Reading books takes time, especially lengthy ones. Most of the time, you can’t complete a book in a single sitting. At some point, you have to take a break, and put the book down to do something else. In such a case, using a bookmark helps keep track of where you left off. If you read a lot, you can either buy a bookmark or make one using printable bookmark templates. Use the marking tool inside the book before closing it. This makes it easier to find the right page when it’s time to continue reading.

Bookmark Templates

What is a bookmark? 

A bookmark is a type of marking tool that is usually made of leather, fabric, or cardstock. Other materials may include metals like brass or silver, paper, wood, silk, plastic, or even a cord.

The purpose of a bookmark is to keep track of a reader’s progress when reading a book. It allows readers to easily go back to where the most recent reading session ended. There are some books that have a piece of ribbon sewn into the book’s spine.

Types of bookmarks 

Avid book readers need bookmarks as it’s quite challenging to finish a book getting interrupted. If you’re one such person, you need some cute bookmarks to keep track of where you stopped. There is an abundance of bookmarks out there to fit any kind of reader.

The most common of these are the ones in bookstores. Make it a point to have a bookmark ready before starting a book. There are different types of bookmarks like the following:

  • Beads. There are also bookmarks with beads or other shiny objects. Some types have beads and crystals to mark the page of the book. The beads hang outside the top or bottom of the book.
  • Book thongs. A book thong is a uniquely designed bookmark that marks your place in a book just like any other bookmark. It’s usually made of a thin string or ribbon that tightly fits into the crease of the book. Some book thongs have decorative elements on both ends that hang out of the book. Book thongs are a great gift for book lovers because of their artistic design.
  • Charms. Little charms like beads and trinkets can also serve as bookmarks when attached to strings, ribbons, tassels, or even a thin piece of metal. They are very whimsical, reflective, and charming. This type of bookmark is typically sturdier than others.
  • Clips. Using a paperclip as a bookmark is very practical. There are even book-safe paperclip versions for this purpose. They come in a wide range of designs, from fun to classy. The clip keeps the page marked by clasping a couple of pages together. The only downside is that some clips tend to leave indentations on the pages. The best advantage of clips is that they stay in the book without any risk of falling out.
  • combination. These bookmarks are a combination of different types. For instance, they can have charms and ribbons or metal with strings. Some even represent an ethnic heritage. Creative individuals can easily make combination bookmarks.
  • Custom printed bookmarks. This is an interesting bookmark option for you to consider. To make one, take a regular paper bookmark and customize it. The idea is to print a custom bookmark that you would emblazon with messages and images to suit your style. It’s even a good idea to use these as giveaways. Take, for instance, a business. Small business owners can print many of these, making sure that they contain information about their businesses. Business cards can be easily thrown away. But customized bookmarks from businesses would be harder to dispose of as they serve an important purpose. Business owners should print their bookmarks on high-quality paper so they last long.
  • Embroidered. This type of bookmark looks very classy and exotic. They can even look like fancy rugs giving them a beautiful appearance. Embroidered bookmarks are often more pricey than other types.
  • Metal. This type of bookmark is of different types of metal. Often, they come embossed. Some have fancy designs. The ones with filigree designs are more expensive. Because of their purpose, these bookmarks are usually malleable and thin.
  • Paper. Most traditional bookmarks are of this material. They typically have pictures, sayings, and other design elements. There is even the option to personalize paper bookmarks. You can buy these in bookstores. Even a folded piece of paper can serve as a bookmark.
  • Ribbon. It’s also possible to use a ribbon for a marker. It’s common to see ribbon bookmarks for ethnic, organizational, or religious books. Typical bookmarks made of ribbon are of silk or satin. Some may come with charms or tassels.
  • String. A bookmark can be a thin string that’s either attached to a book or not. The string can be of different materials to help mark the right page.


The great thing about bookmarks is that they are all very unique. In particular, they are highly appealing to children. Little kids enjoy collecting bookmarks for their books. For adults, there are bookmarks with religious designs, relevant quotes, and more.

If you’re a book lover, try to look around different bookstores to find the best one. Of course, there is also the option to create a bookmark at home to perfectly match your personal style.

Cute Printable Bookmarks

Do you need a bookmark? 

When reading lengthy novels or getting constantly interrupted while reading, a bookmark becomes a valuable tool. This marker can be anything from a small strip of paper to something with a fancy filigree design. Some may contain meaningful messages, while others have gorgeous pictures on them. If you depend on bookmarks while reading, getting a meaningful one will make a significant difference. Most bookmarks carry messages.

For business owners, they can use bookmarks of various types to advertise. Creating a custom bookmark design template is a great idea, just like using billboards, online advertising, magazine ads, and more.

Every avid book reader should have a bookmark or a collection of bookmarks with different designs. You can use bookmarks in different ways. Here are some reasons why you would need this practical tool:

  • Use the bookmark to mark the page where you stopped reading a book.
  • Use a different bookmark for every book. This makes it easier to appreciate reading more. It can even help you understand the message that a bookmark designer wants to convey just by looking at the text on the marking tool.
  • Use a bookmark as a furnishing object.
  • Some consider bookmarks as collectors’ items. They use these to create a collage or a small work of art. Bookmarks are perfect for personalizing and embellishing different parts of the house.
  • Bookmarks with a landscape or quote, when hung on a wall, can express your thoughts, personality, and style.

These simple tools can even influence your daily routine. Attribute this to their different uses. It’s also possible to use bookmarks on newspapers, diaries, or magazines. For instance, a bookmark can help you when on the job.

Use it to open a page of a magazine when presenting in a meeting without wasting valuable time. When thinking of a gift idea for someone special, the more elaborate bookmarks can be a perfect choice. They aren’t too expensive and yet everyone appreciates them.

Bookmark Designs


How do I make my own bookmarks? 

In today’s very busy world, nobody has enough free time to finish off a book in one sitting. This applies to lengthy documents too. This is the main reason why bookmarks come in handy – they mark the page so you can return to it later.

If you’re computer savvy, this is the same as bookmarking a webpage to save a link. Doing this makes it possible to return to the same website at a later date. It’s also possible to bookmark paragraphs in Microsoft Word.

In recent years, bookmark printouts and decorative bookmarks have become very popular. Using the bookmark template in Word enables you to create your own personalized bookmark. There are also many websites where you can quickly make your own original bookmark.

After customizing the design, download the template from the website, save it on the computer, and print it out. The great thing about these templates is that they give you the freedom to design and customize the bookmark in different ways.

After creating the bookmark template, it’s even possible to send it to family members and friends. Then they can print out their own marking tools designed by you. Of course, they can use the template too.

If you can’t find the right template to download, another option is to use Microsoft Word to design a template. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Launch the program.
  • Click on the Insert tab on the top toolbar, then click on Text Box.
  • This opens the drop-down menu. Click on Draw Text Box.
  • Click on the page, then drag the cursor to create a box with the desired dimensions. If you want to make a standard bookmark, these are 2 inches wide and between 6 and 8 inches long.
  • Click somewhere outside the text box to deselect it.
  • To make another bookmark on the same page, repeat these steps.
  • Insert borders, pictures, and text inside each of the text boxes to decorate the bookmark template.
  • When you’re done, click on File and then Save As to save the template.
  • Select the Word Template from the drop-down menu. Saving the file in this format allows you to save the template with the boxes already created for bookmarks.

Word will save the document in a default folder. You also have the option to save it in a specific folder on the computer. Do this so you can open the bookmark template whenever there is a need to create a new one.


Designing your bookmarks template 

Whether you’re a book lover who adores bookmarks that have lovely designs that feature meaningful quotes or cute illustrations or you’re a writer who wants to create a bookmark as a bonus for your readers, designing an original template is a lot of fun.

These days, there are many online bookmark-creating tools to use. These tools can help you make many bookmark favorites templates to save and print whenever the need arises. Here are some tips:

  • Bookmark-making apps eliminate the complications involved in designing bookmarks, regardless of the design. It’s easier to create a template that reflects your style. Some apps have intuitive drag-and-drop tools and a huge library of elements and layouts. These allow you to create amazing bookmarks with just a couple of clicks. It’s even possible to personalize the template with custom images or choose from a built-in stock library.
  • If you already have an idea for an image, you can search for the image in the media library of the app. Many apps offer tons of illustrations, vectors, and photos for any kind of bookmark design.
  • All of these visual elements in the library have a high-resolution quality. This means that they will come out really well when printed. Aside from real-life photos, there are also other types of free images. If you don’t have an idea yet, it’s recommended to browse through the library. Some even offer premium images, which you have to pay to use.
  • It’s possible to choose from many different designs and layouts too. If you have a creative side, create your own layout. One of the most enjoyable aspects of designing a bookmark template using an online tool is that you don’t have to start from scratch, which can be very challenging. Simply load the template, choose a layout, browse through the wide range of gorgeous, ready-made templates and select the one that you relate to the most.
  • After choosing the design and layout, start customizing the template. Recolor the text, resize and reposition them, select visual elements, and add a quote. Doing this takes only a couple of drags, drops, and clicks. Keep modifying the design until you’re satisfied with it.
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