People nowadays are used to sending e-birthday cards on social media. When people celebrate their birthdays, they receive hundreds of birthday cards online from followers or social media friends, many of whom they might have never met.

It makes a big difference when the person receives a physical birthday card with a well-crafted message from people they know. Such a card will stand out above hundreds of e-cards received. Your friend, colleague, sibling, or partner will appreciate it if you make that extra effort to use a happy birthday template and create a beautiful message just for them.

Birthday Card Templates

Why you should create a happy birthday card for a friend

Many people today are relying more on technology to get things done fast. This is why most would consider doing a quick search online to send their friends a quick birthday card. They may appreciate it, but they will be more than happy to receive a printed card specifically from you. There are different reasons why you should consider sending a printed card with a personalized message from you.

  • It is an addition to a gift. Many printable birthday cards that you can customize are available online. You just need to get the right happy birthday template and then create the best birthday card design that will make your special person’s day memorable. The way people appreciate when you attach a gift tag to their gift is the same way they will appreciate it if you attach a personalized birthday card to their gift. A quick card downloaded and posted online cannot match the message you could have written by your own hand and attached to a gift.
  • It shows you are making an effort in your relationship. You should make an extra effort to build a stronger relationship with people who matter to you. It doesn’t matter if they are your siblings, parents, children, colleagues, or closest friends. An effort is needed in every relationship. When you take your time checking a large collection of printable birthday cards to pick the best for them, that’s a great effort on your part. They will appreciate it when you choose a good birthday card design and create a card for them. The effort that you make will make a difference in their lives.
  • It shows you are thinking about the person. Most social media platforms will remind you when your social media friends or followers have birthdays. They send a notification several days before the actual day arrives. This gives you enough time to think about the best gift you can get for them.  Many free birthday cards are available online, but you also use an editable birthday card template to create a special card for them. It shows you are thinking about them and you are concerned about their wellbeing.
  • The birthday card reminds them about you many years down the line. People keep the birthday cards they receive from their loved ones for many years. Some of them treasure them for the rest of their life. They can go through their archives 20 years later to check the type of messages you wrote them during their birthdays.  Social media may remove the older messages and images after some time. A computer or phone may crash and lose all the valuable information. Cards made from editable birthday card templates and printed leave a lasting impression on the recipient. It will rekindle their memories of good times with you many years later.
  • It is an act of communication. As people grow older, they get busy and could leave their native places to go and work in other states or countries. Friends may also get separated by distance due to work or academic pursuits. It is important to keep the communication alive in every opportunity that presents itself. When you get a birthday card design, print it and send it to them, it shows you are making an effort to communicate with them. It makes your relationship with them stronger.

Birthday Card Designs

Can you make your own birthday cards?

It is easy to make impressive birthday cards using an editable birthday card template from our site. The template helps you make a birthday card design that the special person you will love. Taking your time to create the card yourself gives you wide options and freedom to create what best fits the person you care about most. Follow these steps to create your own birthday cards.

Consider who will be the card recipient

The type of card and message you create for a young person is different from what you create for a colleague or parent. A wide range of printable birthday cards is available for every recipient who you want to create a card for.

You would want to avoid sending an inappropriate message to a person who is not close to you or to a parent, sibling, or employer. Choose a birthday card design that will look relevant to the recipient. Once you consider who will be the card recipient, you will have an idea about the happy birthday template you will choose.

Get the materials for making a DIY birthday card

After choosing your preferred free birthday card designs, you will create your card and print it. There will be another process for making the printed card look presentable. This is why you need to prepare the materials required to make a DIY birthday card. Get ready with these materials and any other that you might require:

Printing paper

You can shop for a wide variety of printing papers for cards. Some of the ideas you can think about are:

  • Embossed paper
  • Cardstock
  • Construction paper
  • Art Card or colored paper such as manila

Material for coloring

  • Watercolor
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Paint
  • Brushes

Other important items

  • Get a good quality adhesive if necessary
  • You may require stickers if necessary
  • Buy glitter if you need it
  • Ribbons can add beauty to your card, but they are optional

Choose a card design

You have a wide range of card options that you can create. What matters is the number of folds that you want to make or the type of shape you want to make. You can fold in once in the middle, three or even four times. If you need to fold the paper, choose a thickness that will not crack when folding it.

Also, choose a paper that will be easy to cut with scissors at home or other types of simple cutting tools. The happy birthday template you choose will depend on the birthday card design you want to make. This is an important factor to consider when creating a DIY birthday card.

Happy Birthday Templates

Create your birthday template

Choose the editable birthday card template that you will use to create the card. To ensure you don’t make mistakes with the design, you may use one of the papers as a sample. Fold it the way you want the final printout to look and let it guide you in the design process. Before you type in your message or insert images, the first step is to create the template and design it in the way the printed and folded card will appear. Check designs from free birthday cards to get an idea of the best card design to choose from.

The printable birthday cards come in different sizes and dimensions. Remember to get the measurements right according to the paper size you are using. If you don’t create the right measurements, the final printout will either be too large or too small on the printing surface of your paper. If there are curved edges, make sure they are curved on the happy birthday template.

Write the message

Before you start to write your message on the editable birthday card template, write it on pen and paper first. Your recipient will notice if you take your time to think about the message and write it down. Edit the message to ensure it is free from grammar errors. On the physical card sample that you have folded, decide where the message will go and write it at that place.

The main “Happy Birthday” message should be on the front page. Decide where your unique message will be and where any additional images will be inserted. This will give you a clear picture of where everything will fit on the happy birthday template. Type the message on the template and ensure it is where it should be on the printed card.

Complete the design

Complete the design of your editable birthday card template. Start by choosing the best font that the recipient will love. The type of font that you choose depends on the person you are sending the card to. If it is an older person, choose a relevant font. If it is a young person, a fancy font will be okay with them. There is a unique font you will get for a girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, employee, or any other recipient.

After you are done with the text, drop the image or images you want to use. Mostly, images will appear on the front page. It can be a photo that reminds them about a good moment you had with them. Using the right colors on the birthday card will make the recipient’s day memorable. Instead of leaving the background too plain, add some color.

Print the card and cut it into the shape you want

The advantage of printable birthday cards is that you can save them for later use. You can also repeat the design if you don’t like the final printout. If you love the final design on the template, set your printer and print. Confirm every message or image is correctly placed.

Use the tools you prepared in the earlier steps to cut the card into the shape that you want. Use the free birthday cards sample. You have to carefully fold the cards into the final shape. You can add a ribbon if you want and glitter if it is necessary. Glue onto the card whatever you need glued and do the final touches. Once your card is ready, you can deliver it through the easiest means.


How to sign a birthday card

You can create the best message for a birthday wish but signing the card is a challenge for many people. You may not have a problem when signing a message to a spouse or the person you love. The main challenge is when signing a card for a colleague, workmate, employee, employer, grandparent, or another relative.

You don’t want your message to appear too personal, stuffy, or loose. You want the message to be just right and just enough. Your relationship with the person is what will determine the type of message to write. Here are examples of the best ways to sign a birthday card:

  • Your best child
  • With lots of love
  • Celebrating you
  • Missing you
  • Endless hugs and kisses
  • Enjoy your birthday


What to write on a birthday card 

What to write on a birthday card depends on the person you are creating the card for. Be considerate and write a message they will not find offensive or too personal. If you are not sure what to write to the person, consider writing a general message that can apply to any person. Here are examples of messages:

  • “I hope this day becomes your best birthday ever.”
  • “Let the flowers be blooming and the sun sunnier just for you to make your day memorable.”
  • “Let all of your birthday wishes come true this day.”
  • “I wish you the best birthday full of love.”
  • If the message is for the person you love most, you can add more information to the message.
  • “I will forever celebrate my friendship with you. You are my best gift. Happy birthday!”
  • “I’m grateful for every romantic moment I’ve shared with you. I look forward to your happiest birthday ever.”
  • “I wish I could meet you daily. I hope you understand how much you mean to me. I am sending you hugs and kisses for your birthday!”
  • The most important thing is to consider the person you are sending the birthday wish to and write a message that is relevant to them. Create a message that comes from your heart, and the recipient will appreciate it.
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