The grand opening occasion of a business offers an excellent start. It is a major occasion that draws interest and informs locals about a fresh economic opportunity. The occasion serves as a branding opportunity that communicates the company’s values. A grand opening flyer offers widespread notification of an impending grand opening.

It draws interest to a new enterprise and offers important details about the event. It lets the community know about the venue, date, and time of the occasion. The grand opening poster announces any exclusive deals or promos the new business might be offering. It is an important marketing item that can help a new investment launch with great success.

Grand Opening Flyers

What is a grand opening invitation?

A grand opening invitation is a launching flyer that announces an upcoming major opening of a business. It announces to audiences where the event will take place including the date and time. The flyer acts as an advertisement tool leveraged by a new business to attract attention from audiences. 

It includes a variety of promotions or discounts the business could be offering to attract large first-day sales. The flyer also includes a strong CTA message to woo people to attend the occasion. The important messages and phrases it may showcase include the following.

  • Join us
  • Shop now
  • Visit today
  • Register now
  • Take advantage of special offers

Grand Opening Templates

What should a grand opening flyer include?

A grand opening poster requires a cautious balancing of important details with visually striking components. The objective of the design should be to capture interest from the audience. It offers them the essential information they require to take action and attend the occasion. The contents of the grand opening template may include the following. 

  • A description of the importance of the event. Add a brief sentence that describes what the event is all about. Make it interesting to help stir emotions in the audience. It helps create a desire to create time for the event. 
  • Offers and promotions to expect in the event. Grand openings become engaging when there are offers and promotions to grab. Create earnest expectations by announcing the offers on the grand opening invitation.
  • Add the visuals to enhance the impact. Visuals could be the most striking thing in the launching flyer. They quickly capture attention and could drive massive attendance. Striking photos should be quality images complemented by stunning graphics. They include product photos or an image of the physical or online store. 
  • Capture the date. An effective grand opening poster should inform the audience where to go for the grand opening. It should inform them when to go and the time. This information is critical and should be clearly displayed. 
  • Contacts matter. Inform the audience how they can make inquiries about the event. Let them know how they can get in touch with the store after the event. Provide the telephone contacts and email. Another important contact aspect is social media. Many people may prefer to enhance engagement through social channels. Create striking social media profiles to quickly attract a large following. 

Grand Opening Flyer Ideas

Other important components to consider

  • Pay attention to branding. Do not ignore branding due to the role it plays in marketing. Let the logo be prominent in the grand opening template. You may search for different grand opening flyer ideas. You may get ideas on how to position the logo and business colors. 
  • Acknowledge partners. Several partners might have sponsored the event. Their role in its success is important. It is equally necessary to name and acknowledge them. The audience will appreciate the gratitude. It also enhances the credibility of the launching flyer.
  • Call the audience to action. Call the audience to take action and register for the event. Ask them to add to the cart some of the early customized offers. They may subscribe to monthly letters too.

Grand Opening Posters

How do I make a poster for a shop opening?

Making a grand opening template for a store requires a careful balance of design components. Flyer design elements must balance with the relevant text and draw attention to the target market. It should communicate the intended message without confusion. Here are the steps to follow when creating an eye-catching poster for a shop opening.

  • Work with specific goals
    When looking for grand opening flyer ideas, you should be guided by specific goals. Too broad goals may confuse the audience and be too costly to implement. The goals you work with could revolve around:
    Brand establishment
    Offering special deals
    Generating awareness and sales
  • Generate grand opening flyer ideas
    For a good grand opening flyer template, your ideas may come from different sources but ensure each is valuable and credible. Some of the crucial information needed includes the name of the store and logo. Decide on the date and time for the launch. Determine the contacts and offers to give.
  • Have a theme for the grand opening
    The grand opening template should feature a theme. The theme defines the components that should be added to the launching flyer. Decide on things such as graphics and fonts to use. Choose the colors wisely and let the entire flyer reflect the type of services or goods your store provides.
  • Adopt a well-flowing sequence of information
    The information should flow from the most important to the least. Let it flow logically and tweak the fonts and colors to achieve variety.
    The headline should be on top and it should be catchy. Let it express anticipation towards the launching day. Choose the right location of the log. It should not overshadow the design.
  • Add pictures and edit to make it enticing
    Pictures add value to the grand opening invitation flyer. They should be quality and interesting to the audience. Editing the flyer ensures it is legible and without errors. Let the fonts be legible and add a CTA. The CTA should not push the audience too much. Add icons for social media and attractive hashtags. You must ensure you achieve the highest print quality.
  • Print the grand opening flyer template and distribute
    After completing the design and printing, the final step should be to decide how you will distribute them. You may start by posting them on social media. Get people to help you physically distribute them in public places and homes.
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