We now live in the digital age but that doesn’t mean we should overlook the power of a well-written document such as a sales letter template. An effective letter can help you convert prospects into clients and customers. If you’re in sales, it would be very beneficial for you to learn the skill of writing a good sales letter sample. Then you can send this to your prospects or post it on your website and let it do its work!

Sales Letter Templates

The psychology behind sales letters

If you have a product that you want to sell, creating a sales letters format will help you do that. When you place your product on the market whether online or in your store, you want your customers to get interested in it. Along with the product, you would include a sales letter template.

Simply put, this is a document which helps convince your customers to purchase what you’re selling. There are several ways for you to convince people to buy your products. Some examples of those “bad” ways to convince people include:

  • Scamming them
  • Pressuring them

On a more positive note, there are also some “good” ways for you to convince clients to make a purchase. These include offering a product that you know:

  • The customers really need
  • The customers really want
  • Will make the customers’ lives easier
  • Will help solve a problem your customers face
  • Will help improve your customers’ future

In general, people don’t like it when you pressurize or when you try to oversell your products to them. Then, later on, they end up regretting the purchase which, in turn, usually depicts your brand negatively, something that you wouldn’t ideally want for your business.

In this situation, a good template of sales letter will come in handy. When you use it to educate your customers, it will prove to be highly effective towards reaching your goal.

Sales Letter Samples

Where to start when writing a sales letter template?

If you’re planning to compose a sales letter template, you should know where to start. An effective sales letter sample will allow you to sell your products faster and convince your customers that making the purchase is the best choice for them. Here are some steps to help guide you:

  • Think about your target audience
    If you want to write an exceptional sales letters format, you should first think about your audience. Come up with a list of all your potential leads and who they are so you can learn more about your potential customers. Without knowing your audience, you won’t know how you will sell your product. But once you understand your audience, writing the letter becomes an easier task.
  • Know the names of your customers
    It would be more appreciated by your customers if you address them by name when you send the letter. Write their name on the exterior of the envelope and in the letter too.
  • Create an interesting introduction
    If you start your sales letter template with a pedestrian or bland statement, chances are, your readers won’t even bother continuing all the way to the end. The introduction plays a huge role in making or breaking your sale so you must make it count.
    There are different ways you can create an interesting introduction. For instance, you can pose an issue or ask a question then provide the reader with a solution which, in this case, would be your product. From there, you can start talking about what you sell in the body of your letter.

Basic components of a sales letter template

A well-made example of sales letter can be a very powerful thing. Such a letter can even be more effective than postcards, brochures, and other written formats. So if you plan to make your own example of sales letter, you should include all of the basic components:

  • Headline
    The headline is the first part in the letter, and it should immediately catch the attention of your reader. The purpose of the headline is to hook the reader and encourage him to learn more about your product.
  • Offer
    Write your offer in the body of your sales letter sample right after the headline and the introduction. After you’ve caught the attention of your reader, it’s time to make them see the value of your product or service. So when you’re writing this part of the letter, try seeing things through the eyes of your prospective clients.
    Talk about the benefits of your product or service. These benefits will show your readers that they need what you have to offer. To make it more readable, use arrows, bullet points or other types of clever formatting. If you have a lot to say about your product or service, don’t hesitate to include everything. Unlike other business letters, one meant for sales doesn’t have to be just one page.
  • Proof
    The next thing to include is an assurance that your readers will feel satisfied after their purchase. You can do this by adding a couple of testimonials in your letter. Also, you can offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee to show that you’re confident in what you’re offering.
  • Call to action
    This is another important element of the letter. After you’ve shared all of the information about your product, it’s time to persuade your clients to act. State what you want your client to do then make it easy for him to do what you want.
    For instance, your call to action can be a statement like “drop by our store to see what we have to offer,” then make it more enticing by adding a statement such as, “the first 50 customers to come in will get a free gift!”
  • Postscript
    Adding this element to the letter would be a way to “stoke the fire.” You’ve already made them excited about your products or services, and you’ve already provided a call to action. For the postscript, you can add a reminder or an added bonus which will seal the deal.

Sales Letter Formats

Tips for writing your sales letter template

A well-made sales letter will help you draw in more customers. Use this type of letter in such a way that you get your customers excited without divulging too many details. Create a short but compelling introduction then show your customers why they absolutely need what you’re selling now.

You can download the sales letter template here or create one on your own. In the letter, talk about what you’re selling to catch the interest of your readers. Although there are no standard rules to follow when making this letter, following some helpful tips may help enhance your document and make it more effective.

For businesses, sales letters are very important. Those in charge of writing the letter should research all that they can about their target audience and their product too. While composing the letter, you should be able to show your product or service in the best possible light to entice your readers and generate interest. To help captivate your audience, here are some tips:

  • Set your mind to the task
    For a lot of people, the biggest issue they face is to start the letter. A lot of people feel intimidated when they have to compose an official document. To help you get started, first set your mind to the task. Do a lot of brainstorming then list down everything you think about in an outline.
  • After completing the letter, don’t send it right away
    Setting the letter aside for some time will allow you to be more objective about it when it’s time to check and edit. Right after you’ve written the letter, reading it over and over again won’t be too productive. But after you’ve left it for some time, this would give you a clearer eye and a fresher perspective which, in turn, makes it easier for you to spot mistakes.
  • Find inspiration in the example of sales letter
    Go online and read sample letters to get your creative juices flowing. When you find well-worded letters, save them and use them as a reference for when you’re composing your letter.
  • Develop a customer profile
    This will help you understand your potential customers better. As previously mentioned, you should know your target audience first before you can create an effective sales letter. This step involves a lot of research, especially if you’re planning to target a specific type of audience.
  • Build your case
    Every part of your document should help in building your case. Don’t feel hesitant to include all of the essential information, especially if you know that it’s relevant. Make sure that your letter:
    Introduces the name of the business or the person selling the product.
    Be very clear, especially in terms of the information about the product or service you’re selling.
    Has a formal tone and is highly convincing
    Has enough information to attract your customers.
    Is concise, direct to the point, and contains all of the relevant information.
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