Have you ever been given an offer letter? If you have given interviews in organizations for a job, then you may have gotten one. Offer letters are formal letters which potential employees are given, before getting a job. These letters highlight the details of the position, the department and the working criterion. Offer letters are generally used among organizations and mostly, between employers and employees. There are different kinds of offer letters, out of which these four are common: job offer letter, employment offer letter, counter offer letter and job offer acceptance letter.

To help you save your time, we have offer letter templates on our website. You can simply download them and use the samples for your formal notification. Whether firms want to hire an employee, employees want to negotiate on their salary package, or accept the job offer; they can simply download the letter templates from our main website. Let’s help you understand the nuts and bolts of the four types of offer letters in detail below.

Job Offer Letter or Employment Offer Letter Templates

A formal letter that is sent to the employees from the company is called the job offer letter. After making the verbal job offer, the hiring manager typically calls the selected candidate to inform them that they are being offered the job. These letters are usually given to the employees on the first day of work. This letter is also called the employment offer letter. It lists down the things that were discussed during the job offer process and interview. Offer letters are considered as legal documents.

Elements Covered Under the Job Letter

Offer letters generally include standard information regarding the compensation, date of hiring and position. The first two items that are listed on the letter are the position title and responsibilities. After that, there are duties as highlighted in the job description so that the employee knows what is expected from them. Additionally, there is a salary and payment schedule after that, which makes up the compensation section. If the position also has a requirement for bonuses, they are written under this section, otherwise they are not included.

If you are confused about what to write in the offer letter, then here are some tips to include all the necessary elements in the employment offer letter.

Tip # 1: Clearly Mention Everything about the Salary

One of the main things the employee is concerned about is their salary. Therefore, you need to ensure that you clearly state the starting salary. You also have to clarify the method of payment, such as check or direct deposit. Also, mention the frequency of payments. There is a section for the bonuses too, in the job offer letter. If your company offers stock options or performance bonuses, you have to state them clearly as well.

Tip # 2: Cover the Benefits

Along with the salary, an employee also wants to know about the other benefits they would get with the job. You have to briefly describe all the benefits provided by your company. For instance, if your company provides health, dental or insurance benefits, you have to cover all of them concisely.

Tip # 3: Be Explicit about Time and Date

Organizations have to be professional and straightforward in business. This is why you have to be very open about the length of the probationary period, working hours and the starting time and date.

Tip # 4: Ask for the Relevant Documents

After mentioning the salary, benefits and time and date, it is time to ask about the relevant documents. Companies do require documents of new employees. These documents may include non-compete agreements.

Different Ways to Present the Job Offer Letters

Generally, job offer letters are hand-delivered. They are given manually in face to face meetings but some companies do not have the time to give out job offer letters personally. Therefore, they just email the job offer letters. With emails being the trend, companies have cut down on providing manual job offer letters to the employees. Another way of providing job offer letters is via phone calls. Nowadays, many candidates also get a phone call for the job. When the candidate accepts the job, they will be given the job offer letter to sign and return.

Offer Letter Samples

Privacy and Tax under the Job Offer Letter

One of the main things covered under the job offer letter is about the confidentiality and privacy of the company’s policy and procedures.  The job letter clearly states that when the employee enter the company, they are required to uphold all the company’s privacy policies and must not misuse the information of the company at any cost. From collection and storage, to accessing the information, everything must be kept private.

In addition to privacy, taxation is also a chief feature to discuss. Companies ensure to highlight the deduction of taxes from the payroll as liability to the government. Also, if there are any other deductions by the government, they will also be subtracted from the final payroll.

Employers Should Consider Giving Job Offer Letters Manually

Nowadays, employers are so busy that they just send a standard email to the candidates about the job offer, simply by editing the names. According to experts, it is better to send manual offer letters. It is good to offer the employment verbally, but following it with a written form would be great. Employers should also keep in mind that some employees may accept their offer while some of them will not. This is why they should always ensure to put down things in written form.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter

A job offer acceptance letter is the letter that is written in reply to the job letter. When an employee accepts the job offer, they write a job offer acceptance letter, as it is the preferred method to respond back to the employer. Also, it shows that an employee is professional. Additionally, it further clarifies your confusion about the precise terms as well. If you want your employer to be impressed by you, writing a job offer acceptance letter can be a wise option.

Moreover, with this letter, you can also express your gratitude towards the employer for offering the position to you. You should not include long details in the letter though. Be very precise and concise in the letter as no one has the time to read through the details.

Elements Included in a Job Offer Acceptance Letter

There are certain elements that are included in a job offer acceptance letter. The letter can be brief though and should include the following:

  • You should include a thank you and words of appreciation for providing you with the opportunity. This generosity will portray a good image upon your employers.
  • The main aspect that you should cover under the job acceptance letter is acceptance for the job you have been offered. This is the main aspect that you have to include.
  • Followed by the acceptance for the job, you should also confirm about the details written in the offer. Benefits, job title, salary, health and insurance coverage should be confirmed. This letter gives you the ease to ask about the benefits or if you are unable to understand any terms and conditions, you can ask about them.
  • Normally, employees agree to the joining date of employment. But there are some employees who are either unavailable or are busy, so you can discuss about extend the joining date too. For instance, if you are not free because of the notice period you have to serve at your current employment, you can ask the company to negotiate and extend the starting date.

Tips to Write a Job Offer Acceptance Letter

A job offer acceptance letter is the answer to the job offer. As the name implies, it is always in the positive. For employees, who are willing to write a job offer acceptance letter, here are some tips to follow.

Tip # 1: Keep It Brief

When it comes to writing the letter, you need not include very detailed information. This means that you have to complete your message, highlighting all the necessary features concisely, without going long. No one has the time to read the details you have written. This is why; a concise letter is appreciated by the employers. But just make sure that you provide all the information but it should to the point.

Tip # 2: Be Thankful

When you are sent a job offer letter, you have to be grateful to them in the first paragraph. The letter should start with how thankful you are to receive an opportunity from the employer. You can also add why you are really excited about the position or the organization in specific, but it is good to be short. If the letter does not include other details, or if you find the need to give reasoning, you can go for it. When you provide the reason for something, make sure that you are polite and brief.

Tip # 3: Do Not Forget to Proofread

Yes, it really important to proofread what you write. What if you find a spelling mistake, punctuation error, or any other mistake that can make you feel embarrassed later on? Also, proofreading can avoid the chances of making your employers judge your writing and the mistakes in general. This is why it is really essential to proofread and go through what you have written, at least once.

This letter can make or break your image. So, before you send the letter, be sure to edit the mistakes that you find. Correcting these last minute errors can make the employer think about you in a positive light.


Counter Offer Letter

So, you have got a good job of your interest but the salary package is not worth it. What are you supposed to do now? Well, you have two options in this regard. You can either look for another job simply or negotiate with the employer. The latter seems convincing if you are really willing to work in that prestigious organization.

Counter offer letters are formal letters that are written by employees who wish to negotiate on the provided offer. This can be in terms of salary, benefits, or coverage provided to them. Normally, employees have issues with the salary and payment. Indeed, it is the employee’s right to be fairly compensated for the position.

If you were not expecting the offered salary from the employers, writing this letter can help you in voicing your concerns, without putting your job offer or proposal at risk in any way.

Elements to Include in the Counter Offer Letter

If you are looking for the secret to getting a good package in the prestigious organization, counter offer letters are the option. When employers provide job offers to the employees, they are likely to be open about negotiations and do give the right to the employees to negotiate the details listed in the job offer letter. This gives ease to the employees too.

If you have received a job letter from a really good company but have issues with the salary package, you can write this letter to them and negotiate on it. Here’s what you should include in the counter offer letter.

  • You should not forget to thank the company for offering you the position. Remember, that this letter is formal and you are not supposed to show what you really felt while looking at the salary. You should be courteous and generous and thank them for providing you the opportunity.
  • After that, you should gradually turn towards the main point, discussing the benefits and salary package. Ensure to write the package that they have provided to you in the first place and then discuss your consideration and ask for negotiations.
  • You need to be very clear with the aspects you want to negotiate. You may have issues with the benefits, insurance, health coverage, aside from just the salary package in general. Make sure that you discuss all of that properly.
  • After mentioning all of it, in the end; ask for the hiring manager’s response over the negotiations.

Get Templates for Your Offer Letter Now!

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we know you are busy and may not have the time to write the offer letters. To help you save your time, we have offer letter templates on our main website. While highlighting and covering the important aspects, you can use these formal letters by simply downloading them for free.

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