There will be someone celebrating their birthday each day of the year. A birthday is a special moment to celebrate an individual’s life. It is a time when friends and family members come together for a celebration. Friends and family bring different gifts and cards. When you want to express birthday wishes in a personal way, it is best to do it in your own words. A happy birthday letter is used to express birthday wishes in your own words.

Happy Birthday Letters

What to include in a birthday letter?

It is easy to write the simple words “happy birthday” to any person. However, when you want to add more words to express your deeper feelings or love to them, it becomes a little difficult. Writing happy birthday letters is a longtime tradition that has been practiced for several centuries. For many years, people have written birthday wishes to their close friends and family members. Workmates write happy birthday wishes to their colleagues, and people in religious groups wish happy birthdays to their group members.

The best way to let someone feel what you feel about them is to write a message about their good personality or character. You don’t have to write a multiple-page message. You can do it in a few lines and pass the deepest felt message. The bottom line is to know what message to include in the happy birthday letter. These are the things to include:

Name of the person celebrating the birthday: Address them by their name because it is their birthday.

The birthday wish: Write your birthday wishes words selectively to ensure you have included the best words from deep within your heart.

Name of the birthday wisher: Sign your name at the bottom of the birthday letter. They need to know the letter cane from you.

Birthday Letters

When to write a birthday latter?

You must write a birthday letter the day your best friend, family member or colleague is celebrating their birthday. You should know the exact date when the person is celebrating their birthday. Sometimes a birthday wish can arrive late. This is okay, but the time should not have passed by many days. Between one to three days could be an acceptable time to send a belated birthday wish.

How long should birthday letters be?

A happy birthday letter should not be too long. The important thing is to include your heartfelt message in it. You should summarize the message by using selective words. You don’t want to write an entire page of a birthday wish. It may depend on the person you are writing to. The letter can be one line or several lines but not several paragraphs.

How do you write a happy birthday letter?

There are different ways to write a birthday letter. It depends on who is writing and to who they are writing the letter. A birth wish letter to a child will be worded differently from a birthday wish to a mom, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Starting a happy birthday letter

The words you use when starting a happy birthday letter are important. Make them simple and direct to the point. How you start your birthday wish depends on who you are writing to. Here are tips to start a birthday letter.

Start by congratulating the person for another birthday added to their life

Give room for humor but limit it within the context of your relationship with the person. The person might take offense if you go overboard with your humor.

Express your birthday wish directly

Let the person feel the genuineness of your heart from the words you have used. Do not exaggerate the message.

Write a brief history of your relationship with the person

Express in your words what the person means to you. You may include the things you’ve been through together with them.

Keep the tone friendly and personal

That is what birthdays are all about.

You can use different phrases as follows:

  • This is your day, celebrate to your best!
  • Have fun on your special day!
  • I’m thinking about you on your birthday
  • I hope your birthday will give you a lot of happy moments
  • Happy birthday!
  • I celebrate with you on your birthday
  • Wishing you a blessed birthday and a happy year
  • Enjoy the celebration of your most wonderful day.

Happy birthday to my husband letter

When writing a birthday letter to your husband, there are several things you should have in mind.

  • He is your husband: Appreciate him for being the best husband to you. Remind him how you started to together and the support he has given you throughout the years.
  • He is the father to your children: Appreciate him for being the best father to your children. Remind him about the way he has shown love and care to them.
  • He leads your family: Amid challenges and victories, he has been leading the family courageously.

These are the things that he is to you and other important things you may want to mention. What you are looking for is to make his birthday memorable. You don’t want him to read the letter and trash it.

Create a letter that he will read and treasure. He will keep it for many years and may keep reading it from time to time. Here are some choice words you can use in a birthday letter to your husband.

  • My strength
  • My anchor
  • My everything
  • I love you
  • I keep falling in love with you daily
  • Loveliest birthday
  • Happy birthday with love

Happy birthday to my wife letter

Before you wish a happy birthday to your wife, the first thing you should do is to appreciate her. There are different ways you can write appreciative messages to your wife to make her day lovely.

  • You are married to her: She is your wife, and you must craft the best words to show your love to her and appreciation. She deserves every good word from the heart of her husband.
  • She takes care of your children: The role of bringing up children in the best way possible is not easy. But she has committed herself to bringing them up to become worthy children into you and to society. Appreciate her for that role.
  • She means a lot to you: Make her day memorable by reminding her that she means everything to you. You have gone through challenges, happy moments, and sad times together. She has always stood by your side to support you. Let those words come from your heart and write them down.

Here are some choice words you can use.

  • You are my everything
  • My best partner
  • The woman I love
  • My best half
  • You make the better
  • My angel
  • My most beautiful wife
  • I’m the luckiest man to have you in my life

Happy birthday Mom letter

Moms give the best, including their life, for the sake of their children. She thinks about her children daily and wishes the best for them. These are the things you should have in mind when writing a Happy birthday mom letter.

  • Thank her for the sacrifice she has made for you and the entire family.
  • Tell her how proud you are of her.
  • You can add a little humor fit for a mom and remind her briefly about your childhood and the much she’s been useful to you. You want to make her day the best no matter what she could be going through.
  • Tell her what a great child you shall become in the future. Here are some choice words you can use for your mom.

Here are some choice words you can write to her.

  • You have sacrificed for me
  • You are the best mom
  • You have been stood for me in many situations
  • You are special
  • You are incomparable
  • I wish you a beautiful
  • Happy birthday mom

Birthday Letters To Best Friend

Happy birthday dad letter

Responsible dads take care of their families and provide for every need. They pay rent, bills, fees, buy homes, etc. There are a lot of things to can say to your dad in a Happy birthday dad letter.

Let him know how much he is important to you. Write a heartfelt birthday wish that will make him smile. Here are some choice words you can use in a happy birthday dad letter.

  • You are more than a dad to me
  • You are my hero
  • You are the hardest working dad ever
  • I am so glad that you are my dad
  • I’m proud of you
  • Happy birthday dad

Birthday letter to best friend

Apart from your family, the next person closest to you is your best friend. This is the person that you share a lot of personal secrets with. When you are writing a birthday letter to a best friend, you must remain genuine to them. Write the real thoughts and feelings you have for them.

Share some of the best friendship moments with them. Show them the value you have for them. Wish them the best on their birthday and many days after. Here are some choice words to use in a birthday letter to best friend.

  • I always think about you
  • I wish you the best birthday
  • My birthday wishes to a special person
  • All the best in your new year

Happy birthday letter to friend

There is a big difference between a friend and a best friend. Your best friend is in the inner circles of your life, but a friend is in a general relationship with you. There are some deep feelings you cannot share with them unless you want them to become your best friend.

Write goodly words to them but put limits to how deep they are. Appreciate them for being your friend. You may remind them of the good moments you have shared with them. They could be your workmate, college roommate, or a next-door friend.

Happy birthday letter to boyfriend

You share a lot of jovial moments with your boyfriend. When it is their birthday, it is best to remind them of the jovial moments. Share with them what you feel about them. Tell them what you envision between you and them in the future. You can write every good word you can ever think about and wish them the best birthday. Here are some choice words you can use in a happy birthday letter to boyfriend.

  • You mean a lot to me
  • I cherish every moment I share with you
  • You are the best boyfriend I can ever have
  • The happiest birthday to my love
  • I look forward to another year of friendship

Happy birthday letter to girlfriend

Your girlfriend would love to hear the best happy birthday words from you in your happy birthday letter to girlfriend. Make her day exciting by choosing the best words that will give her a smile the entire day and several days later.

Tell her how much you cherish her. Tell her you value every minute you spend with her. She means a lot of things to you. Here are some choice words to use in a happy birthday letter to girlfriend.

  • I love you
  • I cherish you
  • I wish you the best birthday
  • You mean a lot to me
  • You are my best girlfriend

Happy Birthday To My Husband Letters

What is the best message for birthday wishes?

There are different best birthday wishes you can choose, but it depends on the person you are writing to. Be mindful of your relationship with them. Birthday letter etiquette is very important because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the person on their birthday.

Here are the best messages to use in a birthday letter.

  • The best birthday from your favorite child!
  • I hope your birthday brings you everything you want
  • You deserve to be celebrated more than any other person
  • Let your birthday be filled with joy, love, and peace
  • One more year has been added to you. I wish you many more years
  • You make me happy every day, today is the most special day for you, but it also means a lot to me.
  • I appreciate working with someone like you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy belated birthday! I hope your birthday brought you everything you hope for.

You are the most special person to me on the whole earth. Happy birthday!

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