There is always a very big chance that your business would go places if you can get major publications to give you free press time. Such exposure boosts the sales of your product or service and this could only lead to a successful business. Another way for you to get the exposure you need is to create your own press kit template.

Press Kit Templates

What is a press kit?

A press kit template is a part of your business website that contains information and resources meant for publishers and reporters. Most of the best press kit examples make it very simple for the public to instantly learn about your products or brand while allowing them to readily access materials and photos to use.

Providing an electronic press kit template is almost like an invitation which says, “Hey guys, we welcome press, so here is everything you may need to put together a story. We’re also providing you the ways on how to get in touch with us!”

Free press kit templates are not limited for major publications or reporters as they are also available to anybody interested in promoting your business and have the necessary tools to do this effectively.

Whether it’s a podcast owner, a blogger or even somebody who shares your story in forums or other online communities, if they can deliver, the press kit is theirs for the taking. However, even the best of press kits won’t guarantee good press for your business. These just make things a little bit easier.

People into reaching out to or networking publications should always have their EPK template which they can share with or refer to reporters. But if you do work up-front for reporters, they’ll be more willing to consider your pitch. Also, press kits look more professional.

EPK Templates

Structure of a press kit

There is no one “standard” way to create a press kit template. True, there are always a few essential elements but some of these may vary. When you see various press kit examples, you may discover that they contain the same basic elements including.

Here’s a sample structure you may create. For this example, let’s say you’re creating an electronic press kit template for a film:

  • Cover
    If you want to create a great first impression for your free press kit template, make an appealing cover as this is the first thing people see. Select the best photo you have or you may even use a poster from a film.
  • Table of Contents
    This part is always highly recommended unless of course, your press kit doesn’t contain a lot of information. Enhance the quality of the press kit by adding links from the table to the different pages.
  • Basic Information
    Use this section to include the basic information like the director’s name along with any other technical information such as the camera you used, the export format, and so on. Although this isn’t a requirement, most people include it anyway.
  • Synopsis
    Include a brief summary of the film. Make sure that it’s directly proportional to the length of the movie. The shorter the film, so should the synopsis be.
  • About the Film
    Here, you discuss the inspiration behind your film. Why you made it and what was your inspiration for it? You can share some information about the whole process of making the film and any obstacles that you encountered in making it. Focus more on what’s behind the film instead of focusing on the film itself.
  • Bio of the Director
    The section contains the director’s biography. Include a photograph too, this is highly recommended.
  • Director’s Statement
    This is one of the more popular features of a press kit template. It contains the director’s personal statement on why he made the film or why he makes films at all.
  • Cast
    If there are any actors involved in the film, come up with a brief bio about the main characters here.
  • Reviews or Awards
    Include some reviews if your film was already shown in festivals or in theaters. You can also make a list of all the awards that the film garnered.
  • FAQ
    This is one cool section that many people tend to overlook. It’s here where you can include the questions that you believe people may ask about the film then answer them.
  • Anecdotes
    Anecdotes can be both informative and humorous. If you have interesting anecdotes about the production, include these in this section. It may be some incident that occurred during production that may have caused a huge issue and how you resolved it.
  • Credits
    This is a listing of all the people involved in the production with their respective roles.
  • Production Stills
    Include stills from the film itself or from making it. Although it may sound trivial, these stills are very important as they can build-up your reader’s interest. Spread the stills throughout the press kit and, if possible, have one still between each of the sections.

Electronic Press Kit Templates

Some types of press kit templates

A press kit usually is a complete package of promotional and informational material with the sole purpose of sharing the message of a brand, launching new products or services or making a news announcement to the press. The main target is to provide adequate media assets and information.

Your aim for creating a free press kit template to attract reporters and journalists to come up with a story about the company with the intent of generating good publicity while establishing a business or a brand product. Here are some types of EPK templates that you may use:

  • Basic
    This type of template is mainly for business companies. They use it for the establishment of their brand, to promote their products or drive engagements with a target audience. The purpose is to generate a buzz among marketers, potential customers, and the press.
    Use the basic template when formatting relevant information about your company such as your logo, contact details, previous projects, and employee biographies. It’s a simple template you can further customize according to your needs. You may also use the template to pitch ideas to other journalists, collaborators or brands.
  • Event
    If you’re into event promotion or you want to create some buzz on a preplanned function, then this template type becomes very useful. Create an attention-grabbing template that documents the most significant parts of your affair.
    It should be such that it will appeal to your targeted public. As its name suggests, this template aims to promote events and to increase brand or company recognition from the constant connection between your event and the sponsoring company.
  • Blogger
    This type helps establish a blogger’s true essence as well as their brand which they’ve developed on their own. Bloggers can achieve this by placing emphasis on the key aspects of their past works, goals for the future, and their brand message, all through a compelling, visually-appealing, and creative free press kit template.
    Furthermore, the template can grant the blogger the capacity for establishing social proof of the brand as well as their bio using PDF sheets or PowerPoint slides.
  • Nonprofit Organizations
    This template can help in promoting and describing a non-profit organization through visual representations and reports on their previous projects, their goals for the future, and their overall message. The template describes the key aspects of a non-profit organization which may include the organization’s name, its goals and message, its active programs, and even its history.
    You can also include a fact sheet that provides statistics about the organization’s mission as well as the current services it offers. Use this type of template in promoting your non-profit undertakings. You can also include links to social media profiles or external sources that can further brand recognition and knowledge.

Using a press kit template

You can use a press kit in different kinds of industries. It’s also useful for companies that are just starting or for those who want to upscale their businesses. The press kit provides for them the leverage that could drive sales upward, develop a more focused and effective brand purpose or angle, and even raise funds for the continuation of their operations.

This is a very versatile tool because it can showcase your most useful and successful services or products to help you secure a space at shows or in publications. It can win for you new customers and it can encourage exposure of your company, product or brand quickly and simply.

Large companies have always come up with press kits to promote new products or create a buzz in the industry. So far, this has proven to be a very successful strategy in marketing. On a similar note, some huge companies also use these kits to exhibit their circulation figures and advertising rates.

Even in the music, entertainment, and film industries, they use press kits have to pitch ideas and to attract film festival directors, cast, and crew. In the music industry, you can use press kits to promote albums, singles or tours. For filmmakers and aspiring directors, use the press kit to promote ideas and to showcase their marketing materials in a manner that’s visual and easily-accessible.

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