Living in the 21st century, where everyone carries expensive gadgets in their hands and have access to internet on the go, people often wonder why they need a business card and debate whether social media has made them obsolete? Well, then these people are truly mistaken. Business cards are not dead yet, they still matter! There are many things about these physical business cards that no matter how advance the technology becomes, their purpose can never be defeated.

Moreover, the business cards have not lasted for so long because of nostalgia or tradition; these little pieces of cards still add value to the networking experience. No matter where you are and where you go, a business card permits you to sell and introduce your business to your nearby customers. By giving information about your business in one smooth motion, these business cards can never lose their worth and never go out of date. Not to forget, these cards are one of the main sources of a physical call to action (CTA) for your business.

Business Card Templates


We should not replace business cards because of the technology; instead, we should see that they have become more worthwhile because of the technology. You can make your business cards templates in any shape now, from soft to metal and from 3D to even edible. You can add creativity to the business card template in any way you want. Also, you can find some really great ideas about business cards templates on the web in the form of filled and even blank business card templates. Also, you need not worry about their cost, as they are free business card templates.

If you are interested in revising or re-making a new, interesting and creative business card template for your business, then you need to read this article.

Top Four Reasons You Still Need a Business Card Template

From sending emails to networking in today’s world, whatever we do in business is digital. A business card is perhaps one of the main things that digital technology cannot replace anytime soon. Here are some reasons to believe that your business really needs business card templates because they still matter.

A Sign of Professionalism

Our intentions lie in what we do and give to people. You can relate this to business cards as well. They truly reflect professionalism which is highlighted by taking out time to put your information into a card and giving it to people to foster professional relationships. Also, this little business card sends the biggest messages and can finalize the biggest deals.

It is indicative that you took out time to choose a suitable business card template while the other 99% of the business owners just relied on the advance technology at their disposal. Business happens when preparation meets opportunity. Look for an impressive business card template as it depicts the level of professionalism of your business as well as the brand image.

Contact Information is Shared Personally

What can be better than fostering relationships with your customers personally by directly talking to them? Well, some of the most long lasting, genuine and professional relationships and connections are formed this way. On the other hand, swapping information on social networks is sort of impersonal and unprofessional.

Though it is really convenient to send emails and contact information via email and messages, but do you really think it can create the same impact as one can create by personally meeting someone? If you nodded in denial, then you are also in favor of business cards templates. Also, it is likely that significant connections cannot be created virtually and instead, it is better to transfer contact information in the form of a business card.

A Direct Marketing Tool

This old school thought of having a business card can really be of help for the direct marketing of your business. Nevertheless, search engine optimization, email marketing, SMS marketing and all types of media advertising really do a great job in representing your brand but then again, they cannot compete with the efficiency of a business card. Meeting in-person with a handshake along with an exchange of a business card can really be of help.

What if you meet your customers in conferences, tradeshows, airport lounges or anywhere else and you do not have anything to represent your business in hand? That is where business cards come in. Having business cards with you in your pocket, money clip, wallet or laptop bag will never let you miss the opportunity to built a valuable business relation and increase your clientele.

Creative Business Cards Circulate

The best part about these business cards is that they are can be circulated by being shared from person to person, increasing the brand awareness of your business. Having this physical object can make your customers stay with you. Let’s suppose you meet a client, you both exchange your numbers and information and walk away. Then what happens? It all ends there.

But imagine if you give them your creative visiting card. It can create a great impression on them and might serve as an example for other people to follow, not to forget that great and valuable conversations often end by sharing business cards. So, if you have not designed a creative one for your business yet, download free business card templates now to stand out from your competitors.

Free Business Card Templates

What to Include in Your Business Card?

Now that you have understood the true value of business cards, you must want to make one for your business. But what should you include in the business card? That is a bit challenging. You need to put all the necessary information very smartly so that it looks appealing to the customer. You need to start with a high quality blank business card template that serves the right foundation for you and for that, you can take help from the free business card templates available on our website.

Let’s have a look at the items that you can include in your business card to transform them from a scrap to a powerful business card template and a source of connection.

Business Logo and Tagline

Before even thinking about what information you need to include in your business card, you need to ensure that you include your business logo and your tagline. These two elements are among the most important ones that convey the identity of your business with respect to the colors, words and features.

You should make it in a way that anyone holding the business card in their hands should immediately recognize that it is your brand. Also, they should be familiar with it wherever they are exposed to your brand such as your website, newsletter or social sites. It is about maintaining consistency about the brand. Make it exclusive and creative enough that it stands out among your competitors.

Name and Job Title

Well, this seems obvious. You have to include your name and the job title; however, make sure that you add your real name and not any nick names. Also, it is often seen that people add a lot irrelevant information in the business card. The business card is just meant to introduce you to the customers, not to provide genealogical information to them as they are interested in it. For the job title, you should add the one that describes the main function in the business.

Contact Information

A business card is of no use if it has no contact information in it. In fact, the main purpose of a business card is conveying contact information to the customer. It is actually the meat of a business card template. People will only contact you if you tell them how to. But what should you include in the contact information?

Now, here you need to keep in mind that you have to provide your direct contact information. It is simply unprofessional to provide your residence number where even a child can answer phone calls. So, try giving information that is personal. You should include your personal number, personal street address, personal email address, brand’s website and brand’s social URLs.

White Space (Empty Space)

You may be thinking what it is? Well, then is a kind of space that should be in your business card. No one likes business cards which are overstuffed with information. In fact, such cards look messed up and unprofessional, causing customers to feel sick by only looking at them. Always remember that the main point is not to overwhelm but to invite them to connect with you. A clutter of information does not look appealing, thus has a repellent effect on people.

For this reason, you need to put a white space in your business card. By white space we mean that you need to have empty space. Keeping it would help those who read it and give them space to breathe in.


Well, you do not have to include creativity in the business card in words of course, but you need to make it look exclusive by adding creativity to it. This is actually the holy grail of all the business card templates and designs. Every item mentioned above falls under this category. If you include those items in an ordinary and common manner like everyone does, then your business card template will not stand out. Just like your brand, your business card also needs to have a USP (unique selling preposition) in it.

All you have to do is to get creative with your presentation. As we told you in the beginning, you can now make use of technology in business cards as well. Be it metal or 3D, technology has completely changed the form of business cards that were made before. Making your card creative enough can really make customers think how your services or product can make a difference to them. Check out some creative business card templates on our website for your business.

Blank Business Card Templates

Do’s and Don’ts of Business Cards

As we are talking a lot about business cards, you should now understand that business card really do make a difference and are still a powerful marketing and promotional branding tool for your business. Follow these do’s and don’ts to make your business cards look more effective.


  1. You should go for professional designs as generic designs will result in your business cards getting lost in the crowd.
  2. You should always prioritize readability over creativity. You can decorate your business card using unique styles and designs but ensure that it is readable.
  3. Also, you need to choose a layout wisely. From size to cut and shapes, everything comes under the layout.
  4. You should also add multiple contact information such as providing contact number, website, social media links, address and fax numbers.
  5. You should also ensure that there are no typos or spelling mistakes. Always double check your business card before printing.


  1. Never use cheap materials for your business card. Thin and cheap paper does not look effective, making your customers doubt the quality of your services.
  2. Never use outdated business cards template Keep them trendy as they add life to them.
  3. You should avoid using garish colors. Colors that distract customers from your information is not a good option.

Business Card Samples

Business cards are of great value to all types of businesses. If you also want to make a business card, you can download free business card templates from our website. We also have blank business card templates for you to add creativity and flair. So, what are you waiting for? Download one today and stand out among your competitors.

TemplateLab May 3rd, 2019