No matter which type of business you are running, a retail shop or an advertising agency, flyers are one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to get your name in the market. Especially when you are making attractive flyers and doing so correctly, they can get you the customers at your doorsteps. Along with flyers, brochures, leaflets and posters are also used for promotional purposes. Though all of them differ in terms of purpose and physical characteristics, a flyer is one of the most commonly used promotional tools by businesses.

If you want to organize an event, such as music concert, a bonfire or any of your store openings, event flyer templates can be one of the best options for you to promote it. When small businesses find that the cost of advertising in newspapers, billboards, TVCs and radio do not fall in their budget, they can opt for flyers instead.

Flyer Templates

Since years, flyer marketing has been used by businesses and is still considered really effective for promotional purposes. In fact, flyers have become more advanced due to the incorporation of digital characteristics in them. Flyer templates can be made more appealing and attractive with vector art and unique designs.

If you want to explore more about flyers and creative flyer templates, you should go through this interesting article.

What is a Flyer?

Before we move on to the details about flyers, you should first understand what a flyer actually is. A flyer is actually a form of advertisement presented on a paper for the purpose of promotion and marketing. From handing it over to people in the crowd, dropping them in the cars and e-mailing them in the form of an e-pamphlet, flyers can be used in various ways. They are also called as a circular, handbill, poster, pamphlet and flier. Often, some people confuse it with brochures and leaflets, which is not correct. All three of them have different ways and approaches but somehow, they have similar purposes.

Moreover, it is normally a single and unfolded piece of printed A4 sheet which is used to draw attention to a service, event, idea or a product. Containing a simple message for the potential consumers, flyers can make the customers reach the business at their doorsteps. Additionally, the size of the paper on which the advertisement is printed is 8.5” x 11” to cover the entire details of the advertisement and to keep the cost low. Sometimes, they can be called as circulars and handbills on the basis of the way they are being used.

One of the cheapest ways to distribute them is in public areas where most of the people and can be found and approached easily, such as streets, outside schools and shopping malls. This way of distributing flyers has been going on for years but thanks to the digital age, flyers can now be sent via email. Along with this, flyers usually have a shorter lifespan because they can only work if they are effective or else, people will throw them right away in the next dustbin they come across if they do not find it attractive and interesting.

Also, after the announcement of an event, they can be wasted. Along with this, the paper which is normally used in flyers is of a very lightweight which reduces the chances of longevity. However, if business owners desire to print it on a thicker paper or sheet, they can get it done to make it more attractive, durable and interesting for consumers. Also, thicker paper is useful if it contains information that is required to be referred to again and again, such as instructions or product specifications. If you too are having a promotional campaign for your business, you can download a free and creative business flyer template from our website.

Free Flyer Templates


Why Use Flyers for your Business Promotions?

Flyers have been one of the most common and oldest mediums of promotion for business events, services, products and much more. While it can be a really laborious and daunting task to spread the word and promote your event, flyers can be one of the most effective options for promoting your business.

Wide Reach

There is no doubt that social media in this digital era has given a tough competition to the other promotional tools, including flyers. However, it is important to remember that the use and effectiveness of old promotional and marketing tools and techniques should never be forgotten. Among those, flyers are one of the tools that come can be used for direct marketing purposes and can reach an wide audience in a smaller time.

Dropping these flyers at doorsteps of your potential customers, distributing them on the streets and in stores, market places and sending them away by inserting them in newspapers can really help people get the message about your business. In addition to having a wide reach, flyers are tangible promotional tools and can be circulated by consumers themselves to other consumers if found attractive and interesting. This leads us to our next point.


Another reason to choose flyers as the medium of promotion for your business is because of its tangible nature. If your customers hold the flyers, it determines that you are just halfway there to conveying your message to them. Also, the way your flyer is printed and designed can really attract your customers to read the information you have written and maybe avail the offer. You can read about how you can be creative with fliers in our next point.

This is the reason why you should make a flyer creative; this is the best benefit of having a tangible promotional tool for marketing. Also, if a customer likes the flyer, they can help spread the message (word of mouth marketing) and hand it over to another potential consumer. Having a tangible flyer can benefit your business in numerous ways.


When you decide to promote your business through a flyer, you have numerous options to make it look creative and interesting for your consumers. One of the basic things business owners must keep in mind before making the flyers is to make it in a way that it stands out and gives tough competition to its competitors. This is where creativity comes in.

You have a variety of options to write your message creatively, such as using folded flyers, pop-up flyers, using colors and interesting HD images in it and much more. In fact, one of the most creative ways is to use coupons and discount offers in the flyer so that people keep it safe to avail the offers, hence, experiencing your service or product. Adding coupons and discount offers in the flyers can indirectly force the customers to use your service.


Flyers actually allow you to provide benefits to the customers. When you attach coupons and discount offers in the flyers, people tend to keep them safe to avail them in the future. That practice can actually make you measure the marketing campaign and how helpful flyers were in promoting your business. Also, another technique to measure the success is to put in QR codes in flyers. If you are a business owner and are looking for flyer templates, you can get a good template design from our website which will let you to be as creative as you want by providing space on it for you to add things, like QR codes and URLs.

Flyer Design


Common Flyer Templates used by Business Owners

Business owners have numerous reasons to promote their business. Be it a product, service, party or an event, flyers are needed to spread the word. We have some really interesting and creative flyer templates available on our website which are free of cost. You can download them and use them by simply editing them a bit and customizing them according to your preference.

Business Flyer Templates

Business flyer templates are used by business owners for business purposes, such as launching a new product, service, advertising a new product/service, opening of new branch and much more. These types of templates are made for formal purposes, specifically keeping in view the corporate themes and designs. Also, you can use formal and professional colors to go with the theme of the information. They may also contain useful information, such features of the product, service or directions of the new branch.

Event Flyer Templates

Businesses also conduct events that require promotion, advertising and marketing. These flyers are made to be really eye-catching and informal to attract the target audience. Also, they include offers and features in a very salesy tone to attract the attention of the consumers. In addition to this, these flyers are normally used by event organization companies. They use them to put in the rates for registering in the event and to highlight very attractive features of the event to grab the attention of the people.

Party Flyer Templates

Party flyer templates can be made to look very creative and attractive depending upon the theme. Parties are cool and trendy; likewise, so should the flyer through its appearance. Be it a business’s annual party, new year party, masquerade party or any other party organized by the business for the  customers as well as the employees, flyers can help a great deal to make the event a hit. Party flyers should be trendy and colorful so that they look attractive. Normally, such flyers contain information about the event in bullet points, including other attractive features, such as HD images to tempt the people who come across them.

Templates For Flyers

Cool Tips to Make Your Flyer More Attractive

A flyer, if used correctly and made creatively can work better than the other social media platforms to build or increase your clientele and customer base and provide tough competition to your rivals. So, if you make your flyer creatively and make it look attractive, you can possibly gain a lot of advantages. Check out cool tips to make your flyer look more attractive.

Tip # 1: Use Snappy Titles

Using straightforward titles and descriptions are too boring for customers. If you make want customers to really respond to reading and looking at what’s in the flier, you can use snappy headlines and titles. Nowadays, using unusual titles and headlines can truly grab the attention of people. However, you should ensure to keep the titles shorter. Also, choose your words wisely and carefully before using them.

Tip # 2: Do Not Clutter It Yet Convey Your Message

Many flyers contain text and images which look cluttered on the 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. You should never put so much information on the flyer. Instead, convey your message using specific words smartly and wisely. Just try to focus on the main idea and details of the event, party or anything you want to convey to the audience.

Tip # 3: Attach Coupons or Discount Offers

Nowadays, coupons and discount offers are trending. People tend to get attracted to discounts. This is the ultimate reason to attach coupons in the flyers. Also, if you attach coupons or offer discounts on the flyers, people will surely keep it safe and look for an opportunity to avail them if it sounds really interesting to them. Make sure that you give a hefty discount to impress them. Offering good discounts can lead to a long term relationship with your customers.

Tip # 4: Do Not Confuse Customers

Business owners often focus on making the flyers so stylishly and creatively that they add complicated designs, colors and font styles to them. This does not actually make the flyer look good; in fact, it confuses the customers as they cannot decode the actual message which is in the flyer. You should use a simple font styles, colors and themes in your flyers.

Tip # 5: Make it Easy to Find You

Several flyers are made in such as nice manner that they convey the message but are either missing the contact number or the complete address of the business to convert leads to sales. This makes the customer de-motivated and they may not use your service, even if they were interested in the first place. Adding complete contact details along with the contact number, address, email ID, social media URLs and website URLs is a must to make it easy for customers to find and contact you.

If you want to save your time and effort, you can download free flyer templates from our main website and enjoy fostering long term customer relationships. Good Luck!

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