A photographer can be contracted to shoot photos on different occasions. They can shoot photos at a wedding, birthday celebration, political, or professional events. A photography business will not lack challenges. There can be copyright, payment, or expectations issues.

Photography Contract
Photography Contract Download for Word

Photographers require a photography contract for clients to safeguard them against such issues. The form provides the terms of the contract. Each type of photography contract may require a different type of photography agreement form.

Photography Contract Templates

What is a photography agreement?

A photography agreement is a signed document between a photographer and a client. After signing the contract, the document becomes legally binding. It outlines the scope of work, service expectations, and payments.

The two parties must sit and agree on the details in the documents. If there are amendments to be made, they are made before any party signs the photography agreement form. The form serves different purposes.

Photography Contract Examples

Why do you need a photography contract for clients?

Every photographer hopes their contract will run smoothly without any issues. The expectations might go as expected, but there are times when things fail to work. A client could cancel the contract in the final hour.

They might change the terms of work, scope, or payment. Payment time could drag on for many days. A photographer gets many advantages when they use a photography contract for clients.

It helps put expectations into writing

When communicating without writing, what the client means could be different from what the photographer means. They may communicate one issue but they expect an entirely different thing. When everything is put in writing, it helps the photographer manage their client’s expectations.

For example, a general photography contract will include details such as time, location, and payment details. It will state whether the client wants their photos in soft or print copy. These are details that can be missed out in verbal communication. When they are put in text, they cannot be missed out.

They are legal documents

The general photography contract acts as a point of reference if anything goes wrong before the contract ends. Challenges may arise and cause things to work negatively. What the two parties had agreed on previously may fail to work.

For example, the client can delay payment for several months. They may suddenly change the venue or scope of work. If any legal issues arise, the general photography contract will serve as a point of reference.

It is a sign of professionalism

Professionalism gives a client confidence that the photographer understands their work well. A verbal contract may serve the purpose of both parties keeping their words. However, looking at it from a professional angle, a verbal contract doesn’t prove professionalism.

It protects the client

A client will feel safer after they sign a photography agreement form with a photographer. They will feel their interests will be taken care of properly. If they make any advance payment, the contract will give them peace that they are not losing their money.

What contracts do photographers need?

A photographer needs different types of photography contracts. Each type of photography may require a unique photography agreement form. The photographer may download a sample photography contract to help them decide the type of form they need. Here are different types of photography.

Landscape photography 

When shooting this type of photography, the client will not be interested in shooting buildings, roads, houses, or people. They are only interested in nature. They are looking for beautiful sceneries and want the photographer to shoot the best scenes. Before writing the contract, the photographer may check a photography contract example to help them design a good landscape photography contract.

Bodyscape photography

This photography focuses on human body features without making them look erotic. Beauty products advertisers may order this type of photography. Other types of clients who might be interested in this type of photography are newspaper companies, magazines, and books publishers. It is mostly done in environments where some natural elements can be added.

Sports or action photography

Sports photography requires a lot of expertise. The photographer must capture the right action moment. They must be in the field where the sports action is. The photographer might require time to study the area and know the places they will strategically position themselves.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife lovers may contract photographers to help them take wildlife photographs. They may time the moment when the animals are in action either playing, hunting, or grazing. The photographs are mostly printed in magazines or displayed in exhibitions or museums. A photography contract example will help the photographer design the best wildlife photography contract form.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography focuses on fashion. Clothes manufacturers may hire a photographer to capture models wearing their fashion. Hair specialists may also require photos to advertise hair. The entire scope may involve fabric, hairs, cosmetics, and accessories.

Modeling photography

This is photography related to models. Different businesses may want this type of photography to help them promote their products. Professional photographers take this type of photography to help companies establish their brands.

Aerial photography

Sometimes a client wants photographs taken from the sky. The photographer may use a drone, hot air balloon, or airplane to take the photos. They may also be required to climb on top of a skyscraper and take photos from there. This type of photography requires a higher level of professionalism.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is an old type of photography. The photographer may shoot individual photos, pets, family members, or friends. This type of photography is simple and does not require a lot of experience.

Architectural photography

Architects may need to market their work. They will hire a photographer to shoot photos of complete structures. They may shoot from the ground, from the air, or another building. Their purpose is to attract real estate buyers or investors.

Events photography

Events photography is the most common type most photographers engage in. Most people who are new to photography begin with this type of work. It helps them build their skill, but they need to provide quality at all times. Event photography can focus on weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, etc.

General Photography Contracts

How do I write a photography contract?

A photography contract helps protect your business and personal interests. They should be the first document to sign before any photography commences. Verbal agreements might work up to a certain point. In most cases, they fail to some degree. Refer to a sample photography contract to help you create a quality contract form.

Consider the 5Ws

The 5Ws are not only applicable to journalism but also photography. Before you design the photography agreement form, ask yourself the five main questions.

  • Who is the client?
  • What do they want?
  • Where do they want it done?
  • When will it be done?
  • Why do they want the photographs?
  • Pay close attention to these questions and particularly focus on date, location, and time.

Every other detail is guided by these three details.

What is the client expecting?

The client will have unique expectations. They might have a price in their mind waiting for negotiation. They may want the photos to use in a magazine, social media, or blog. Find out from them the type of photos they want.

They may be looking for photos with a higher resolution. They might want them in portrait, landscape, or a mix of the two. They may also want the raw files, processed, or both. It is very important to get the exact details of what the client is expecting.

What part will the client play?

To make the photo shooting successful, both the client and photographer must play their part. For example, they might want you to shoot in a corporate event. You may not know who the VIPs are, the managers, the president, etc.

It is the client’s responsibility to help you identify them. You may also want to know which departments require photos first. The client may be required to pay a deposit or provide some items. Let each person’s responsibility be very clear.

Delivery format

There are different file formats the client may expect. Find out from the client how they would want their photos delivered. If the files are too large, you may require to buy a flash disk, CD, or DVD.

They may also prefer you upload the photos in the cloud, email them, or upload them on social media. Other formats are print copies, uploading in photo gallies, or photo websites. Be very specific on the mode of delivery.

Payment methods

You may have several methods of payment you accept, but your client could be limited to one method. Be flexible to accommodate them. If there are any additional fees for transfer or withdrawal, be certain to include them.

Agree on the terms of payment which can be upfront, after delivery, 30 days, or one week. Agree on the payment forms to use, such as invoice, payment template, receipts, etc. Most photographers will accept wire transfers, cash, check, online payments, or credit cards.

Delivery time

The client might have a specific time when they expect to get the photos. Even if the client has no specific date, do your best to deliver the soonest possible. It is your best way to build good relationships with your customers. Many photographers propose two weeks to deliver the photos. It helps them not to work under intense pressure.

Conditions for contract cancellation

It is always good to allow scenarios that might lead to contract cancellation. The client might want to cancel or postpone to another day. In such a scenario, the client can have a right a demand their deposit. Agree on how soon the deposit will be processed.

The photographer might want to cancel or postpone. In such a scenario, the client has a right to get another photographer and get their deposit. If it is a postponement, the client will decide whether they can wait or look for an alternative.

A scenario where the client dislikes the photos

Everything might go smoothly until the day of delivery. The client may dislike the photos and reject some or all. The photographer needs wisdom in dealing with the situation. They may propose a complimentary photo shooting or offer a discount. Check a photography contract example to see suggestions for such scenarios.

Photography Agreement Forms

Things to include in a photography contract for clients

You can edit a sample photography contract to create a customizable photography contract template. The best option is to use a professionally designed photography contract template to help you capture more details. The template should include the following.


Include the names of the client and contact information. Include the name of your business and contact information. The contact information should include:

  • Postal address
  • Physical address
  • Telephone contact
  • Email address


The date is when the shooting will start. The date should also include the time when the shooting will start.


The venue details the place/location where the shooting will be done. If the location is far, the photographer must make travel arrangements.


This is a summary of what the client is expecting to be delivered. Include the time of delivery, date, and what will be delivered. It could be they want landscape photography or event photography.

If it is event photography, detail the number of photos the client is expecting. List the people who will be photographed. For example, if it is a wedding event, list the number of photos for the bride, bride and groom, best friends, parents, etc.


Have a payment schedule that includes a breakdown of deposits and installments. Consider the payment method expected. If there are delays in payments or bounced checks, mention the actions to take.


This section contains copyright transfers and use. Include the point at which the photography copyright transfers to the client. The rights can be permanent or fixed. The rights include use such as for advertising, publishing on the web, printing magazines, etc.


Your client may want to know the conditions for contract cancellation. There might be a cancellation fee. State whether the deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation. If there is any refund, indicate if they will get a full refund or part. Include the possible cancelation scenarios that are acceptable to both parties.

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