When it comes to prices, consumers are very meticulous. Think about it, when you want to purchase something, you try to look for the best deals. Nowadays, people are more conscientious when it comes to spending money. In this case, a price list template is extremely helpful. If you make such a template while you’re shopping, then you can avoid impulse buying. You can make a list of items with their prices and only invest in what you need.

On the other hand, if you’re a business owner, a price list template is also helpful. It’s suitable for different businesses. However, the price sheet design may vary depending on the nature of your business.

For instance, supermarkets make use of general product price lists. In such lists, they display the names and prices of different items. In services businesses, the price list contains different service items.

Then the prices are usually based hourly or daily rates for the service they render. If you’re good at computers, you can create your own template from scratch. But if you want to save time, you can download one from here.

Then, you can edit the template or use it as a basis to make your own list. For businesses which sell wholesale items, the list is slightly different. They would usually show the retail prices and bulk order prices. Generally, the bulk order prices are lower than the retail prices.

Price List Templates 

Types of price list templates 

If you own a business and you sell goods or services, you need such templates. In fact, you need different tools to help you complete tasks successfully. A price sheet template is one of the handy tools you can use.

You can use it to inform your consumers of the goods and services you’re selling. More importantly, you can also give them the prices of your products and services. Aside from giving prices and services, you can use these templates for other purposes.

For instance, you can use your template when doing your inventory. With it, you can check to make sure your inventory is always updated. If you want to make the most out of your template, learn about the different types first.

Then you can determine which one would suit the needs of your business. Here are some common types of templates you can create:

  1. Bar price list template
  2. Basic memory storage price list template
  3. Car price list template
  4. Coffee price list template
  5. Dairy farm price list template
  6. Flower shop price list template
  7. Food and beverages price list template
  8. Furniture price list template
  9. Grocery shop price list template
  10. Hair salon price list template
  11. Herbicide price list template
  12. Instrument price list template


Price Sheet Templates


The different uses of price list templates 

It’s important to think about your price sheet design as well as its contents. Do this so that your template will be very effective. Such templates have a variety of different uses. Knowing these uses will help you create a well-made template.

You need to have a better understanding of how to use such lists. This is important so you can utilize them well after creating them.

  • Your customers can use it to compare prices

Sometimes, clients and customers want to compare prices before making a purchase. They will go through your price list as well as the lists of your competitors.

In doing so, they can make better decisions in terms of buying what they need.

This is an opportunity to advertise what you’re selling. You need to make sure that you have competitive prices as compared to others. You can use the list to convince customers to make their purchases from your business.

  • You can use it to look at your whole inventory

When you create a price sheet template, you need to use your inventory list as a basis. In doing this, you’ll be able to check whether you have a complete inventory or not.

The same goes on the customers’ side. The list will allow them to see all the items or services you have to offer. This is especially helpful if your business has a huge selection of goods and services.

Your customers might not even know how much you sell! So you can use the list to increase your customer base. You can do this by making them aware of what they can acquire from your business.

  • You can use it to sell goods and services remotely

Nowadays, remote shopping is becoming more and more popular. People are so busy with their lives that they prefer to shop online. If you have a template which contains all your items and prices, it’s more convenient.

You can send the list to interested customers. Then they can purchase from your business even from far away.

  • Give it to your clients to inform them of updated prices

When you make a template, save a file on your computer. Do this so that you can make modifications to prices when you need to. There’s nothing more frustrating for clients than price lists which aren’t updated.

So when a client asks for prices, you can hand or send them a list which contains accurate information. This will make your customers more comfortable to purchase from you time and time again.

As you can see, though price lists are simple, they are very useful. You can use them for different things. Create a list which suits your own business so you can get the most out of the template you make.

Product List Templates

Art Price List Template
Art Price List Template Download for Word

Tips for making your own price list templates

When you make your own price sheet design, you need to consider a few things. You can download a template here or make one for yourself. Either way, you need to think about what information to include on your price list.

You want to make sure that it’s comprehensive. But it shouldn’t contain too much information that your customers get overwhelmed. Here are some helpful tips for you:

Include all the items or services you have to offer 

Before you can create your list, you need to know everything you sell. You need to have an accurate idea of all the items and services your business has. This is the most important component of a price list. Without this information, your list won’t be effective.

Before writing down the prices of items, you should write down the items first. If you have a wide selection, you can break them into groups or categories. This will make it easier for the clients to find what they’re looking for on your list. Once you’ve made your list, make sure you still have stocks of all the items.

Coordinate the items on the list with your store inventory 

When you’re making your template, use your most recent inventory list as a reference. This will make your task much easier as you’d already have a complete list. All you have to do is organize the items according to your preference.

If you have any items which are already out of stock, don’t include them on your list. This is important so your customers won’t get disappointed. If they want to purchase something, you’re sure to have it available in the shop.

Then, when you restock the item, you can modify your list accordingly.

List all the prices next to the items or services 

After writing down all the available items or services, list the corresponding prices. You can make a basic format for your template or a more elaborate one. If you’re good at designing, you can create a list which will stand out from others.

But this isn’t a requirement. After all, the more important part of the list is the content.

Aside from the prices, you can also include other details. Keep in mind, though, that the details should be brief. It isn’t advisable to write lengthy descriptions especially if you have a lot of items. This may put-off your customers if they’re only interested in the prices.

Of course, there are some cases when you need to add details and descriptions. This information serves as a clarification. Your customers won’t have to ask questions about the items or services on your list. Just make sure not to add too many details.

Pricing Table Templates

Wholesale Price List Template - TemplateLab.com
Wholesale Price List Template - TemplateLab.com Download for Excel Wholesale Price List Template - TemplateLab.com Download for Word Wholesale Price List Template - TemplateLab.com Download in PDF

Group the items into different categories for easy viewing 

One great way to organize your price list is to group the items into categories. Of course, if you only have a few items, you don’t have to do this. But if you have a lot of items, categorizing them is key.

This would make it easier and more convenient for your customers. You can use the template you’ve made to keep track of all your sale items.

If you’re helping out a customer, you can also find items easier. That is if they’re grouped into general categories. All you need to do is find the category to find the item you’re looking for.

Proofread your list before you print or send it

Just like with any other document, you also need to proofread your price list. You may wonder why one of your items isn’t selling as well as before. Then when you check the list, you realize you’ve added an extra zero to the price.

That extra digit made it more expensive than it actually was. That was the reason why the item suddenly became unpopular.

Little mistakes like this can make your list less effective. You don’t want your business to suffer just because of a simple typing error. Proofreading is very important. You need to make sure that the list you give to customers contains all the right information.

This will help you avoid problems and conflicts with your customers. After proofreading your list, ask another person to double check. Someone else might discover mistakes that you’ve missed. The goal here is to come up with a compelling and correct template.

Check the price lists of your competitors to determine your prices

When you’re coming up with prices for your items or services, check your competitors. In doing this, you’ll be able to come up with competitive prices. These are the ones that your customers will appreciate.

Remember, when a customer asks for a price list, he/she will usually ask from other businesses as well. So you need to make sure that they really consider what you have to offer.

These are simple tips but following them will make your template more effective. When making your price sheet template, include all the information you want. Write down what you want to share with your customers.

You may also include the contact details of your business on the list. This is important so if your customers have any questions, they can get in touch with you easily. Price list templates are important but they are also very easy to make.

Having such a template is a huge convenience. You’ll benefit from it and so will your customers. When you give the list to customers, they can use it to see what you’re selling. They can also use it to determine if they will purchase what they need from you.

This is why it’s important to make a well-thought-out list. It will make things clear to your customers, making your business more appealing to them. If you can, add some images or graphics to your template.

This will make it more visually appealing to customers. Such elements can also make your document appear more professional.

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