Weddings are big occasions that most of us would like to share with the people who are so dear to us. It would thus be paramount to make sure that these people do not miss out on this big day. Planning for the day will create a big difference in turning your wedding to be a success story that involved most if not all of the people that are crucial in your life. Having an elaborate guest list can help you out in making sure that everyone who is invited is  informed and that the budget adequately caters for the expenses to be incurred for hosting of each of the guests. This site offers readily available guest list templates that you can customize and make use of for you wedding.

With our wedding guest list template you will be able to easily track your wedding invitations and RSPV’s. It is thus an effective means of keeping your wedding information in one place. Be sure to have a good tool for tracking the names as well as the contact information of the people that have been invited for your wedding dinner as well as you wedding reception. Our guest list template will additionally enable you to record the gifts that have been submitted by the people who will show up. You can also be able to calculate the total costs of the dinner as well as the reception this being based on cost per individual and the total number of people who will have confirmed their attendance. You can operate using a computer or you can print out this wedding guest list template and use it in form of hard copy if the person dealing with this can’t access a computer.

Wedding Guest List Templates

The initial steps in creating a Wedding Guest list:

The earlier you begin to create your guest list the better it is for you and your spouse to make your wedding day a success story. It will thus be prudent for one to sit down with their fiancé to discuss the guest list as early as possible. While you are at it there are a couple of questions that you need to answer before coming up with a list. Below are some of them;

  • What are your possible dreams? You need to harmonize your dreams as a far as a wedding is concerned. You may find that one of you desires to have a flashy wedding while the other party might be interested in a small intimate party. These issues need to be addressed to make sure that the final decision will please both of you. Your dreams will dictate how long you want your guest list to be.
  • Who are the most important people in your life that you can’t fathom having a wedding that lacks their physical presence? The number of the most crucial people in your life will dictate the how long the guest list will be as well as the venues for both the reception and ceremony events. You need to factor in the number of your family members and the closest of your friends. This will then spell out the right course to take and how many more people will be included in your guest list.
  • Which are groups of people that are not welcome? It is also good for you to be frank about the people that you won’t wish to see on the wedding day. This could be for personal reasons or social economic reasons. Such people include your ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, your business acquaintances, children or any other person that you are not comfortable with.
  • Who will foot the wedding bills? In case your parents will help you out in sorting the wedding bills you need to ask them how many guests they can accommodate as well as the number of people that they wish to invite. If you are cost sharing, it will be easier for you to suggest who should be on the guest list. In all scenarios you need to have an elaborate budget for the wedding which indicates the people who will be responsible for footing the various parts of the budget.
  • How many people can you afford to host during the wedding reception and ceremony? You need to be clear and quite realistic on the number of people that you can be able to cater for during your wedding. You need to set your priorities right, do wish to provide decent serving for those in attendance? Or you simply want to feed the multitude that has come to see you commit your life to your partner. For those operating on a tight budget it would be wise to keep the guest list as short as possible.

After answering these crucial questions you then need to divide the invites. The number of invites will be determined by the number of people that you can be able to comfortably cater for. After determining the number of invites that you are going to operate with, you need to divide these between the two families that are involved and also among yourselves. It is common for the invites to be split evenly but this could be different depending on the situation of a given wedding. In a case where the bride and groom have many common friends that they wish to invite, you allocate a third of the invites to your each of your parents and choose to have just a third of the invites for yourselves.


After dividing the invites you need to discuss with your spouse the persons that you wish to invite and this will form part of the guest list. You need to get the addresses of the people you have invited. It will be good for you to be organized from the word go to be able to handle this with ease. It is thus advisable that you make use of the guest list template on this site to make it more elaborate and organized.

Wedding Itinerary Template

For every event to be successful, a sense of order needs to be instilled to everyone that’s involved. For every second to count during the big day, it will be prudent to work on the timings and come up with an appropriate schedule. This site offers you with a suitable wedding itinerary template that you could use to plan the day. You can customize it and use it to generate as many wedding itineraries as you may wish. The time when the wedding ceremony is meant to take place will dictate when the other events prior and after it will take place. You need to make allowances just in case there is a possibility of the weather not being so kind to you.

Most of the wedding ceremonies usually begin at around 2.00p.m and the example below illustrates what your wedding itinerary could look like at specific times of the day.

At 9.00a.m

Due to the excitement that comes on material day you would mostly likely be up by this time. This happens to be the most appropriate time to be awake, have some breakfast and start preparing for the day. Make sure that you don’t have a heavy or rather a stodgy one, just have something that will fill you up. A glass of champagne is allowed but make sure that you are not overdoing depending on your tolerance.

At 10.00a.m

Have the bridesmaid close by you at around this hour. It is recommended that they wear buttoned up clothes that would not cause so much trouble and harm when they are being removed to the makeup or hairstyles. It is also in order for the bride to have her hair done first before anyone else to make sure that the stylist gives the best he/she can to the lady of the day. While all this is happening the number of people in the room should be minimized, the people that should be allowed to be in the room should be your bridesmaid, the photographer, the make-up artist and maybe your mum. You need to maintain your cool during this time and anyone who would disturb you should not be allowed to stick around.

At 11.00a.m

You need to keep your sugar levels at some constant level and having a snack at this hour will be quite appropriate. While you are having your snack, your bridesmaid should have their hair done after which you need to have your make-up done properly.

Between 12.00p.m and 12.30p.m

By this hour your make-up and hair should be in order. The next thing to do is to put on your dress. In case you have a slinky sheath dress, this should be put on over your head, you should however watch out to avoid smudging your make-up. For those who have big dress you should simply step into it. Before this is done, you should make sure that the one to help you dress up should have clean hands, to avoid soiling your dress way before time.

After dressing up, you can then present gifts to your bridesmaid, this is quite appropriate if the said gifts were meant to be used during the wedding ceremony. You should also allow your photographer to take pictures of you with your girls before you had to the ceremony.

You need to delegate to someone the responsibilities of checking on what is happening at the venue of the ceremony. As everyone prepares to head to the ceremony it is customary for the braid to have a few moments with the dad. While you are doing this see to it that you avoid crying at all cost to maintain your make-up.

At 1.20p.m

During this time the groom, the best man and the ushers should arrive at the ceremony and then the guest will be welcomed. Note that the bride’s family normally sit on the left while the groom’s family normally sit on the right.

At 2.00p.m

The bridesmaid usually arrive at this hour just after the braid and her father. The coordinator should signal for the ceremony to kick off. You then need to make your entrance. Your bridesmaid or flower girls and page boys need to come first followed by you.

At 3.00p.m

Take confetti and post-ceremony pictures. Your photographer needs to have a list of the key people who need to be photographed.

At 3.30p.m

The drinks reception begin at this time. Formal pictures of the main bridal party as well as the couple are also taken for around half to three quarters of an hour. This is also an opportunity for the guests to mingle with each other.

At 5.00p.m

The wedding breakfast is usually served at this time.

At 6.45p.m

This is time for the speeches. The normal order is for the bride’s father, then groom and finally a speech from the best man. Make sure that everyone has a glass of champagne for toasts.

At 7.15p.m

The cake is cut and served with coffee. You can make a quick run and freshen up for your evening guests.

At 8.00p.m

Time for the first dance

At 8.30p.m

Time for the evening buffet

At 10.00p.m

Find your husband and try to have some quality time with each other

At 11.45p.m

The bride and the groom depart and this should be done when the party is still on a high note.

This should serve as a standard wedding itinerary and you could modify it to suit your situation or plans. You can also make use of the wedding itinerary template provided on this site to reduce the stress that can be occasioned by the preparation of a new one.

TemplateLab May 31st, 2019