A sympathy message is simply a message that conveys the theme of empathy for another person.  Sometimes these letters can be a bit hard to write and that is where the sympathy message template comes in to help.  Whether you are family, a friends, or a coworker, it is always best to acknowledge someone in their time of crisis in a positive and friendly way.  With a loving message that is short, sweet, and too the point, you can be there for the grieving person in their time of need.   It lets the person know that they are in your thoughts and you are able to send your heartfelt apology their way without accidently rubbing them in a terrible way.

What are Some Reasons to Use a Sympathy Message Template?

  • Express your concern in a clear and comforting way.
  • It is one of the easiest way to console someone who just lost a loved one.
  • In the event you definitely can’t go to the actual funeral of a close friend, co-worker, or relative who died, you’ll be able to simply communicate the condolences using a compassion card.
  • Expressing your commiseration through wonderful quotes is a wonderful way to make him know that he has friends whom he may approach to every time he needs comfort.

Sympathy Card Messages

Expressing Your Emotions with Condolence Quotes

Many times people will find it difficult to express their condolences to a person that is grieving over the loss of a dear friend or family member.  A reason for this is that most people feel awkward and don’t know what to say or how to respond.  They feel as if they are going to say the wrong thing on accident or they freeze up and do not know what to say.  In this case, in order to break the tension and to express themselves correctly, many people will use condolence quotes on their sympathy message to express how they really feel about a situation.

The good thing about condolence quotes is that they do not need to be very philosophical or written in a highly spiritual way.  They simply need to be comforting.  The condolence quotes are there to be comforting and to lessen some of the pain that the person is going through.  The bereaved doesn’t want to destroy the memory of the person, even though they are deceased.  They simply want to escape the pain they are feeling.

The quote can state something along the lines of, ‘death does not mean the deceased and people left behind are separated, but they are together in a different way.’  If the person experiencing the loss is also spiritual, it may be a good idea to put a religious element in the quote.  Verses from the bible, or another religious text, are useful in this time.

Help Choosing the Right Template

When you can’t go the the funeral or viewing of the actual departed, you will be able to say goodbye with the sympathy letter.  Finding the right words, though, to send to a friend or family member in their time of mourning, can be extremely difficult.  Producing the right words on the card is extremely important, but tough because you don’t want to say anything that disappoints the family.
Some of the words that you can use when writing your condolence letters are:

  • Sorry
  • Sincerely
  • Comforted
  • Memory
  • Strength
  • Peace
  • Saddened

Sympathy Card Messages for Loss

Finding Words to Say to Expresses Emotions Correctly

Death is a very strange thing.  When it comes knocking, most of us aren’t prepared for it.  When someone close passes away, nothing that we say is going to bring them back, or even make the situation better.  We can not even correctly surmount our grief.  Most people, as said before, have the hardest time finding the right words to comfort those left behind.  Condolences in a sympathy message can help lighten the burden.

The sympathy message template has many options to choose from for your convenience.  It is important to remember your subject and to pick the words very carefully.  It may be a good idea to get someone to look over the message before you send it. If there are any mistakes and you have printed a copy, don’t make corrections on the papers but instead go back and re-type it.

What are the Right Words?

There are times when a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on are not enough. Whether you want to say it out loud or send your message through a note or a card, this collection of condolences sayings can help console the loved ones of the departed and some of the templates available mirror these words in one way or another.

  • I am sorry for your loss.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
  • May the love of the people around you help you through the days ahead.
  • May God’s grace and strength be with you.
  • It is said that the souls of our departed become stars as they reach heaven. Every time you miss him/her, look up the sky, find the brightest star and talk to him/her and feel him/her beside you.
  • I am sorry for your loss; words are not enough to express the sadness I feel at the moment
  • I share my deep condolences to you, and stand by your testing time for all sensible functions. Though, it is not a matter of straightforward forgetting, I recommend you to induce on with the life.
  • Loss of a life partner at this time of life is a real horrible loss and no-one will fill this gap.

When and How is Social Media Appropriate for Sympathy Messages?

Since the birth of the internet, social media has been an important concept. It is a way that we connect to those that we relate with and love.  It has been an outlet that we pour our hearts out on.  Whether you want to express your sadness and can’t attend the funeral, or just pay your respects, social media can be a beautiful way to do so for many reasons.

One such reason is that what you post on social media can be reached by many people of different origins and nationalities.  The sympathy that you may have for someone becomes the sympathy that everyone else has for them as well.  It can help the people in grief more than a simple card.

It is also a positive way to show your empathy because it is a more personal way to reach out to not just one, but multiple people.  You will not have to mail out cards to every single person that you want to reach, making it a cheaper solution.

Rules of Etiquette for Condolence Messages

Just like with other formal letters and documents there is a right and wrong way to write sympathy messages. You will notice this in some of the templates provided. Listed below are some things that you should check before you send it.

  • Keep your message short and loving.
  • Don’t speak of bad times, but instead replay the good memories of the deceased.
  • Remember that not everyone has the same religious beliefs that you do. If this is the case be careful to not and offend anyone by sending something of your faith. Instead send a neutral card, or one of their faith if you can.
  • Sign the message with your full name. People share names, especially common ones, and you do not want you message to get mixed up with another person’s.
  • Don’t ask the alive party if they are in need of money or anything else that you may think you can provide for the..
  • Sometimes it may be true that the dead person owes you something, maybe even cash. Never bring this up at the time of death as there can be serious consequences.
  • Though you should not offer money to the people in mourning, it is good idea to bring a gift. This could be a teddy bear or to anything like expensive jewelry. This shows how much you cared.

Sympathy Message Examples

Sympathy Samples You Can Send With Other Things

Many times words can’t properly express just how much you emphasizes with them.  This is when you may want to send flowers.  They can say a lot more sometimes than what you may feel just a card would.  Sometimes even a gift can be appropriate thing to send. Make sure you mention the gift in the sympathy letter that you send to the person or family in grief.  You can order it online or pick something out while shopping.  The extra effort in helping them in their time of need will be appreciated.

A Sympathy Letter in its Basic Form

A sympathy message is a thoughtful way to let a person know you are thinking of them. No matter what way you express your condolences, it is important to know the most common words of condolence. Words of condolence for sympathy messages are a nice way of helping to heal the grieving person’s heart and let him or her know that someone out there cares.  It is important in times such as these, when you require the use of a sympathy letter, that you simply remember that.  A sympathy letter is just a thoughtful and proper message.

Where We Can Use Sympathy Letters?

Sympathy letter templates can be used in a variety of ways in many settings. When a family member of a work colleague passes away, the sympathy letter can be sent out by multiple people to several sources to make things fast and efficient while still using the time and care it takes to give the emphy that person may be looking for.

The Importance of Proper Letter Format

  • Profession
    Whatever you do in life, whether you are a janitor or a lawyer, good writing abilities are always going to be needed. If you are employees because of how well you can write, however, it goes without saying that having quality writing skills is necessary. Whenever life throws anything at you in which there is written communication going on, writing skills are going to be key in being successful.
  • Communication
    Many everyday people spend most of their time typing, believe it or not. Fromm notes to emails, to tweets, the written word is a very important part of our everyday life. It doesn’t matter who you are contacting, it is very important that you do it correctly. If you do so, the outcome will be a more positive one. Your writing makes a huge difference in how you appear to others.
  • Credibility
    People that can correctly take their words and turn them into writings are more than likely seen as a more trustworthy person. This may sound a bit weird, but just think about how you would feel if someone sent you an email with no grammar. What if he refused to spell check and everything was misspelled? Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it’s fact that the people that proofread get better overall scores and are seen as having better people skills.
  • Considerations
    When you have a job, you are representing someone else. This is why it is very important that you proofread everything. It doesn’t matter who it’s too because when you send an email from work, you send an email from the company. Make sure tone is friendly and not too condemning as well as it can cause tension in the workplace of with clients.

Sympathy Card Message Samples

Why Should You Put Forth the Effort?

Most people in today’s society are very distant and don’t have much person to person contact. This is why it is important to at least send a note if you can’t attend the funeral.  It is seen as inappropriate to text someone at certain times of mourning. The message in the card also needs to be from the heart.  It needs to be special and personalized.
The simple fact that you took some time and wrote a couple of words about the dead will go a long way in making the person still in this world feel better about what they are going through. It allows you to reminisce over fond memories and let’s you remind them that you had good memories with the departed.  They can come back and look at this when they miss the person and feel like they want to relive old and happy memories.

Don’t forget to download your copy of the sympathy message template on this web page.


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