To endorse means to give approval or promote a product or someone. For example, an author might seek the endorsement of their book by an influential person. A company can request an influencer or celebrity to endorse a specific product. An actor can be endorsed by a director to join a play.

To endorse something might not mean to market it for increased sales. Its purpose is to give a positive view of the product. The company might benefit from increased sales if the endorsement receives a greater effect.

Endorsement Letters

What is an endorsement letter?

A letter of endorsement is a document written and signed by an individual to approve/endorse something or someone. The document/letter can be written by an employer, business partner, politician, employer, or any other person that has earned trust over some period.

An endorsement letter is not a sales letter or a call-to-action letter. It is a document that gives a product or individual a positive perception before their audience or customers. Indirectly, an endorsement letter can help promote a product and increase its sales.

Endorsement Letter Samples

Types of endorsement letters

Business endorsement letter

Businesses still rely on endorsements. They request endorsements from other businesses or influential customers to give a positive attitude about their product quality against its competitors. The business endorsement letter can be used to do any of the following:

  • Endorsement of product quality
  • Verifies claims for services offered
  • Influence other companies or people seeking to learn more about the company.

Professional letter of endorsement

This type of letter is written by professionals for professionals. For example, an employer might have an employee who has faithfully worked for them for many years. If the employee wants to join another company, the employer will write a letter of endorsement to recommend the employee as a good choice.

Another example is someone who learns under another person. After they complete their lessons, the professional can endorse them for work in several professional fields.

Academic letter of endorsement

This type of endorsement is done within the academic field. It might be a lecturer endorsing a student to join higher education. They could be endorsing them for a scholarship, local sports program, etc. After a student completes their course, they are required to be attached to a certain company as interns.

The company attaching them may ask for a letter of endorsement from the institution they attended. The lecturer or administrator will write a letter of endorsement for the student to the company.

Personal letter of endorsement

A person’s character is important in many fields. An individual might want to invest with a certain firm or be admitted into a certain community. The community will ask the person to bring them a letter of endorsement from someone who knows them well. The person will write to confirm the person is of good character and may join the community. The letter can be written by a friend, parent, religious leader, local leader, etc.

Letter of endorsement for candidate

This type of letter is mostly written to endorse political candidates. The person writing the letter of endorsement for candidates writes positively about them and asks the general public to support their political ambitions.

A letter of endorsement for candidate might also be written to endorse someone for a specific role other than political. It could be they want to be elected as the chairperson of big business, leader or a board member, or any other position that concerns leadership.

Navy letter of endorsement

A navy letter of endorsement is written by someone mostly from within the navy to endorse navy personnel for a promotion or for joining the navy. It happens many times that navy officers return to college to advance education.

After graduation, a departmental leader in the forces might write a navy letter of endorsement and take a keen note on their latest education or skills improvement. The other scenario would be when a new navy officer wants to join the forces. They might be asked to get a navy letter of endorsement from several people either from the university, former employer, politician, army general, etc.

Endorsement Examples

What must be included in an endorsement letter?

There are a wide variety of endorsement letters. The features of each will depend on what is being endorsed. The main point in every letter of endorsement is recommending the thing or person using friendly language.

You may download an endorsement letter sample to help you understand the features to include or the format to follow. You will find a large variety of endorsement examples online. If, for example, you want to endorse a business product/s, the letter should include the following details.

Contact details of the person the endorsement is addressed to

You might be writing to another company to recommend the products of another company to them. The recipient might also be a government entity, an NGO, a security company, etc. For the receiving entity to be certain the endorsement is addressed to them, including their contact information is important. What is most important is the address of the company and telephone. You may include-

  • Street
  • Building
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number


This is the date when you write the letter of endorsement

Details of the product or business you are recommending

If specifically, you want to endorse products of an entire business, give the details of the business and include the products.

  • Name of the business
  • Physical address
  • Telephone contact

When endorsing a specific product, be very particular when mentioning it. You may refer to an endorsement letter sample of a product before you begin to write your endorsement letter of the product or business. The endorsement examples are for your guide or inspiration.

Your name and contact details

The public/business needs to know who you are, where you are from, or what you do. You should include your name, title/organization. If you are a CEO in a company, state your position and company or entity name. You might not own a company, but you are an influencer or celebrity. In this case, state your name and your field, such as music field, acting, comedy, social media, blogger, etc. The following details are important.

  • Your name
  • Your field
  • Your position
  • Contact information


The kind of salutation you give depends on who the endorsement is addressed to. If it is the public, salute the public. If it is a manager or leader of an entity, salute them by their title or name plus title.

The purpose for the endorsement

Give a brief detail of your reasons for endorsing the product/s or business. If, for example, you are endorsing a cleaning product, give reasons why you are endorsing it. You might state the extent of your experience with the product.

State how long you have used the product and the consistent results it has given you. You may decide to give details of things such as the pleasant smell of the product, its powerful cleaning abilities like it doesn’t leave stains on the surface, etc.

The main message you want to pass to the other company or entity is the value the product has given you. You want to suggest to them they can benefit from the same value if they try out the product, just like you did.

You might also be endorsing the cleaning product to the public. In this case, you don’t require to include the contact details of the recipient because, in this case, it is the public.

However, you will give the rest of the details about your experience with the product and why you feel it can be beneficial to the public. You may not indicate or suggest directly to the public to buy the product, but by you endorsing it, you will have changed the public perception of the product.

If your interaction with the product or company goes beyond endorsement, tell the public or the entity you have written to the way they can contact you for further information about the endorsed product.

How do you start an endorsement letter?

In most cases, an endorsement is not written without a foundation or backup. That is, you cannot endorse someone or a product without their knowledge. The company or person has to request you for endorsement.

You will write the letter only after you accept the request. This is the process for writing an endorsement request letter. You may search for an endorsement letter sample to help you have an easy process.

Make a formal request for endorsement

If you are an individual who wants to join a certain organization or get a promotion, you will approach someone to endorse you. In the case of a business that wants its product endorsed, the management will decide the best fitting endorser.

Brainstorm on the person to endorse

The person you want to approach to endorse you or your products must be an influencer in different ways. If you want to be endorsed for a promotion, a senior manager might be the best person to approach.

When joining a new company, the CEO of your current company is the best person. For products, establish why you want the product endorsed and where you want the endorsement to appear, such as social media, advertisement media, or another company. This will help you decide the kind of influencer or person to approach.

  • Write to the endorser stating who you are and your position
  • Describe your company/yourself (for individual endorsements)
  • Describe the product
  • Describe the reasons why you want yourself or your product endorsed
  • Give them your guidelines which they must follow in the endorsement process (you may include endorsement examples to guide them)
  • Indicate the time within which you expect the endorsement
  • Indicate when you intend to do a follow-up
  • Thank the person and sign

Accepting and writing an endorsement letter

If the person accepts to endorse you, your company, or product/s, they may write back to state their acceptance. After this, they will begin the process of writing the endorsement letter and follow the procedures you indicated on the general outline contained in the endorsement letter sample. Refer to the section titled what must be included in an endorsement letter to understand what you must include.

Letters Of Endorsement For Candidate

What is an example of an endorsement?

When writing letters of endorsement, referring to endorsement examples will help. Make sure you get the relevant endorsement examples to avoid an irrelevant endorsement letter. What is important is to know the type of endorsement you want to write, such as a letter of endorsement for a candidate, a navy letter of endorsement, or a business endorsement letter.

The most important thing is to closely follow the general structure of an endorsement letter. That is, start with your details and then the details of the recipient, proceed with the subject line, body, and conclude by signing the letter.

The structure is the same across all types of letters of endorsement but what changes is the wording. For example, if an endorsement letter is for a company that sells internet accounts/connection services, the wording will be different when the endorsement is for a tangible good/product.

The endorser must state how they have used the product, for how long, and the outcomes they get. When endorsing an individual, you will look into their strengths, special skills, and interpersonal skills. The bottom line should be to create a positive impression about the individual, company, or product.

When endorsing an individual, be careful not to overstate their skills or qualifications. They might be given a position and they prove unworthy of it or the favor. For example, the commonest type of endorsements in academic institutions is endorsements for scholarships.

The institution giving scholarships may not limit the number of endorsements per institution but if you endorse a non-viable candidate, they will get the scholarship, but its purpose will not benefit them nor the institution.

The institution might be looking for students with a specific talent and if you endorse them, it will not reflect well on you or the candidate. They will not be up to the tasks as expected and it will be a wasted effort for the institution that was looking for the specific talent.

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