People often pride themselves on being members of a certain club. It’s not meant to boast but as an affirmation of being part of the status quo. To them, membership is an earned privilege that can be proud of.

A membership card is something you give to members to signify their inclusion.

It serves as identification and as a ticket that would permit them the enjoyment of services. It will allow them to acquire all that their club can offer and join in events hosted by the club.

The membership card is the tool for them to gain access into the club and to enjoy of the benefits offered.

The membership card design should, therefore, include important details. All the information required for membership should be part of the design. This will add to the appeal and appreciation.

You can even design the cards yourself but that would entail much time and effort and research. To avoid this, you can download a membership card template here. Then modify it to maximize the effectivity of the template.

There’s no limit on designs and information on membership templates. No charge either. Choose a particular design, download it, and start editing the template. Do this to suit the requirements of your own membership. You can add the logo or trademark of your company or business.

Membership Card Templates

Types of membership card templates

In today’s world, almost every individual is a member of a certain organization. This even applies to clubs which include kids. Fortunately, there are also as many membership card designs as there are organizations.

After reading this article, you can download a template here. Templates are already pre-designed in multiple formats. They’re high in quality and are fully customized. Here are some organizations that use membership cards:

  • Army
  • Boy scouts
  • Clubs
  • Co-operatives
  • Fan clubs
  • Fitness club
  • Gift cards
  • Lifetime memberships
  • Loyalty
  • Luxury Spas
  • Multipurpose membership
  • Official membership
  • Travel membership
  • VIP membership

There’s a variety of card templates which are available. Then you can add details to your template to make your cards a little unconventional. That should make them stand out and unique. After downloading, start editing the fonts and design to suit your needs.

What information should you include in your membership card template?

Giving membership cards will entitle the customers to the all the offered benefits. A gym membership card template will entitle the customer to discounts and privileges. Also, the card itself will be proof of their membership.

Make your members feel special by designing your own membership cards. Create a template that’s appealing as well as informative. You can design your cards using Microsoft Word or other software.

Then you can print them out when you’re done. It is as simple as that. There is no need for additional software or hardware. Just make sure that the cards will contain the following:

About the company that’s offering the membership:

  • company name
  • company logo
  • website
  • phone number

About the member:

  • name
  • signature
  • number
  • barcode

About the membership:

  • effective and expiration date
  • terms of use
  • special rates
  • discounts

A membership card is not only for membership or identification. It’s also a good marketing or informative strategy as well. Small businesses will surely financially benefit from them.

New discussion groups can attract interested members using such cards. School team players will feel that sense of belonging with their membership cards.

Make your cards now and make your following grow. Think about your membership card design until it becomes unique and appealing. Owning one would make the recipients treasure them now and for posterity in the near future.

Membership Card Designs

The benefits of using membership card templates

Customers and business clients are usually attracted to discounts and promotional offers. Companies usually take advantage of these interests by giving out membership cards.

The cards are part of the latter’s marketing programs. They help encourage customer loyalty. Customers need such cards to take advantage of discounts and promotions. This is especially true for products and services customers frequently purchase.

To become members, they would have to apply for membership. Normally, the application for membership is free-of-charge. But on instances where there are high-value rewards, there may be a charge incurred.

Here are some benefits using membership cards:

  • It gives the customers additional value
    We have all experienced the point system. Here, companies award their members incentives in the form of loyalty or reward points. Members gain these upon product purchases. Then they can exchange the points for other services or products.
    As members, we usually get these rewards for being loyal and good customers. Banks may raise the credit limit of their customer. Having a gym membership card template will allow customers to get discounts.
    A supermarket can offer a free delivery service and more. Customers consider these freebies as incentives. It can encourage them to continue doing business with the company.
    The access to these benefits will make the customer feel that they are part of the organization. The membership card will attest to that. For some clubs that are social, the card will serve as a reminder.
    With it, the member can take part in discussions, conferences, and events. It can help keep him updated on current events and status of the club.
    Generally, membership cards do have expiration dates. Their effectivity can continue by renewal. The physical type of card you offer is a reflection of how you value yourself and your customers.
    A mere paper membership card isn’t recommended. If you truly value your relationship with your members, give them a high-quality card. This will surely characterize your group as one with value and class and worth joining.
  • To increase revenue
    To promote higher spending is an important goal for a company. They can do so by structuring their membership programs and discounts. If the customer spends above a specific level, they would get discounts or rewards.
    Businesses can also categorize membership. It would depend on how much the member can commit to spending based on agreed-on levels. Common categories are gold, platinum, and titanium membership cards.
  • Acquire more information about your customers
    Most of us have noticed the magnetic strips found on credit and membership cards. There’s more to it than meets the eye. This strip usually contains information about the member, his spending preferences, and patterns.
    With these, companies are able to understand their customers. They can create marketing strategies for building a stronger relationship with their members. Let’s take, for instance, a customer’s frequent purchases.
    With that information, the retailer can offer the customer discount vouchers. This will encourage to customers to keep on coming back.
    Each time a member uses the magnetic strip, data gets gathered for that customer. It’s also a means of keeping track of members. This applies if they attend company-sponsored events.
    Also, they use the card for benefit of a third party or if they make purchases of products. With such data and more, the company can craft marketing programs which can target the member’s potential interests.
  • To make customers and members come back for more
    You can strengthen customer loyalty through their membership. Do this by providing them with benefits that they value. For instance, offering them discount vouchers which are personalized.
    This can make them feel important and may likely continue to purchase the same brand product.
    Membership cards will certainly make the company-customer relationship get stronger. This is especially true for those customers who enjoy high-value rewards. This is best exemplified with frequent flyers.
    They get express check-in or automatic upgrades. With these privileges, the customer will think twice about changing carriers. This is because they may lose these privileges.

Gym Membership Card Templates

Making and printing your membership card templates

Check on your relatives and friends wallets. For sure, each one would be full of membership cards. They’re from banks, retailers, restaurants, and the like. Take a second look and you’ll find out that most of these cards are generic.

That means the cards contain basic information and the designs are flat. You may want to start your own club or make an existing one more legit.

In this case, you’ll need the assistance of the ever-dependable Microsoft Word program. You can use this when designing your membership card. It already contains existing templates.

You can use them when making custom club cards which will really make a difference.

Create your template using MS Word

  • Launch the program and type the words “membership cards” in the Search Bar. You can find this at the top of the start screen. Then double-click on the template you want.
  • Make the view larger so you can see the template better. Click on the first text line. Highlight the generic text then type your member’s name.
  • That’s basically it. Then you just keep on repeating the process. Replace the text with your own member’s information.
    After the member’s name, you should also input other important information. This includes the club’s website, founding date, address, motto, and other relevant data.
  • Next, it’s time to format your text. Do this by changing the font size, color, and alignment. Keep modifying the template to suit your preferences. For instance, the template you choose may put more emphasis on the club’s name.
    However, you would rather want the member’s name larger in the template. No one can stop you from doing so.
  • Click on the “Insert” tab to add your club’s logo. If you have designed and uploaded your own logo, just click on the “Pictures” button. Look through the files, find the logo, and double-click on it to add to the template.
    If you don’t have a logo yet, click on the “Online Pictures” button found on the “Insert” tab. Browse on a picture that’s related to your club. For instance, use a cat for a pet group, a book for a book club or more.
  • Highlight all the text and images in your template. Press “Ctrl+c” to copy your selection. Move the cursor to the next card. Highlight the contents and press “Ctrl+v”.
    This command will paste the information to the template. Go back and make the changes to the new card. All you need to do is replace the member’s name and other details like date of joining, nickname, address, and more.
  • Repeat the copy and paste cycle on the other cards on the template. Make sure that the succeeding cards will have the right information for the next members.
  • Print and save the template file. This will allow easy access for when you need to update their information.

Saving and printing your template

  • There are times when you have to update your file. You either change member information or add new members. When you do this, save the file in your computer. In case you have to access the file at a much later date, add a date code to the file. Do this to ensure that you will be using the last file you worked on.
  • Make a printed copy of your membership card list on a sheet of paper. Double check all the data for each member to make sure there are no mistakes.
    Include spell-checks and any formatting problems. The design and layout on each card should be the same in size and spacing.
  • Print your membership cards on an inkjet printer using magnetic photo paper. This may be more expensive but have great advantages.
    Then it can stick on metal surfaces like locker doors or anything magnetic. The quality will be as good as any other paper.
  • Cut the membership cards carefully. You may choose not to use dotted lines when designing your membership card template. In such cases, use a ruler to guide your scissors when making the cut.
    For those who want the cards to be more whimsical, try using scrapbook scissors.
  • Laminating will give the card durability. However, if you want this option, don’t use magnetic paper. Use high-quality business card sheets instead. These come in perforated sheets so you can easily separate them before lamination.
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