Raffles have been used for many years as a way to raise funds for a good cause. To encourage people to buy them, participants are given a chance to win a prize at the end of the sale. The organizers may use different raffle ticket designs, each with a different theme. Each ticket has a price that the patron has to pay to get it. The ticket also shows the prize the participants will likely win at the end of the event. The prize can be in terms of money or items such as a phone, bicycle, TV, car, house, and many others.

Raffle Ticket Templates

Different types of raffle tickets

Different organizations use raffle tickets in different ways. They use them to raise money for different causes ranging from-

  • Construction of buildings
  • Educating the needy
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Clothing the needy
  • Meeting wedding budgets
  • Raising money for burials
  • Raising capital for start-ups

The organizations that plan the fundraising drives may choose to use one type of printable raffle tickets or multiple types, such as follows: –

Monitory raffle tickets

Monitory raffle tickets are a type of printable raffle tickets that contains a cash prize value. The person who buys the tickets expects to win a cash prize at the end of the event. Before the organizing team decides on the cash prize to give, they first do a budget and decide the expected target. They calculate all the tentative costs that will be used for the entire process.

From the tentative net, they take a percentage and offer it as a prize. They then use the enter-to-win templates to design the raffles to be sold. The prize can be offered once or multiple times to encourage more people to participate. The main aim is to make the prize highly attractive to attract the attention of many participants.

One-time prize raffle tickets

One-time prize raffle tickets are fundraising tickets that offer prizes once. The raffle ticket designs for these tickets include the one-time prize to be won. In most cases, the price is highly valued for attracting many participants. The prize can be a brand-new car, a good house, an attractive shopping voucher, and many more.

Participants are given the time within which they must purchase the raffles. Once the time lapses, the winner is picked from the sold raffles. Usually, such raffles have a higher purchase price tag.

Calendar raffle tickets

Calendar raffle tickets run within a specified time, such as one week, a month, three months, etc. The raffle ticket designs are created with a cash prize given on a specific day at the end of the raffle period. The prize day is mostly the last day of the raffle period, where the winner is announced and given the cash prize. Since the raffle selling period is usually short, the prize giveaways are usually inexpensive. These can be in terms of meals at hotels, low-cost phones, etc.

Multiple prize raffle tickets

Multiple prize raffle tickets are printable raffle tickets that offer prizes multiple times. They are often used when an organization wants to raise a large amount of money. Such amounts of money cannot be raised in a short time but require a longer period. At the start of the fundraising drive, people might be in high spirits and participate in large numbers.

As time goes by, they are likely to abandon their support and stop participating. To keep them motivated, the organizers announce attractive prices at different intervals. This helps renew the people’s zeal to participate. The prizes are usually inexpensive but worth it.

Printable Raffle Tickets

Ideas for raising funds using raffles

It is one thing to use enter to win templates to create attractive raffle ticket designs, but it is another thing to sell them. You have to use different strategies to let the public know you are selling raffles with attached prizes. Since the campaign period is usually short, the printable raffle ticket selling ideas must be easy to implement fast. You may consider any of these ideas.

Online raffles

The online raffles will use the same enter to win templates to design. The only difference is that you will not print them but will avail of them online. You can either use your email lists to send the raffles and encourage people to buy or upload them to your blog. Another option is to upload it on fundraising platforms and indicate the prize to be won. Participants buying online raffles will mostly pay about $5, $10, $20, and $50 on the highest side.

Scratch and win raffles

Scratch and win raffles borrow the idea from scratch and win gambling tickets. The organizers can check different raffle ticket examples online before they decide on the type of raffle ticket designs to choose from. The raffles come in different denominations, which is the amount the participant pays to own it.

They have four sets of codes or secret numbers, which are only revealed after scratching. Once the participant buys it, they scratch to reveal the numbers, and if all of them match, they win the prize indicated on the raffle.


How do I create a raffle ticket?

There are different ways to create raffle tickets, but the commonest method is the use of enter to win templates. You may want to get ideas from raffle ticket samples before you decide on the designs you want. Follow these steps to create your raffle ticket designs.

Step 1 – Prepare the raffle ticket template

Templates help you avoid printing raffles from scratch. Their other advantage is that you can edit the template as you wish to make customized raffle tickets. You can use the templates as raffle ticket examples as you create your customized raffles.

From the large collection of raffle ticket samples, choose the one that pleases you most. The best option is to choose one or two blank raffle ticket samples so that you can easily fill in your information. Change the name of the template and save it under a different name.

Step 2 – Prepare your information

Your template is ready for use, but you need to get the information ready. The information you include depends on the type of raffle you are creating and its purpose. The general information applicable to any type of raffle is as follows: –

  • Raffle cost: People need to buy the raffles, but they should not keep asking the price every time they want to buy. The price should be visibly displayed on the raffle. Raffles are usually printed in two halves. One of the halves remains in the book while the other half is given to the patron. Both halves should contain the price.
  • Raffle prize: Every raffle has a prize to encourage people to buy them. The prize given depends on the total amount expected to be raised. Some prizes include luxury items, while others include low-cost items. There should be transparency in the giving of a raffle prize to avoid complaints after the draw. This is the main reason why the prize should be included.
  • Draw date: When the patron sees the prize, the next thing they will want to know is the draw date. Some tickets will indicate where the draw will occur and the time. Some patrons may desire to be present during the draw, although it is not a requirement by law.
  • Organization name: The patrons must know who is behind the raffle event. Include the organization name, which can be a school, religious organization, club, or charitable organization.
  • Raffle title: Indicate the purpose of the raffle, which can be raising money for charity, building a school, meeting medical expenses, a wedding budget, or any other intended purpose.
  • Organization logo or image: If it is a registered organization such as a club or school, include its logo on the raffle. If it is not a registered entity, you may include an image if you wish. For example, if it is raising funds for a wedding budget, you may want to include a photo of the couple if necessary.
  • Raffle number: Raffles need to contain numbers for purposes of accountability. Each half should contain the same number.
  • Register details: In some jurisdictions, it is a must to get permission from the local government office to sell raffles. If this is applicable in your jurisdiction, obtain permission and include the registration number on the raffles.

Step 3 – Fill in the information

Now that your information is ready, including the images, fill in the information in the printable raffle tickets. Edit the information to make it look presentable and attractive. Refer to the raffle ticket samples to know where each item should be placed.

The raffle ticket examples are there to guide you, but you don’t have to copy the design to the point. Edit the design with the patrons in mind. Design a raffle ticket that will be pleasing to them, including the fonts, colors, images, and background. Choose an image or background that matches the theme of the event or the purpose of the fundraising.

Step 4 – Confirm information and print

Before you print, confirm that all information is in order and then print. Choose a printing paper that is appealing to the eye. The paper color should not conflict with your font or image color. If you choose a paper that is the same color as your text or images, it will not be legible. Print extra sheets just in case you might need them later.

Step 5 – Create booklets

You may want to distribute the raffle tickets to several people to help you sell them. For purposes of accountability, create them into booklets. One booklet can have 50 raffle tickets or up to 1000. Remember, one portion of the ticket goes with the patron, and the other one remains in the book. Perforate them to make it easy to cut along the perforation.

Choose a good cover design and indicate on the cover the range of raffle numbers in each book. Keep track of each ticket because you will use them to know the amount the event raised and the cost. Save the template so that you can print more if the need arises. Sometimes people buy more raffles than you had anticipated which is an advantage to your organization.

Enter to Win Templates

Can I make my own raffle?

There are different strategies you can use to create your own raffle. Have a purpose why you want to sell raffles. Decide on the raffle period, cost of tickets, and the prize to offer. Decide on the people you will target, and then create your raffle tickets.

The easiest way is to use a Word template and customize your own raffle ticket designs. Word has many raffle ticket examples that you can get inspiration from. The other option is to use a raffle ticket generator online. Some people may prefer creating handmade raffles if they are not organizing a major fundraising event.

Raffle prize ideas

Selling raffle tickets is a great idea for raising money for a good cause. They sell better when people buying them expect to receive a prize. The cost of the prize should not take a big chunk of the money collected. The organizers should think about a prize that will be attractive but also affordable. Here are prize ideas that you can implement during a raffle event.

  • Cash prizes: If the money collected or budget allows, the organizer can offer one or multiple cash prizes.
  • Electronics: Electronics are an excellent option for a budget prize. You may opt for a TV, smartphone, computer, or music system.
  • New home: Major raffle sales can raise enough money to buy a house, and the organizers can still be left with enough money to meet their target. This type of prize can attract large participation.
  • Airline tickets: Depending on the amount targeted, the organization may decide to buy air tickets for two or three people. They can be tickets for domestic or international flights. The winner gets the tickets only but no other arrangements such as accommodation and local transportation. They may opt to redeem the tickets for cash.
  • Hotel accommodation and meals: The winner gets two nights at a local 4-star or 5-star hotel. They get their meals paid for and local transport to and from the hotel.
  • Massage at a spa: The winner gets a massage at a spa, and then they are pampered at a jacuzzi, sauna, or steam room.


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