Custom-made water bottle labels can help add to the experience during an event. They help promote brand awareness and to provide more information like nutritional facts. If an event organizer has asked you to supply water for the event, you should use the chance to label the water with your brand. A company could be holding a major event where a lot of people will be gathered. Customizing water bottle labels with the brand name will help sell the brand to the attendees.

Water Bottle Label Templates

Why you should use customized water bottle labels?

Every business tries its best to find the best ways to market itself. By using customized water labels, the business shall be creating opportunities to make its brand known widely. The business owner will get various advantages.

  • It is a good way to brand your products and services

If you have been used to providing generic water bottles to your employees or clients, you could be losing excellent marketing opportunities. Every business owner should look for every opportunity to make their brand known.

It is an excellent way to use customized water bottle labels with your brand printed on them. Anyone who carries the water bottle will be marketing your brand widely. It is a cost-effective way to make your brand known.

You will use a small amount of money to brand the water bottle, but the effect shall be resounding. It can be more expensive to buy water from a store that contains other people’s brands.

  • It makes the water bottles look beautiful

People will enjoy drinking fresh water, but they will also take time to look at the label. Using non-branded water bottles will make them look too plain or unattractive. The water drinking experience will not be as exciting.

You can even make the fun more exciting by adding some facts or slogans on the bottle label design. Add some facts about why people should drink water or a slogan like drink water, stay healthy.

  • You can use them to celebrate your milestones

A water bottle wrap is simple, but it can be used in many ways. It only requires you to be more creative and find better ways to make the water bottle wrap look great. You could be celebrating a unique achievement in the company. Create a bottle label design opportunity that captures the achievement.

It could be someone got a promotion in the company, and you want to celebrate them, or your company is celebrating a silver jubilee since its inception. These are excellent opportunities to include this information in your bottle label design.

  • Celebrate your event

Another good way to use custom-made water bottle labels is when celebrating your special event. A water bottle wrap is not just used by companies to brand themselves. Individuals can also use them to celebrate their events.

An individual could be planning for their wedding event. It makes a difference to create a bottle label design with the names of the bride, groom and probably their photos. The labels will remain as a reminder for the rest of their life. The guests will celebrate with them too. The customized water bottle wrap can be in different occasions, such as:

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Baby showers
  • Company annual general meetings
  • Student’s bash
  • Business events
  • Marketing promotions etc.

Bottle Label Templates

Type of materials to make the best water bottle labels

Most water bottle labels will have no issues if the material is good and they are designed well. However, you should be careful when choosing the right material. The challenges you might have when fixing them are:

  • Friction
  • Adhesion challenges
  • Poor quality
  • Condensation
  • Handling the bottles

These are the main factors you should consider when buying the labels. Some of them can be pre-printed so that you only insert minimum information. Usually, all water labels will have five layers.

  • Release liner: This is the lowest part of the label. When you cut the label, this part should peel off so that you are left with the sticky part.
  • Adhesive: The adhesive is the sticky part of the label. The adhesive can either be removable, permanent, or repositionable.
  • Facestock: This is the part where you print all your information. The Facestock can either be a film or paper.
  • Ink: The ink is what is used to create the artwork. You may either print single or multiple layers of ink.
  • Finish: The finish is the chemical applied on the printed labels to make them waterproof. It helps protect the labels from water damage. The finish also makes the labels look beautiful.

Before you buy your labels, keep in mind the following points:

  • Label design– Each type of water bottle will have a specific label design that will fit it. The type of bottle label template you will use also determines the type of labels you will buy.
  • Your budget– Labels do not cost the same. They are made using different types of material quality. Buy water labels that will fit within your budget.
  • How it is applied– Water bottle label application is different on different surfaces. Some will require you to apply adhesive, peel first, etc. Here are the different materials you can choose from.

Shiny foil labels

These labels are made using silver paper or foil film. It makes your labels look beautiful. You may add a UV coating if you want your labels to stand out. The UV protects the ink from running out. It provides a better waterproofing solution.

Although the metallic foil stands out in terms of quality, it is not a favorable choice for long-term storage. The foil will eventually absorb water and affect the ink. Shiny foil labels are best when printing water bottle wrap for schools, businesses, and other occasions. They fit best for a one-time occasion where the water will not require to be stored for several days.

White glossy water bottle labels

This is the most popular label in the market, especially in the beverage and food industries. The labels are available in semi-gloss or white film. It is the best choice when you are looking for a cost-effective material with good quality. To protect the ink, it is recommended that you use laminate. Due to their cost-effectiveness, they are the best when you want to do mass production.

Clear/transparent water bottle labels

This type of label goes best with clear water bottles. It gives the bottle a no-label look that makes it look as if the printing has been done directly on the bottles. When placed on the bottles, the labels look like luxury labels compared to any other type of water bottle labels.

They are the best choice for creating 3D labels, but you require front and back labels. They are stronger labels in terms of durability, they don’t tear off easily, but their cost is more. The labels are applied best using a machine label applicator.

Bottle Label Designs

What size label do I need for a water bottle?

The label size that you print is determined by the bottle size. Bigger bottles require bigger labels, while smaller bottles require smaller labels. Again, you can have a round bottle, square, etc., consider the shape of the bottle and use.

  • The standard water label sizes can be as follows:
  • 16 oz water bottle will require an 8×2 inches label
  • 8 to 12 oz water bottles will require 8.25 x 1.75 inches
  • Name tag labels for use on water bottles are 3.38 x 2.31 inches
  • Address tag labels are 2.63 x 1 inches

To choose the right label size, consider the following:

  • Bottle size: The water bottle wrap should wrap all around the bottle. Sometimes you may choose to use a label that will cover only a small portion of the bottle. If the bottle is bigger, it needs a bigger label.
  • Use: Use means where the water will be supplied. If it is a wedding, the water supplied will be used that particular day. For such an occasion, a foil label will be okay because the water doesn’t need storage. However, the water could be for use by a hotel as a giveaway for their customers. The water will require storage because visitors arrive on different days. In this case, foil labels will not be your best choice.
  • Bottle shape: Water bottles come in different shapes.

Before you choose a free water bottle label, consider the following bottle shapes:

Square bottles

Square bottles are not common as round bottles. Their shape looks unique and modern. You have several choices for square water bottles. You can either choose a label that wraps all-around or another that goes three quarters or a quarter.

  • You must measure the width and height of a single panel with a ruler. For a label that wraps around the entire bottle, measure the height and then the entire width. Ensure the free water bottle label you choose will fit into that measurement.

Round bottle

Round water bottles are the commonest. Most water packaging companies prefer this type of bottle because they are easier to wrap the labels. You need to measure the entire circumference. Measure the height on the surface where you want to label. The standard height, regardless of the bottle size, is ¼ or ½ inches.

Tapered water bottles

A tapered bottle is the type of bottle with uneven width. It is challenging to apply labels to this type of bottle due to the challenges of bubbling, wrinkling, creasing, or lifting.

Some different shapes than usual

Some water bottles have unusual shapes, which makes them tricky to label. In case the bottle has too many bumpy surfaces, you may consider using a shrink sleeve.

Free Water Bottle Labels

How do I make my own water bottle labels? 

Your first step is to choose the right bottle label template. The template you choose is determined by the shape and size of your bottle. The amount of information required to go into the label will also be important.

You might want to describe several products and have your business logo and contact information. If it is for your wedding, you might want to include the photos of the bride and groom. To create your own bottle label design, follow these steps.

  • Measure the surface where your label will be put. Measure the length and width of the surface area. Ensure to get the exact measurements.
  • Choose your message. This is the information that you want your free water bottle label to convey. For example, if it is for your wedding day, the main words can be names such as Silvia marries Brown. These will be keywords that must be readily visible.
  • Color scheme: Choose the best color that will fit your occasion. For example, if it is a company event, you may choose corporate colors. If it is a birthday event, choose your favorite color/s.
  • Write the rest of the information: Write all the other information that you want to go into your free water bottle label. The rest of the information cannot take the same font size as the main words.
  • Pick a name for your product: The name could be imaginative or a real registered name. If it is imaginative, let it not sound too abstract.
  • Choose a mascot: You may think of something like an animal or any other type of mascot.
  • Put everything together: Arrange everything in your bottle label template.
  • Add some humor: You may add a joke or a few lines about the importance of drinking water.
  • Be creative: Your creativity is what will make the label look beautiful on the bottle. Do not try out one type of water bottle label template only but try out different types. Settle for the best label from the different templates.
  • Edit: Edit your free water bottle label to make sure you haven’t left anything out or included unnecessary information.

Get feedback: You must get feedback about your labels before you print them. Share with someone and ask them to make comments. If it is a company, you may share it with the marketing team or other departmental leaders. Let them critique or give comments for editing. The water bottle wrap should serve the good of the entire company. Everyone should feel they were part of the process so that they all embrace the idea.

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