A lease termination letter is one of the documents that most people might need to know how to write at some time or another. Leases can last for a variety of different timeframes, but getting out of your lease can be tough unless your situation meets certain requirements. If you need to learn to write an early lease termination letter or just a regular end-of-lease letter, you can access some examples of these documents on this page to help guide your writing.

Lease Termination Agreements

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What are the kinds of lease letters that you might receive or need to write?

There are various kinds of letters that might be written to do with leasing agreements.

The late rent notice will be given to you if you have missed a certain number of payments for your lease, and you might end up having to respond to this letter before writing a lease termination letter template. Non-payment of your lease can lead to eviction without giving you the chance to explain yourself or change the contract.

Eviction notices are sent to those who are at the point where they have missed enough rent payments that it is time to evict them. They might also be sent to a renter who has violated the lease in some other way. This is never a good way to break a lease, and you should never defer to this strategy rather than simply sending a lease termination request via a letter to your landlord. Once you have missed the steps required to reach out to your landlord about your situation and want to break the lease, you will end up working on other kinds of processes that are not as favorable for you as the person wanting to break the lease.

Make sure that you are not waiting for these other letters to be sent out because you are not sure how to draft a letter to try to break your lease properly.

Early Lease Termination Letters

How do I write a letter to my landlord to tell them I am moving out?

Writing a lease termination letter template can be a great idea because then you will have this handy document with you when you need to deal with something that is not working out for you in your lease. You will need to change some of the details in your letter to make sure that they are correct for your current situation, however.

Check Your Lease Agreement

The first thing to do before you start writing this letter is to check on your lease agreement and see what type of rental agreement it is and make sure that you check out the tenant obligations with regard to requests to break the lease. This information is usually laid out quite clearly in these documents, and you will want to refer to these rules for your lease before making any assumptions about the way that you can apply to break the lease. Your rights, as well as the rights of the person you rent from, are listed in this helpful document as well.

There are three common types of lease that you might be trying to break:

  • Standard Lease – This is the most common rental contract. This will be a lease contract that is for a set time period, like six months or a year, and that can only be terminated with a 30,60, or 90-day termination period.
  • Month-to-Month Lease – This kind of lease is more common for apartment rentals than home rentals, and the rent is due at the end of the month or start of the month each month to keep the contract in place between you and the property owner. In this kind of lease, you usually will be given 30 days’ notice to terminate the lease.
  • Sublease – A sublease is done when a tenant and a new tenant agree to the lease of a room or the whole property. Not all property owners will agree to this since the sublessor would be the one who entered into the contract. If this is not agreed to with the knowledge of the owner of the property, it can lead to a formal break of the lease in question.


Name the Parties

The termination letter will need to include the full legal names of both of the parties involved in the lease as well as their addresses and contact information. This is critical because no contract or document can be legally binding without the correct identification of the parties that are involved in the agreement. You will want to be sure that you are listing both yourself and the leasing entity or the leasing manager correctly so that the letter that you send out can be valid and effective for your use.

Refer to the Original Agreement

Indicate which clause in the original contract is the one that allows you to submit this request to end your lease early. This can be a key step toward enforcing the request and making it clear that you want to go through with breaking your lease ahead of the time that it was to end. There might be specific steps that need to be taken to break the lease, and they should be laid out and discussed here.

If you have done the required steps already that will break the lease, you will need to indicate what date these actions took place on. Make sure that you do not leave any details out about the processes that you have followed to be ready to break the lease. Note as well when the original contract and agreement were signed and indicate that both parties signed the original document on the date in question.

The Vacate Date

The vacate date to be off the premises is either before the expiration of the lease or at the date that you are proposing related to breaking the lease early. You will need to be sure that there is no language in the rental agreement that forbids setting your end date for your lease yourself in this situation. You might also be constrained by state or county requirements with regard to this date, as there is usually a set time that you have to stay in the agreement before the lease is considered terminated. This might also impact any money that you have to pay for rent, and you will be unlikely to be prorated any of your rent that you have already paid just because you are breaking your lease early.

Reason for Termination

There always has to be a reason for breaking your lease. You cannot just ask to break your lease because you feel like moving. You will need to indicate that some action on the part of the landlord or some change to your circumstances necessitates breaking the lease. You will need to refer again to the original lease to indicate the clause that will allow you to break the lease early. There might have to be certain requirements that are met to consider this a valid request, and you should point to these conditions in this part of the letter to prove your side of the situation.

Include your Forwarding Address

This is where any future mail will be sent if you do break the lease successfully. This will likely be the place of your next residence, but if you have not found another place to live as of yet, make sure that a friend or family member will consent to get your mail at their address for a time. There might be future documents sent to you by your former landlord that are important proof that the lease was terminated. You do not want to miss out on these legal documents just in case there is an issue in the future with the way that the lease was ended or something is done by the landlord that you do not agree with.

Proof of Service

If you are not the one that is delivering the letter asking to terminate the lease, you will need a proof of service section in the document that indicates that the landlord received the document per their signature and that it was properly delivered in accordance with the original rental agreement. If you are sending your letter through the mail, you can simply make sure to send it certified to be sure that there is proof of receipt on your end.

Always make sure that you have someone else proofread your letter and look for mistakes and errors. You will also want to be sure that you use a professional tone and that you do not accuse anyone of anything. You are simply breaking a lease, and you do not need to get personal with your former landlord. Making sure that all the right information is in the letter is easy, and being sure that your tone is professional is a requirement.

Lease Cancellation Letters

Lease Termination Letters Don’t Have to Be Hard to Write

If you have been worried about breaking your lease, you should feel assured that creating a quality lease termination letter will help you to make the process of breaking the lease easy. You will be able to refer back to your original lease agreement as you are writing your letter to request to break the lease, and you will not have to worry about getting all the right information into your letter if you use this guide. Writing this letter properly can make all the difference in the process of ending your lease, and you will be glad that you took the time to learn to do so.

Lease termination letters are not hard to write, and they can have a big impact on your ability to manage your lease successfully. Having the peace of mind that you can write this kind of letter when you need to use it is great, and you will want to be sure that you do not enter into a lease without having this kind of document ready to send out should it be needed.

Rental Termination Letters

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