There are many kinds of businesses that might need to have a service agreement template on hand to protect their business contract. If you have been looking at creating a service contract template, you might have been looking at blank contract agreements for some ideas about how to write your simple service agreement. However, a contract template for services might not be specific enough to take care of the needs of your business properly.

There are many kinds of specifics that need to be included in this kind of agreement to make sure that your company is protected when you enter into a business relationship with a company. If you have been struggling to put together a really comprehensive service agreement template, you are not alone. This is a complex process that requires some attention to detail to get it right.

Service Agreement
Service Agreement Download for Word

Free Service Agreement Templates

Catering Services Agreement
Catering Services Agreement Download for Word
Daycare Contract
Daycare Contract Download for Word
Flooring Contract
Flooring Contract Download for Word
Handyman Contract
Handyman Contract Download for Word
Home Improvement Agreement
Home Improvement Agreement Download for Word
Interior Design Agreement
Interior Design Agreement Download for Word
Landscaping Contract
Landscaping Contract Download for Word

What is a standard service agreement?

The standard service agreement needs to be used when you draw up a contract with a new client to offer them services of any kind. There are so many different kinds of service offerings that your business might deliver to clients, and the details of the services that you deliver can make it essential that you have a customized service agreement template to use for each of your jobs.

If you offer various kinds of services at your company, you will probably want to have specific service agreement templates for each of these kinds of work. The agreement that you and your client sign is legally binding, and you will both be held to it once it is in effect. This is why the details of this kind of document are so critical and cannot be left to chance. Everything from the nature of the services provided to the fees and costs of the services and the duration that they will be provided are contained in your service agreement template.

There are many kinds of businesses that might need to use a standard service agreement when they are entering into business relationships with clients. These are just some examples:

There are so many other kinds of services that you could be providing that will still require a service agreement template to be in place before you begin working for the client. Don’t think that your business does not need this important document just because it is not named on this list. If you provide a service of some kind, you need a service agreement template for your business’ use.

Some businesses offer such unique work quotes that they draft a new service agreement every time that they engage a client. If you need to use this process, you will want to have a generic service agreement template that you refer to as you add the details that are required for the jobs that you are arranging. This requires quite a lot of attention to detail with regard to filling in the detailed information about the services provided, but the basic protections provided by the rest of the template should be secured by the sections that will not need to be modified per each agreement.

Some of the same standard legal protections and contract information will be included in all service agreements that you draft for your business. Each industry will have its own unique rules and regulations to follow that will need to be disclosed in the document, and you will likely have the same requirements for breaking the agreement or contract included in every service agreement that you create and sign.

Service Agreement Contracts

Modeling Contract
Modeling Contract Download for Word
Photography Contract
Photography Contract Download for Word
Plumbing Agreement
Plumbing Agreement Download for Word
Roofing Contract
Roofing Contract Download for Word
Snow Removal Contract
Snow Removal Contract Download for Word
Videography Contract
Videography Contract Download for Word

What is the difference between a contract and a service agreement?

The difference between these two documents is small, but it is important. A contract will have a more formal outline than a service agreement; it is meant to cover many other forms of potential misunderstanding and often accompanies the service agreement. The service agreement will explain the services that are being provided in detail and discuss all the details about how to change the way that services are provided but will not tackle all the details of the agreement outside of the services themselves.

Most businesses will set up and develop a service agreement with their clients before the contract is signed. This ensures that everyone involved in the contract is clear about what services are being offered and how they are being delivered. This step of developing the service agreement is very helpful for many reasons since it allows for the development of customized services if they are needed and helps to ensure that both parties will be signing a contract that they feel that they can uphold.

When you develop a service agreement, you are looking at the more detailed aspect of the relationship that you will have with a client. The contract is a higher-level agreement that discusses how the relationship can be terminated and takes care of all the legal disclosures that are related to doing business in your state or county. This is a logical second step once the service agreement has been fully developed and agreed upon.

Who needs to use a service agreement?

Service agreements can be used for many different kinds of processes and different industries. We already listed a few of them above, but there are some other reasons that you might want to use a service agreement to protect your business.

  • Software and tech development will require a service agreement to protect the interests of everyone involved in the software development process.
  • Companies that offer monthly services, even if they are delivered online without real-time management.
  • Companies that are providing care such as cleaning, catering, or home maintenance.

There are so many different parts of the service industry, and all of these different jobs can be protected through the use of a service contract. You should always avoid entering into handshake deals with any client because this can lead to trouble down the road if one party does not understand the intentions of the other.

Verbal contracts are never a good idea as they cannot be protected by a signature or disclosures either. It can be easy for two people to understand a conversation differently or for one party to renege on the promised services or payment later. This is why a service agreement is so critical, and it can protect your business from legal and personal strife with ease.

Service Agreement Samples

What needs to be included in a service agreement?

Your service agreement will need to be detailed to be effective. The more detail that is included in your service agreement template, the better your relationship will be with your client or clients. There are many reasons that your service agreement might not work as it should, and a lack of detail can be the biggest stumbling block for those who are trying to craft a guidepost document that makes the responsibilities of the client and service provider clear.

Your service agreement will need to detail the services provided, who will provide them, and any special considerations that the client has requested as well. There are so many unique ways that services can be provided that you might need to set up specific sections for these special considerations as well. The service agreement can be as general or as specific as you wish it to be for your business use.

Service Agreement Forms

How do you write a service agreement?

Service agreement templates need to be constructed carefully. You need to be sure that all the right details are included in your service agreement. This is the first document that is drafted before the contract is signed in most cases, so you need to take the time to generate an effective document for the use of you and your client.

  1. Who is Involved in the Contract. You will need to list all of the participants in the contract by their legal name and with full contact details included. Your business name and address, as well as its phone number, need to be listed at the top of the service contract. You will also need to be sure that your client information is also provided. All the clients that are included in the contract that will be signed must be named by legal name, and their contact information needs to be listed in the service agreement as well.
  2. Services That Are Being Done. The services that are being provided need to be described correctly. You need to identify who will provide these services, any details about the way that they are being offered and taken care of, and what they cost as well. The services need to be clear so that you and your client can discuss how services will be provided and how they will be paid for. Services are the heart of this kind of agreement, and they need to be detailed properly for the service agreement to be effective.
  3. Payment and Fees. The method of payment for the services in question and the fees associated with providing them need to be discussed in detail in this section of the service agreement. You will need to break down any specialty or complex charges that might not be consistent. The more accurate you are in this section of the contract, the better. Payment and fees can lead to all kinds of conflict when working with a client, and you will save both of you time and frustration later if there is confusion or disagreement about payment and charges for services.
    If you are taking an automated payment for a subscription service, this still counts as a payment and fee consideration. There are many ways that you might be paid for the services that you are offering, and you need to be sure that there is no confusion about the details of how payment is delivered or handled.
  4. Effective Date. The effective date of the contract is key. You need to be sure that you are indicating when the service agreement goes into effect. This is the start date of the contract, and you might also want to indicate the end date for services if this applies as well. The terms of termination of the service agreement need to be included in this section as well so that the date range can be clarified if it needs to be changed at some future date.
    If your contract has an end date due to services being completed, you will want to be clear about any other milestones along the way that need to be satisfied for the job to be considered complete. This is critical information for a variety of different services.
  5. Signatures. The signatures of all parties need to be included in the contract, and they need to be dated as well. When a service agreement template is not signed, it is not considered to be valid. Even if the contract is signed, the service agreement must also be signed to make sure that it is considered to be in effect.

General Service Agreements

Service Agreement Templates Are Important For Many Business Models

If you run a business that offers services of various kinds, you need to be sure that you have a service agreement template that you are using to protect your business from legal action and confusion with regard to your contracts. Service agreements are important even if your business offers simple services that do not come with many custom options. You need to be sure that you and your clients understand the details of your service agreement properly, and this document will eliminate confusion and can be used in a court of law if some kind of dispute should

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