Movie posters are perhaps the greatest come-ons to entice the public into cinemas. As you look at a movie poster template, you can just feel the excitement of buying a ticket just to watch a movie advertised by the movie poster. The best way to learn how to make an appealing poster is to study movie posters and identify the qualities that made them successful. Then you can download a template for a movie poster design and start customizing it.

Movie Poster Templates

The importance of a movie poster template

Advertisements play an important role in the success of a movie. Using movie trailers has dramatically risen over the last few years and some of these are purposely created for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of these teasers is to promote a movie trailer and consequently, to promote the film itself.

Movie producers today release multiple versions of movie trailers and movie poster templates before the release day of the movie. They do this to stimulate the interest of the public. By the time the movie reaches the theaters, they’re already in the brink of anxiety to see it.

One thing that’s frequently overlooked is the significance of a movie poster layout. This is not just a promotional thing. Its design is the first thing that captures the interest of moviegoers and this makes it one of the most important features of a film.

Therefore, the challenge to make a movie poster lies in designing a poster which has the perfect balance to convey the movie’s theme. There are many occasions where custom movie posters just aren’t interesting. The next inquiry is whether this affects the movie.

In one way, it cannot cause that much harm because it just heightens curiosity. As one saying goes, “bad publicity is still publicity.” People may get all riled up with a bad movie poster design along with a bad movie teaser that’s horribly edited. They may gripe all they want but, in the end, they still pay good money to see the movie.

Movie Poster Designs

Factors which make a movie poster template great

One of the most important tools used for marketing in offline and online promotions is a movie poster template. A really great movie poster layout should be professionally done to ensure that it’s engaging, eye-catching, and it describes the movie in a most concise manner. If you need to create a movie poster, you can use the editing software of your choice.

You can also download ready-made templates to create your own movie poster even without having advanced design skills or technical knowledge. With just your mouse and computer, you can come up with stunning custom movie posters which catch the interest of your intended audience.

Begin with a movie poster template to use as your base. From there, make your desired changes relevant to your film’s overall theme. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas or with your own ideas. This is your chance to make something worthy of professional designers. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Come up with a movie poster design which tells a story
    An essential point in making your movie poster is that it should be a true reflection of the film you’ve created. Also, make sure that it’s unique and original. You should describe the content and tone of your film so it resonates with your audience. Keep making changes to colors, images, texts, and backgrounds as needed.
  • Think about the color scheme
    Colors usually are indicative of the mood. Are your colors cheerful and bright or foreboding and dark? How do they impact your poster’s overall design? If you’re using lines, shapes or other graphic elements, what are they intended for? Do they contribute to the message or mood of your poster?
    Then check at the styles and sizes of the fonts you used in your poster’s text. Why did you choose this style and this size? Is there any information that’s emphasized with their use? What information gets minimized by using smaller fonts or why were they excluded in the first place?
  • Give your movie poster a title
    Whichever text you entered at the start of the process forms the foundation of your first design. If you change your mind in the course of your project about the opted text style, you can easily change this into something else.
  • Consider all of the images, graphic elements, fonts, and colors you use
    The interplay of these elements in the design of a movie poster layout tells you all you need to know about the movie. These also help build the desire and anticipation of the audience to watch the movie. Or sadly, they may cause your audience to lose interest in the movie.
    If you truly want to succeed in making a movie poster template, you need to know the importance of these elements, how they work together to tell a kind of visual story, and ultimately, drive the potential interest of your audience.
    Just thinking about the work, especially for beginners, seems like a daunting undertaking. But this shouldn’t be a cause to worry. With the help of a template, you have the perfect basis to make an awesome movie poster.
    You even have the choice to use movie poster generators which show you how to create great movie posters online without using any software which is specially-designed like Photoshop.

Movie Poster Exmples

Different types of movies for making your movie poster templates

The most successful movie posters are usually designed taking into consideration the interplay of the elements we mentioned in the previous section. The right combination of these can tell a visual story of the movie. This, in turn, drives moviegoers to buy their tickets at the booth. Here are some of the most common types of movie genres you can create movie poster templates for:

  • Thriller
    Dark and foreboding images look great for a thriller poster. Also, use bold text and colors, specifically red as this is always associated with violence when added with dark and disturbing imagery. Such elements in a poster definitely build anticipation and discomfort in the potential viewers.
  • Romantic Comedy
    Also called as rom-coms, these dominated the scene in the 50s and 60s and is still one of the most popular movie genres. Try making a movie poster with you as the star. Just upload your picture, come up with an original title with fonts to boot and customize the poster into something more romantic and playful. Then add usual information about your movie to create a romantic comedy poster that you can proudly show-off.
  • Crime
    From a vast selection of dark and moody images, choose those that which best define danger and mystery. These will be perfect for an attention-grabbing, spine-tingling poster.
  • Western
    Especially in the continental USA, this genre has always been a favorite. Make a western poster like the ones in the 50s where they used illustrations instead of images. This makes the scenes more authentic. Illustrations can present a simple but easily recognizable image of a gunslinger as the lone wolf. Then support this approach by clean and minimalist text like naming just the main actors, the director, and the title of the movie.
  • Science Fiction
    Creating a poster for this type of movie could be just as easy. Just add an image that screams science fiction, add the information about your movie then choose an appropriate font, and a complementary font color which blends well with the theme. Now you’ve got a science-fiction poster.
  • Horror
    This is also an all-time favorite among movie posters. As a producer, you should already have an inkling on what’s truly scary and terrifying. Use images associated with such adjectives, from monsters to vampires to demons and more. Then add the details about your movie and start experimenting with font choices. Make sure that your choice perfectly fits your design needs.
  • Action or Adventure
    For this type of movie, use a template to make a big, bright, and bold title. Add to this a silhouette image of a secret agent descending a building with his Magnum-44 drawn or something equally interesting. The eye of your audience bounces back and forth between the image and the title, then they focus on the small prints which identify more details about the film.
  • Comedy
    It would be quite interesting if you could upload a picture of your own then add your movie details to your poster. Again, do some modifications on the fonts and choose those which suit your poster best.
  • Fantasy
    This genre is now making a comeback and in a really big way. For your own poster, start your creativity by thinking of a design. Use a fantastical image, add some text to support your image, change the color of your text, and so on. All these steps help you create a truly fantasmagorical movie poster.
  • Drama
    Thrillers and Dramas have some similarities. But the plain truth is that templates of this kind are very versatile. With the appropriate image choices, font selection, and colors, it’s possible to make movie posters for all the mentioned genres with one template alone.
TemplateLab August 2nd, 2019