want to have in place, this part of the contract needs to be very clear and very easy to understand. The more clearly this part of the information is outlined, the better your relationship with your client will be.
  6. Legal. There will always need to be a section of the contract that conveys information about the legal provisions that need to be mentioned pertaining to this contract. This means that the legal rights of the cleaner and the client will be discussed in this section. You might want to have the right to inspection included in this section, and you will definitely need to include warranties and disclaimers about services and possible errors that could be made.
    Limitation of liability also needs to be stated in the contract, and you will want to make sure that it is clear who the governing body is for laws and for dispute resolution. The entire agreement provision might need to be included in this part of the contract as well.
  7. Signatures of the Cleaner and Client. If the contract has been agreed upon by both parties, they can both sign and date the signature segment of the contract. This is essential because an unsigned contract is no better than a handshake deal. You will need to be sure that you and the client both have copies of the contract in hand as well. This helps with transparency and can make your clients feel more secure in their relationship with you.

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How Do You Write a Cleaning Contract?

A cleaning contract needs to be written in a clear and legible way. You will want to be sure that the sections of the contract have the right titles and are easy to identify for both you and for the client. Consider printing these agreements with your contact information and a company logo at the top of the agreement. Branding is important for cleaning companies, even in this stage of the relationship with clients.

It can be tempting to just look at a generic cleaning contract template and copy it, but you might have a lot of different stipulations or services that you want to include in the contract that you use for your business. The less general and the more specific your cleaning contract, the better off you and your client will be. Make sure that all the above sections are included in your contract, and you will have a great cleaning contract template that you can use for all kinds of jobs.

The more information that is contained in any legal document, the more effective it will be. The cleaning contract makes sure that there is no confusion between you and your client, and you will be glad that you took the time to write a specific and well-crafted cleaning contract if there are ever issues with a client and their happiness with the work that was done. The cleaning contract protects your interests as well as the client’s interests which is why it is so important to the process of securing new jobs for your cleaning company.

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How Do You Write a Cleaning Proposal?

A cleaning proposal is a little like a business proposal. This kind of document might be sought out by a company or person that is looking for a cleaning service but is not sure if you are the right cleaning service for their needs. It is more common to write a cleaning proposal for a business that wants commercial cleaning services, but you sometimes need to write a cleaning proposal for an individual.

  • The proposal will include a lot of the same information as the cleaning service contract, but without all the finalized details. You might need to speak with the business or person who is looking for a cleaning proposal so that you know what services they want before you draft this document. There are many kinds of services that a cleaning company can offer, and it will waste time and energy on your part if you know which services, in particular, to bid out to each client.
  • You will need to include the cost for the requested services and the proposed days and times that these services will be provided to the client. You might also want to include a proposal for the machines and cleaning products used for these services. Cleaning company proposals can be more general than finalized contracts, but they should still say enough that you know that the person looking for services will want to work with your company.

Cleaning proposals can vary in their information related to the services that will be provided, but the information about your company that you share will not change. You can make sure that you have a section that says what your company is known for, what services you provide at a higher level and any accolades or recommendations that you have received over the years.

This higher-level explanation of your business goals and plans, as well as your skills and accomplishments, can be important to help convince a person or company to hire you for the cleaning job that needs to be done. You do not need to brag about your business, but you can certainly share critical facts about your business and information about your services and what makes them special.

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Drafting the Right Cleaning Contract Matters

If you have been uncertain about how important your cleaning contract template is, you need to be aware that this is a legal document. This means that your cleaning contract needs to be well-crafted, and it needs to include all the right information to protect your company and your client during the relationship that happens when the contract is signed. The more detailed your cleaning contract is, the better off you and your client will both be if there is a dispute or if there is confusion down the road.

Making sure that you have created the right cleaning contract is easy when you know what information needs to be included in this document. Having detailed information about the client and your company, as well as the services being rendered, is essential. No matter how much you want to operate based on handshake deals, this is never a good idea. It is always a good idea to have all of the information related to your cleaning services carefully outlined in your cleaning contract template.

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