A safety plan template is a document created as part of an official procedure. This procedure involves designing a proactive scheme which individuals must follow in the event of any kind of emergency. The nature of this plan requires it to be uniquely crafted to meet the needs of a business or any other type of venue where people gather.

Safety Plan Templates

When to use a safety plan template?

When creating a safety plan template, keep in mind that situations vary from one another. Therefore, you should create a safety plan that’s specific to your own situation. You can create a construction safety plan template, a safety plan template for students, a health and safety plan template, a business safety plan template depending on what the situation calls for.

It’s also a good idea to create a backup safety plan in case the first one fails. Here are some situations wherein you may need such a plan:

  • For emergencies or escalating incidents
    For this plan, think about the best escape route from the venue. Consider how you and all the other occupants can get out safely and quickly. Come up with a code word to indicate danger and share this with all the members of the family or with all the employees in the workplace.
    If an argument starts, make sure to avoid areas which have no escape routes like basements, kitchens or bathrooms. As soon as possible, call the emergency hotline of your area or locale. Also, as soon as you get the chance, leave the structure right away.
  • For leaving your home or an abuser
    Make sure you have the number of emergency hotline in your locale. If you have created a safety plan template, include this number on it. Put together an emergency bag containing a change of clothes, important documents, keys, and money with a person that you trust so you don’t have to collect these items before you leave.
    Hide emergency money and a set of keys in a concealed place where you can get them easily. Identify a hospital, police station or any other place that’s open 24-hours where you can find refuge. Have a bank account in your own name where you put money for an emergency fund.
    Purchase an emergency phone to use in case you have to leave your home and call for help. Also, review your safety plan regularly to ensure it’s updated and you know all of the steps.
    You may consider obtaining an order for protection. Although this won’t guarantee your complete safety, having one on-hand serves as an official document telling your abuser to stop hurting you. If you’re not sure about filing this document, speak with an advocate about it.
    Reach out to a domestic violence agency in your locale to learn more about support and how to ask for legal advice, especially in terms of obtaining the order. When you get the order, make sure that you always have a copy with you. Provide a copy to the local police department to make them aware of your situation.
  • For home safety
    If there’s a break-in, change your locks right away. Install lighting outdoors and secure your windows. Create a health and safety plan template and orient your whole family about the contents. Inform your child’s school or daycare about your safety plan as well.
    If you live in an apartment complex or a rented property, share the plan to your landlord as well. If an incident has already occurred, inform your landlord of this and encourage him to come up with a plan of his own. You can also collaborate with your landlord and create the plan together.
  • For public or workplace safety
    It’s also important to create a business safety plan template for your workplace and for yourself. In cases where a dangerous person stalks or follows you, create a plan for yourself and share this with your supervisor or employer.
    Give them a photo of the person to look out for and inform security personnel too. Ask someone to screen calls for you and accompany you to your car or bus stop. You may inform your closest coworkers of the situation and of your plans.
    Of course, creating a safety plan for the workplace is extremely essential. This is especially true for when natural or man-made disasters occur. After creating the plan, inform all the employees and staff of the procedures so that everyone knows what to do.

Construction Safety Plan Templates

What to include in your safety plan example?

Whether you plan to create a construction safety plan template, a safety plan template for students or any other kind of safety plan template, remember that this should be a comprehensive document. It contains a detailed framework for all the safety practices you should follow in the event of an unexpected event.

A safety plan gives each person all the information needed about how to deal with specific situations. This information can apply to different situations but you must customize your plan to suit your own needs. A lot of businesses and companies tend to forget the importance of a safety plan.

Having this document and all the procedures therein says a lot about the commitment of a business in maintaining the safety of their employees. Such a plan would help the employees feel safer in the workplace, especially if they know that there are procedures to follow in case anything bad happens.

One part of creating a safety plan that most people find challenging is how comprehensive it should be. You should come up with a framework on how to deal with a specific occurrence while making sure that you don’t miss any important step which might derail the effectiveness of the plan.

Although each safety plan template would be unique to the situation, there are some basic elements to include. These are:

  • Immediate action or steps to take.
  • Procedures for securing the area.
  • People to contact regarding the situation.
  • Communication methods to inform other people about the situation.
  • Safe handling applications and instructions.
  • Protective gear to wear like gloves, hard hats, masks, and so on.
  • Evacuation routes.
  • Procedures for data collection and reporting.
  • Training plans.
  • Equipment or waste disposal.
  • If applicable, media relations.

Although it’s hard to imagine all the possible scenarios which might compromise the safety of the company and of the people in it. But it’s even more of a challenge to think about what you must do in the event such a situation occurs because the severity of these situations may vary.

This is why it’s important for you to regularly check and modify your safety plan template as situations arise or change. It’s also important for you to be as observant as possible throughout any activities or incidents in order to keep yourself well-prepared.

Safety Plan Templates For Students

Emergency procedures in your safety plan

One of the most important elements of a safety plan template is the steps for emergency procedures. Make sure that these steps are very specific, comprehensive, and concise. Write the statements down in a manner that’s easy to understand to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do.

Incorporating emergency procedures into your safety plan is very important. Here, you must enumerate all the procedures and protocols from start to finish. You should also indicate any people responsible for activities like directing evacuation or calling emergency services. Specify the name of the person and his job title to ensure accountability in the event of an emergency.

Apart from the person in charge, you must also include the contact details of emergency services like paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement, and so on. If you want a quick response to your situation, you must ensure that you get your message out as fast as possible too.

Health And Safety Plan Templates

Implementing your safety plan

Creating a safety plan template and implementing it takes more than just drafting the document. You can only make a plan effective if you inform everyone concerned about its implementation and execution. This is why it’s important to orient employees or family members about the contents of the plan so they know exactly what to do.

You must also keep in mind that a safety plan is a living document. This means that as your company evolves, so will your safety needs. Therefore, you must review your plans frequently to ensure that they’re accurate and current. Furthermore, you must make these plans readily accessible to everyone.

In an ideal world, you would create the plan but never have to use it. But when anything unexpected occurs, everyone involved must know how to deal with the situation. They must know the protocols and steps to follow in order to minimize risks and damages.

Nowadays, a lot of companies make use of safety software tools to create their safety plans and make them easily accessible. Digital copies are more accessible, especially in workplaces which rely on computers. Employees can also save these plans in their own computers to access them offline.

No matter how you choose to create your documents, the implementation of your plans depends on distributing the information to everyone involved. As long as everyone knows what to do, this ensures their safety.

Business Safety Plan Templates

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