If you run a lawn care business, creating a lawn care flyer makes it easier for you to get the word out. This type of business requires skill and a talent for finding and keeping clients. A lawn mowing flyer must contain all of the relevant information related to your business if you want it to be both relevant and effective.

Lawn Care Flyers

When do you need a lawn care flyer?

From a small restaurant business which has a small grass island in its parking lot all the way to a million-dollar home with acres of green to care for, a well-crafted lawn care flyer shows these customers what you have to offer.

Whether you have a small lawn care business or a big one, creating a lawn care flyer template allows you to reach more customers which, in turn, brings in more business. Apart from including the information about your basic lawn care services, make sure to include all other services you offer like:

  • Design
  • Fertilizing
  • Flower bed planting
  • Hedge trimming
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance
  • Sprinkler maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Yard waste removal

Lawn Mowing Flyers

Important information to include in your lawn care flyer

Although a lawn care flyer can be an extremely effective tool for marketing, not all flyers give the same effect on customers. For instance, if you don’t make a lawn services flyer that’s eye-catching or interesting, it won’t attract the clients you desire. Therefore, you must make sure that the template you create stands out.

When it comes to marketing or advertising your business, it’s never a good idea to bombard the readers with too much information, more than what they need. An effective lawn mowing flyer doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. Keep things simple but interesting to catch the attention of your target audience.

To make your lawn care flyer template effective, make sure to include this important information:

  • The headline
    Most of the time, people only read this part of the lawn services flyer and nothing else. Therefore, you must make sure that your headline stands out, especially if you have a lot of competition in your area. Otherwise, the readers might just read your flyer, throw it in the bin, and call their usual lawn care guys.
  • Information about your lawn care company
    It’s important for you to include the information about your company in the template too. This is especially relevant for new businesses to spread the word. Include the name of your company and the logo on all of your lawn care flyers.
  • Your contact information
    Of course, the main thing you want to happen is for your customers to call you to avail of your services. The only way they can do that is if you include your contact information on the template too.
    This includes your phone or mobile number, your email address, your website address, and even a photo of your entire crew.
  • The services you offer
    This is one of the most important parts of your lawn mowing flyer. Make sure to list all of the services you offer. That way, the readers know exactly what they can expect from you and whether or not they can contact you for what they need.
    Also, include any special offers, discounts, and promotions in your template.
    This grabs the attention of customers and encourages them to give you a call, especially if they’re looking for great deals. Highlight your services rather than including too many details. That way, the readers feel compelled to call you so they can learn more.
  • The territory you work in
    This is another important piece of information to include in your flyer. Whether you have a small or a big lawn care business, you should inform your potential clients about the territories you work in. That way, they know whether or not they can give you a call to work on their lawns.
  • Incentives
    After placing all of the basic information on your template, it’s time to include an incentive. Something which hooks the readers and makes them decide to give you a call. There are different types of incentives you can offer like discounts, special packages, and more.
    Just like with any other business, you must sell yourself if you want to bring in more business. Learn about the needs of your potential customers in your business territory to give you a better idea of how to draw them in. Then make them understand why you’re the best choice in the lawn care business.
  • Call to action
    Think about the actions you want the readers to take after going through your lawn care flyer template. No matter what this is, make sure to communicate it clearly on your flyer with a good phrase or sentence.
  • Compelling images
    You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is very true, especially for marketing or advertising tools like flyers and brochures. Even though the readers won’t read the content of your flyer, if you include great images, these can catch the attention of the readers just as well.
    When choosing images, make sure they are of a high-resolution. Also, don’t add too many images that they make your flyer look too cluttered with images or words or looks complex as such.
  • Testimonials
    Finally, testimonials from your previous customers make your flyer more effective too. A lot of people want to learn what other people have to say about your business and the services that you have to offer. Call your regular customers and ask them if they would like to share good words about your business.
    Include these testimonials on your flyer along with a great photo of their lawns after you’ve cared for them. This makes a huge impact on the readers, especially those who want to have visual proof.

Using your lawn care flyers

Advertising your lawn care business using a lawn care flyer is an economical but effective way to spread the word about your business. You can either download a template or create one on your own if you have the skills to do so. Before you start, make sure you check with the post office in your territory.

In some territories, it’s illegal to deliver or distribute promotional materials. In other territories, it’s alright to do this as long as you have a permit. After learning about the laws in the territory where you plan to advertise, you can start distributing. But before you do, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Flyers don’t always guarantee results
    Although creating flyers for your lawn care business is an excellent way to promote your business, it’s never a guarantee. Apart from the flyers, you must also learn more about other means of marketing and advertising to spread the word about your lawn care business.
  • Don’t spend too much to produce your flyers
    Keep in mind that when it comes to advertising, there are no guarantees. So, don’t go overboard in terms of spending for the production of your flyers. Create a budget you’re comfortable with and stick with it.
    If you can design the template on your own then all you have to spend for is the printing and any required permit. The good news is that these flyers have the potential to bring in a lot of business if you’re lucky!
  • Come up with a way to measure the effectiveness of your flyers
    If you keep track of the effectiveness of your flyers, this helps you make better decisions in terms of advertising in the future. When it comes to keeping track of the effectiveness of your flyers, start simple. For instance, if any new clients call you, ask them how they got your number.
    You may also want to think of a discount or coupon that’s exclusive for those who call you because of the flyer they received. That way, you can keep track of the number of customers who’ve contacted you because of the flyers you distributed.

Lawn Services Flyers

Distributing your lawn care flyers

When you’ve finalized and printed out your lawn services flyers, it’s time to start distributing them. There are several ways to do this including:

  • Door-to-door delivery
    This is the most economical way to distribute your flyers but it takes a lot of time and effort. But if you want to bring in more business, it’s definitely worth all that time and effort. Also, delivering the flyers door-to-door gives you an opportunity to get to know your potential clients more.
  • Distribute the flyers to the neighbors of your clients
    After the completion of a job, you can start delivering flyers to the rest of the people in the neighborhood. Since you’re already in the area, taking some time to distribute your flyers can help promote your business in a big way.
  • Leave flyers with your clients after doing work on their lawns
    Finally, you can also ask your clients to distribute the flyers for you if they agree. If you want to ensure that they will agree, then you can make a promotion out of it. Like you may want to offer a discount for every referral they make through the flyer!
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