That escort card that you pick up at weddings to direct yourself to the table you will be seated at doesn’t really make you think about the effort that goes behind that seating arrangement. What most people imagine is a seating chart template where the wedding planners pinned their name on one of the seats randomly. It is not until you have had to plan a wedding yourself do you realize that it is the most difficult part of the whole thing.

The wedding seating chart template is chosen after all the guests send in their RSVPs. This means that it is done almost at the end of the planning phase. Also, the thing about seating charts is that you cannot give this task away to another person; you have to do this yourself because you know your family and friends better than anyone and you sure don’t want to put the two aunts who don’t like each other next to each other. Here are some tips on how to make the entire ordeal manageable.

Seating Chart Templates


Do Not Over Think the Arrangement

Think about it; at your wedding, your guests will be seated for no more than 90 minutes. You could start by not putting people together who don’t like each other. If you do this, you don’t have to stress about breaking your guests into ideal groups of eight people for each table. Also, it helps if you encourage people you have been out of touch with for a while or your current friends who you are are not chummy with to bring a plus one so that you know that they don’t feel alone at the event.

Assigning Tables and Not Seats

Most people have escort cards which have the table number on them and then, there are some that have a place card in front of the seat on the table. This will take up too much time and effort as first, you will assign someone a table and then, you will have to figure out where exactly they should be seated on that table. If you assign people their table numbers, they won’t have problems deciding for themselves where they want to sit. Or, to take this up a notch, use a fresh wedding seating chart template, fill in the names of all your guests and put it up at the entrance like a poster. This way, you won’t have to worry about people who say that they lost their escort cards.

Wedding Seating Chart Templates


How Many People should be Seated on One Table

Every round table should seat 6 people at least; otherwise, it may feel kind of empty and for affairs such as weddings, you want to create the feel of the more the merrier. Start with six; if the tables at the venue are big enough, eight people per table is not a bad option either. Ideally, at the end, no matter what shape and size the tables are, you want to make sure that everyone has enough elbow space to be able sit comfortably and eat. As far as the space between every table is concerned, try not to micromanage every single aspect of it. The team arranging the tables has the experience and the knowledge of how that works. Leave it to them as they can do that for you.

Where Should the Couple Go

The good news is that there is no strict rule for this. Being the one celebrating this special day, the wedding couple can sit wherever they want. Usually, there is a head table in the front of the room with an arch in the background to make it look like a special table. However, the daunting part is when you have to decide who makes the roster for this table. The best way around it is to place your table in the middle of the room so that there are plenty of tables close by and you can seat the people close to you on these tables so that no one feels like they were assigned a distant table.

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Utilizing the Seating Chart Template

Start with the master guest list. There are different ways you can make this list. One of the ways is that you make separate lists from the master list of people who you can see spending time together at the wedding and then, subdivide them into groups according to the number of seats per table. You can then make sure that these tables are next to each other so that the people are close by and don’t have to wave at each other from across the wedding room.

While you are at it, do not be afraid to ask the opinions of the people close to you. For example, your dad might be okay with sitting with his college buddies instead of his siblings or your close friends might make it easier for you by picking out their own seats on the seating chart template. This is some valuable input that relieves you of a lot of guesswork, time and effort.

Be Bold

You can always mix them up. Mostly, your friends and family are gracious enough to be able to attend your special day and it is not like they won’t strike a conversation with the people they are seated with. Who knows, they might make new friends and thank you for giving them a chance to introduce themselves to each other. This will only work if you mix up everyone so that no one feels like their seating arrangement was not given special attention.
At the end of the day, the people who really love you won’t hold any grudges against you if you have them seated at whatever table you want. A lively wedding party seldom has people sticking to their seats, except of course when the food is served.


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