Forms are an essential part of the documentation in any company. Use them to transfer important information from one individual or department to another. For instance, a referral form template can be very beneficial if you want to refer someone to your company for employment or business. This form can convey relevant information and ensure the accuracy of that information.

Referral Form Templates

Types of referral form templates

You can use a referral form in different settings and situations. For instance, in a medical setting, use a medical referral form template or a patient referral form template to write down specific information when you need to transfer the care of one of your patients to another doctor or clinician.

Referral Email Templates

Referral services can also use client referral form template to provide detailed information about their clients. A referral form template can serve different purposes depending on your industry. To give you a better idea, here are some of the most common types of referral form templates to use:

  • For business
    Businesses can send a referral email template to establish vendor and client relationships. They can also use the template for the recruitment of new employees. Businesses can either send or receive the form depending on their current needs. For instance, if you have a vacant composition in your company, you may receive referral forms from your employees about potential applicants.
  • For contractors
    Most of the time, contractors get their jobs through recommendations and referrals. A contractor referral form makes it easier for existing customers to recommend contractors for various services like initial consultation.
    Use this template for your form and customize it by including an incentive to make the document more appealing and relevant. This will help encourage your customers to refer your business to others.
  • For customers
    This type of form provides you with a simple way to refer businesses or individuals as potential clients. It applies to different work settings and industries from manufacturing to retail and more.
    Use the template as your outline in creating your own form for your customers. Then include all the important details to make the template suitable for your business or for the type of services you provide.
  • For employees
    If your organization has an employee referral program, then this referral form template will prove extremely useful. With it, your existing employees can refer potential applicants for when there are any vacancies in your company.
    Make sure to include all of the relevant details in the form along with a space for the referring employee’s personal and contact information. Also, include any other details you think your HR department needs for the referral program.
  • For medical health
    Hospitals, schools, and social service agencies use referral forms or referral email templates to connect their patients, students or clients with new providers or new services. Again, make sure to customize the form according to the needs of your institution and based on what information you need to gather from those who will fill them up.
  • For medical purposes
    Doctors, physicians, and other types of healthcare providers use the form to refer their patients for other kinds of healthcare services as needed. In the template, include sections for the details of the medical professional who’s making the referral, his reason for making the referral, and any insurance specifics if applicable.
    Other details to include in the form are the patient’s medical history, diagnostic codes, the urgency level, and more. If you’re creating the medical referral form template yourself, customize it based on the procedures and guidelines of your own medical institution.
  • For mental health
    Mental health providers can use a patient referral form template for the purpose of referring their clients for assessment, counseling, and other types of services. Use a simple template with space for background information, diagnostic codes, treatment history, and for the patient’s current medications. Also, you can include the demographics of the client, his referral source, and the reason for making the referral.
  • For vendors
    This client referral form template is perfect for when you need to make any vendor recommendations. Suppliers and vendors may give this template to their clients while encouraging them to make their own referrals to other individuals or businesses who can benefit from their merchandise or services. Make sure to leave space for the name and contact information of the client making the referral.
  • For social service agencies
    For this type of template, include sections for the client’s information, services provided and requested, and the contact information of the receiving and referring agencies. Again, you can download a ready-made form them customize it to include any relevant details like housing information, healthcare services, and more.

Medical Referral Form templates

How to make a referral form template?

As you can see, referral form templates can be very useful for different purposes and applications. Anybody can use these forms depending on what they need. Use the form to recommend other individuals or businesses, attract new clients or even connect two entities. No matter what your reason is, creating the actual template involves the same basic steps:

  • Open a new document in any type of word processing software.
  • Create a header which says “Referral Form” at the top of the page. If you want to make it more specific, then type something like “Patient Referral Form” or “Client Referral Form.”
  • Create the most important fields including the name of the person and his contact details.
  • Create fields for the details about the referral. For instance, the person filling up the form needs to write the information about the individual or business they want to refer. You can also include a space for the person’s reason for making the referral.
  • Add any other information which you think has relevance to the type of form you’re creating.
  • Finalize your template, save it in your computer, and print it out to start using it.

Patient Referral Form Templates

How to get referrals?

Using referral forms and referral email templates is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business. However, a lot of people experience challenging when it’s time to get those referrals.

Both clients and businesses rely on referrals to make themselves more known in their industry. If you’ve already created an effective referral form template, it’s time to explore how to get referrals. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • If your organization doesn’t have one already, come up with a referral program. Include complementary providers in your program which you wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to your best customers and clients.
  • Recognize, appreciate, and thank all of your resources for your referrals. Do this by giving them a call, sending them an email or speaking to them in person. What’s important is that you express your gratitude in a sincere way. In doing this, you also encourage others to make referrals too.
  • In cases where your clients don’t make referrals, think of other ways they can recommend you to others. You can think of promotions, competitions, and other methods which make your clients feel motivated to refer you to others.
  • You have to ensure that your existing clients have enough information about the goods and services you have to offer. Also, they should know how you operate so they can inform others too. A lot of times, businesses assume that their clients know all about their companies. But the truth is, if you want your clients to refer you to others, you should share more of your business. The more they know about it, the more confident they will feel about referring your business to others.
  • If you have an online referral form template, include a link of that form on your company’s website.
  • Give your clients a reason to refer you to others. To do this, you have to make sure that what you’re offering is the best thing ever.
  • Inspire confidence in your clients. If not, they won’t even want to refer others to your company. Make sure that each time you do business, you deliver the best service. This way, your customers won’t even wait for you to encourage them, they’ll voluntarily refer you to everyone they know!
  • In some cases, you can offer a commission for every referral a client or an employee brings in.
  • Treat all of your suppliers and vendors as partners and keep them updated regarding all of the services you have to offer. This makes it easier to spread the word about your business.
  • Come up with a list of potential buyers that you’d like to work with. Do a little research on social media to see if you have any connections. Then you can reach out to them as a representative of your company.
  • Apart from your vendors and suppliers, treat your customers like your partners. They should feel that you see them as an important part of your business and so they feel more invested in your business.
  • Request for referrals as much as possible. Sometimes, people don’t refer because they don’t think you need referrals. When you’re communicating with your clients, make sure to ask them if they know anyone else who may benefit from your services.
  • Finally, give referrals too. This is one of the most effective ways to get referrals in return.
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