Currently, there are more newspapers available in the market than ever. It is important to spread information to the masses, but it must be quality and attractive. For a newspaper to the attractive, its design matters, including the fonts used, images, and arrangement of columns. It’s not easy to create a striking newspaper design from scratch, but there are many newspaper templates online you can use. Whether you are creating a university or a classical newspaper, you do not need to hire a designer to create templates for you. The templates are already designed and all that you need to do is fill them with information.

Newspaper Templates

How do you write a newspaper article?

Newspaper articles present content in a specific design different from other types of article content. Each column is restricted to a limited word count and type of information. You must be able to summarize the content and communicate it to your audience clearly. The following details will help you write a newspaper article. It’s easier to work using a news article template than designing from scratch.

Plan your news article

At this phase, ask yourself questions that will help you create a news article that is relevant to your audience. For any piece of a news article you write, ensure the news article template answers these questions correctly – Who, What, Where, Why, When and How.

Find information to answer your questions

To answer every question correctly, you need to get the right information. Take time to research widely using different methods of research. You may interview people, read books, research online, etc. Depending on the number of words you are writing, you may give more details for each question or a summary.

Prepare your facts

Each question is answered based on facts. You may have researched widely and gathered broad-based information. You need to narrow it down to the important points.

Break it as follows:

  • What information is relevant to be included in the news article template?
  • Which information is not crucial but looks interesting?
  • Which information is related to the question but is not directly relevant?

Be specific on the information you provide while ensuring you don’t leave out what is most relevant. At this point, check if your information has any loopholes and correct them.

Create the outline

To help you build your story well, the structure of your article outline should look like an inverted triangle. The first sentence you write in your article should be your lead or the base upon which the rest of the information will be built.

Give your audience the most important information first, followed by what is less important. Most readers don’t read to the end of the article, but if you encourage them with attractive information at the beginning, they will read further to the end.

Write to your audience

A great article addresses a specific audience. For example, if you are writing to students, write information that students will find relevant to them. Address student issues such as student gossip, fashion, academic writing, savings, etc. Revisit the 5 Ws and answer each specific question to your audience.

Make your article unique

To make your news article unique, choose the right language/tone that targets your audience. Find a hook that makes the article unique to you. Even when you are writing a story that everyone else is writing about, the tone or language voice you use can make your news article distinct.

News Article Templates

How can I make my own newspaper?

The most important thing when creating your own newspaper is to know your niche and to have the right newspaper format. The old newspaper template will work for any type of newspaper. These are the steps to follow.

  • Choose your format. Even when you have an old newspaper template, you still have to decide on the two main formats – the broadsheet and tabloid format. Understand the kind of news covered in each format but more so, choose a format that your audience will love.
  • Decide why you want to create a newspaper. Every type of newspaper has a specific purpose it meets. You might want to create a paper that keeps the local community updated with local news. You might create a paper that focuses on student issues, regional news, national, etc.
    Your audience is very important when deciding the purpose. If your audience is students, the purpose should be student-driven. When the audience is the local community, the purpose should be community-driven.
  • Decide your newspaper frequency. The newspaper frequency depends on the topics you want to cover or how wide and fast you can collect information. You can decide to publish your papers daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semiannually, or annually. The amount of work involved, such as researching, writing, editing, publishing, and distribution, will help you decide how often to publish your newspapers.
  • Decide how wide your newspaper will be circulated. How wide to circulate your newspaper will depend on the type of paper you will publish. If you opt for digital paper, you can circulate worldwide if the information will be relevant across the globe. If you opt for print paper, the resources you have will determine how wide you will circulate.
  • Choose a name and financing methods. The name you choose will help you market your paper. Brainstorm on several names and pick the best. Be careful not to choose a name that is already in use. Search online to find out if another newspaper is using the name.
    Choose the best logo to use for your newspaper. Insert the logo in the old newspaper template so that you can readily use it every time you want to publish. The next thing will be to decide how you will finance your newspaper. Follow the registration procedures and begin to gather news.

Old Newspaper Templates

How do I make a newspaper cover page?

A newspaper cover page contains the most trending news. It contains the main headline and subheads of other major stories inside. The titles must fulfill three main points:

  • They must provoke your audience to read
  • Spark curiosity in reader’s minds
  • Meet your reader’s expectations


It is important to make sure the cover page is legible. A well legible newspaper should meet the following qualifications.

  • It must have a readable font
  • It must have the right font size
  • The fonts must be consistent
  • It must be easy to navigate

What to include on the cover page

  • Use appropriate pictures
  • Avoid fancy pictures but keep it simple
  • Let the information be attractive

Use a news article template to help you design an attractive cover page

Choose the right news article template: Whether you are creating a digital newspaper or pint, choose the right type of template. You will find online an old newspaper template in MS Word or PDF. You may get another format as long as they provide you with attractive designs.

Try with a fake newspaper template to see how different designs work. Once you establish the best format for you using the fake newspaper template, you can check online to download the best templates and choose one that you can customize. There are large selections of different types of templates that any type of paper that you may want to create.

Fake Newspaper Templates

Types of newspapers

The main types of newspapers that exist are distinguished by their format, size, theme, and periodicity. Newspapers are publications with a specific frequency and information applicable to a specific audience. They are an important information medium to the audience.

The main types of newspapers are:


These types of newspapers have broad papers, mostly A3 or larger. They were first printed in the 18th century after governments began to tax newspapers according to their total pages. To make the number of pages fewer, news printers opted to use larger papers that contained more information in fewer pages. To date, broadsheet newspapers remain one of the most common papers around the world.


Compared to the broadsheet newspaper format, tabloids are smaller in size, measuring about 11×17 inches and containing about five columns across. They are common with city dwellers because they are easier to carry and read as you wait at the bus stage or commute by train.

The earliest tabloids appeared in 1833, but they became more common in the early 1900s. In terms of language, tabloids seem to adopt street slang compared to broadsheets which adopt more to the official language.

For example, it is easy to find tabloids referring to police officers as cops, but broadsheets will refer to them as police officers. Another major difference is the type of news you’ll find in both. Broadsheets give more focus to news that touch on issues of politics, legislative bills, economics, etc. Tablets will likely give more focus on stories such as celebrity gossip and sensational crime. These two main types of newspapers are divided further into different genres.

Printed newspapers

Printed newspapers are the oldest type and are almost 200 years old. They started from the time printing was invented and have continued to develop as technology develops. At first, they were texts only newspapers printed in black.

As technology developed, printers added black and white images. Today, they contain colored images, multiple text colors, and graphics. The old newspaper template makes it easier to create attractive designs for the print newspaper.

Digital newspapers

The digital old newspaper template is designed to display on digital gadgets. The earliest digital newspaper went online in 1980. From the early 1990s, more digital papers followed, and by the early 2000s, nearly every newspaper outlet had a digital version.

The Digital newspaper format is growing fast in popularity and they are generating more revenue to newspaper companies compared to their print versions. Readers pay a small subscription fee, although a large number of them are available for free.

When they started, they represented a small portion of the information contained in the print version. Today, digital newspapers are complete papers of their print versions. Due to the fast growth of technology, digital papers today add other types of content such as audio, video, and infographics.

Newspapers according to their frequency

  • Daily newspapers: These are newspapers that are printed and circulated daily.
  • Weekly newspapers: They are printed and circulated weekly
  • Monthly newspapers: They are printed and circulated monthly
  • Periodicals: These are newspapers printed and circulated in specific periods, which can be monthly, every three months, after every six months, annually, etc.

Newspapers according to content

Another category of newspapers is according to content. The newspaper format covers a specific type of news or information.

General information newspapers: These types of newspapers cover any type of information on their pages. They are divided into sections, with each section containing specific content. Mostly, their front pages cover the trending national political news followed by local news. They have other sections that cover business news, agriculture, gossip, obituaries, sports, advertisements, etc.

Specific information newspapers: These types of newspapers cover a specific type of content such as follows:

  • Economics: They cover information touching the areas of business, national, economic growth, international, and local.
  • Political: They cover issues touching on politics only. It could be local politics, national, or international politics.
  • Science: They focus on science, scientific discoveries, science developments, etc.
  • Technology: These types focus on the areas of technology and technological developments.

There are many other types of content-specific newspapers such as fashion, agriculture, parenting, education, etc.

Newspapers according to the scope of information

Local newspapers

They write news that targets a specific community in a specific geographical location. This newspaper format is designed to adapt to the needs of inhabitants in a specific district, state, or territory. They write news that favors the customs and culture of the inhabitants.

Community newspapers

These types of newspapers cover a smaller scope. They focus more on promoting concepts of journalism and are mostly written by journalists.

National newspapers

They have large distribution covering an entire country. They mainly focus on issues of national interest, giving more weight to politics, government projects, developments, and business issues.

International newspapers

These types of newspapers cover global news and have global coverage. They touch on main topics touching national governments in different countries, regional governments, and international organizations.

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