If you haven’t been using a cleaning contract when providing cleaning services to your customers, it’s the best time to start using them. A lot goes into commercial cleaning services, and that’s why you should have properly written and signed contracts. You will benefit from ensuring your payments are made in time and you have detailed financial records for your work. You don’t require a document with complicated legal language but a document with the simplest plain language. By signing a cleaning contract, both you and your client win.

Cleaning Contract Templates

How much is a cleaning contract worth?

One of the main components of your house cleaning contract will be the cost of service. This is one of the main areas you must pay closer attention to ensure you stay in business. The cost-of-service provision keeps changing as time changes. What you charged ten years ago is no longer applicable today.

A cleaning service contractor will consider several things as guiding factors when setting the price.

What is the size of the property?

As the cleaning service contractor, check the size of the property. Calculate the total square foot of the cleanable area of the property and calculate the cost based on the current market charges per square foot.

A cleaning service contractor charges anything between $0.05 to $0.2 per square foot. If the property is 20,000 square feet, the cost will be $1,000 to $4,000. This is one of the factors to consider but there are other factors.

How much work is involved?

Due to competition, you might not be able to charge as per square foot if you are a new cleaning service contractor. In this case, approximate the amount of work involved and charge either lumpsum or hourly.

If the work takes fewer hours, you might favor giving a lumpsum cost, but if it takes more hours, hourly charges might be favorable. Be sure to add the cost of equipment maintenance and a profit margin. You may base your hourly price on the average hourly wage of a janitor, which is about $14.

Charge based upon your client’s needs

Your client might have different needs. Some might only require you to clean the floor. Others might want extra services such as vacuuming, polishing, dusting ceilings, etc. Each extra service will add a cost to the total charge. Calculate the cost of your labor and add your profit.

Cleaning Service Contractors

Compare prices with your competitors

Each house cleaning contract is charged differently. Your competitors will charge differently from you. You might charge too high and miss business or charge too low and customers doubt the quality of your work. You might want to compare what your competitors are charging and have an average figure that you can charge.

Business type

Avoid having a fixed house cleaning contract charge sheet. Instead, fix your charges according to the client you are serving. You may charge more to clients located in high-end places. The price for a manufacturing plant could be different from what you charge a retail store.

Number of staffing needed

Some clients will be specific on the number of cleaners they want on their property. Others will let you determine the volume of work and decide the staff that will manage it. Whatever the numbers, calculate the wages for each cleaner using the minimum wage per hour formula.

If you know the square footage of the cleanable area, you will tell how many hours you require to complete the work. Agree with the client if they require a few cleaners to be stationed at the property throughout office hours to help you do better cost estimation.

Miscellaneous costs

Add all your miscellaneous costs such as cleaning agents, brushes, brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners. You might want equipment for external cleaning (for High-rise buildings), driveways, backyard, etc.

What should be in a cleaning contract?

Before signing a cleaning service contractor form, you should read every detail therein to ensure it is capturing your interests. It must give details on what you are expected to do and the result your client is expecting from your work.

It must detail the exact date and time the cleaning services are expected to commence, the total cost, and allowances for adjustments/complaints. The commercial cleaning contract template should include all of the following details.


These are the names of both the cleaning service contractor and the client. The details should be as follows:

  • Both names (contractor and client)
  • Telephone numbers for both parties
  • The physical address of both parties

Scope of service to be provided

This is a detail of the services that will do provided by the contractor. These are details such as:

  • General cleaning services
  • Detailed cleaning

Special cleaning such as post-construction cleaning

This section must contain the specific scope of work but not a generalized description. If it’s vacuuming, state it as vacuuming. If you don’t state the specific service, your client will have a right to claim more services from you at the same cost.

They can also sue you for the non-delivery of all services. You may want to read a cleaning contract sample to help understand every important detail to capture. The scope of the work section should also give details on where the work will be done. Let it give details such as:

  • Property number
  • State
  • Road
  • Code

Work schedule

A commercial cleaning contract template work schedule gives details about how often the cleaning will be done. From the scope of work, it should state the following details.

  • How often do the windows need to be cleaned
  • Number of times vacuuming will be done
  • Whether trash will be removed during the day or night

For every type of work stated in the scope of work, including its frequency. Some companies require night cleaning services to avoid distracting customers while cleaning during the day.


Homeowners might give you work only when they need their house cleaned. Commercial offices mostly sign annual contracts. The commercial cleaning contract template should state the time when the contract will start and when it will end.

Number of cleaners required and cleaner training

Bigger cleaning contracts may require a specific number of cleaners. They will also require you to provide details on how the cleaners will be trained. Even when you have experienced cleaners, clients want to know how they will be trained on the specific requirements of the new client. Before they start working, they must first visit the property for orientation.

How the cleaners will access the property

Cleaning is done early before office hours or after the business closes. The commercial cleaning contract template must indicate how the contractor will be accessing the property. If it’s a home and the cleaning is being done when the owner is away, there must be arrangements on how they will access the house.

Work charges

This is the amount of money the contractor is expecting from the client. It should show when the payment is due, the type of billing to be used, and the payment method. If there will be any penalties for late payments, indicate the parentage.


Both the cleaning service contractor and the client must sign the document.

Termination clause

The clause specifies the conditions under which the contract can be terminated. It should capture client and contractor obligations if there is a need to terminate the contract.

Commercial Cleaning Contract Templates

How do I write a cleaning service contract?

At the top of the cleaning contract sample, indicate your business name or just the sentence “cleaning services agreement.”

  • Indicate the date when the agreement is made

Write the details of the client

  • Name
  • Address
  • Physical address

Write the details of the contractor

  • Name
  • Address
  • Physical address

Include short information about the contract. It indicates that the two parties have agreed on the details of the contract.

Give details of the services to be provided

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Mopping
  • Cleaning windows

The venue where the service will be provided

  • State
  • City
  • Street
  • Code

Indicate time

  • Number of days/months/years
  • Time to work – At night, early morning, in the evening, etc.

Terms of agreement – Conditions of work

  • Payments
  • Total charge
  • Currency of payment
  • When payment is made
  • How it is done
  • Invoicing procedures
  • Penalties
  • Cleaners require
  • Equipment required
  • Indemnity

Terms of agreement modification

Terms under which changes can be made

Why a house cleaning contract is important

A housecleaning contract is a document that gives details on the type of services a client expects from you and what you expect from them. The document binds you and your client into a mutual agreement about the services to be offered. If one party thinks to change the agreement and add more demands, the signed agreement will serve as the guide.

  • The document protects you Your client may decide to suddenly cancel the contract and your business running costs become suddenly affected. The contract states the conditions of cancellation, which helps protect your business. If the client or yourself may decide to seek justice from the court, the document can be used to prove there was a mutual agreement between you and your client.
  • It protects the assets of a property owner When a cleaner and their team are accessing your property often, one of them might be evil-minded and plan to steal. The contract contains details that protect the assets of the client if one of the workers proves to be deviant.
  • It helps you get paid in time Sometimes your client may over delay your payments due to various reasons. The document states the penalties that will be applicable if the client delays making payments or fail to pay. It is important to refer to a cleaning contract sample before you sign.

House Cleaning Contracts

Main types of cleaning services available

Before you start a cleaning service company, you should decide the type of cleaning you want to offer to customers. This will help you know the type of commercial cleaning contract template to design for your clients. These are the main types of cleaning services you can offer.

Cleaning residential properties

Another name for this type of service is home or domestic cleaning services. This type of service requires a house cleaning contract and can be offered when the homeowner is home or away.

The house cleaning service you provide depends on what you agree with the customer. You can do dish cleaning, room cleaning, ironing, toilet cleaning, compound, etc. Some clients will ask you to bring your work equipment while others will allow you to use theirs. This type of service requires very little investment. You can start it before you register a business to help you gain experience. They are mostly short-time contracts.

Office cleaning services

This service is also called commercial cleaning. It has a bigger scope of work and requires a higher level of professionalism. Clients mostly prefer to work with a registered cleaning service contractor. Its commercial cleaning contract template is more detailed and may involve an attorney if the contract is bigger. Commercial cleaning services are mostly long-term contracts.

Janitorial services

These are cleaning services offered daily in offices, schools, factories, and residential flats. They are different from commercial cleaning services because they don’t involve deep cleaning tasks at a wider scope.

Dry and laundry cleaning

Laundry cleaning involves cleaning different types of fabric using detergents, soaps, and softeners. Dry cleaning involves cleaning using high-cost chemicals to remove strong stains and grease.

Sanitizing and disinfecting

Sanitizing and disinfecting services are offered to both commercial and residential properties. These types of services became more common after the pandemic hit the whole world. It ensures the property is free from infectious viruses and germs.

Pressure cleaning

This type of cleaning service uses powerful pumps to spray high-pressure water jets to clean carpets, moldy roofs, walls, and tiled compounds. The service can be extended to vehicle interior cleaning, muddied under surfaces, and garages.

Green cleaning

Green cleaning is a type of cleaning that focuses more on saving the environment. The service provider uses fewer chemicals and does more cleaning. Organizations that support environmental conservation prefer this type of cleaning. The service provider might be required to be certified as a green cleaning service.

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