Professional landscapers might have a long list of customers to handle each month. You need to keep a thorough record of each client to know what you are owed. The record shows who you worked for, when you worked, and where. It also shows the kind of work that was done as agreed with the customer. After completing the work, you must give the customer a summarized record of the services provided and the pending payment. You need a landscaping invoice template to help you prepare a landscaping invoice for claiming payment.

Landscaping Invoices

What is a landscaping invoice used for?

As a landscaper, whether you are an individual or corporation, you should have a landscaping invoice template to invoice your work. It is the document you issue after completing your work. As agreed with the customer, it may claim for immediate payment or have a date by when the payment should be made.

A landscaping invoice is your official document that records all the work, services, and products you provided a customer. Your customer can use it to compare with the contract agreement to confirm if all the agreed work was done.

The invoice gives the total cost owed to you by the customer. It shows if the payment is due immediately or at a later date. It may also show the mode of payment the customer must use to pay you.

Landscaping Invoice Templates

Why should you use a landscaping invoice template?

Most of the time, you do not charge every client the same cost for landscaping services. You might have a different hourly cost for each client depending on where they are located or the type of work demand on their property.

You might want to change the rates each time you are invoicing a different client. In another property, your client may want you to supply some items or equipment. It can be tedious adding all these items to a generic invoice.

A landscaping invoice template is easier to use because you only need to edit the items and type new ones as per your requirements. It gives you many benefits.

  • No limit to the number of invoices you can make: You can make any number of invoices you want in no time.
  • You use safer storage solutions: Physical invoices can get destroyed by natural elements or human-triggered disasters. It is easier to store a landscaping invoice template in the cloud and access it anytime, anywhere.
  • You make lesser mistakes: You will confirm the details you type before sending your customer the invoice or before you print it to deliver by hand.
  • You can customize each invoice: It is easy to customize each invoice according to the customer you are serving. It helps improve your brand awareness.
  • Multiple payment methods: You can give your customers options for several payment methods to help make their payment processing easier.

How do I invoice for landscaping?

A gardening invoices landscaping bill is the document you give to your client when claiming payment. It shows a record of all work done and all items/equipment supplied. It is your formal request for a payment document and must contain the following.

Types of tasks completed

It shows the details of every task that you completed. You must keep referring to the contract agreement form to be certain you are not leaving out any task. The agreement gives details of the tasks you agreed with your client. The invoice should be brief and give an itemized list of the tasks.


Most landscaping work is charged on an hourly basis. For each task that you list in the invoice, you must indicate the amount of time you spent on them. It will help you justify the total number of hours your invoice will be claiming.

Hourly rates

For each task that indicates the total hours worked, also indicate the hourly rate on the gardening invoices landscaping bill. Even if the rate is constant all through, indicate it against each item.


Costs are broken into two: The cost for each task and the total cost. Calculate the cost of each item by multiplying the hourly rate with the total hours spent on each task. The total cost will include everything that you have charged in the gardening invoices landscaping bill. It includes the total hours worked plus the items/equipment that you supplied.

The payment due date

As per the agreement in the contract form, the invoice payment date might be immediately or later. Indicate the date when the payment must be made. You might be specific on the method of payment the client will use. Indicate it on the invoice and give details as to where or who the payment will be made to.

By where the payment will be made, give your bank details if you want a direct transfer to your bank. If you want a check, give details of the payee to avoid problems of a bouncing check and penalties by your bank.

There could be applicable penalties on the gardening invoices landscaping bill. Indicate the penalty percentage and how it accrues after each set number of days.

Landscaping Invoice Examples

How to make a landscaping invoice

The gardening invoices landscaping bill is an important document that provides financial records for your landscaping business. It helps you track the volume of work that you have done each month, what has been paid, and the pending payments.

When creating the invoice, you should be keen not to make errors that could cost you a loss of revenue or cause disputes between you and your customer. Make sure you capture every detail correctly before you send or print the final copy. These details are important in every landscaping invoice.

Invoice number

Whenever you are referring to a certain invoice, the best way to trace it is through its number. It helps to keep your work organized when you tag each invoice with a unique number. Invoice numbers also help in accounting records when you want to know your costs versus profits. Anytime auditors might want to audit your landscaping business for tax reporting, the invoice number becomes essential.

Invoice date

Your gardening invoices landscaping bill must have a date. This is the date when you created and sent the invoice to your customer. If the invoice is due after 30 days, your customer starts calculating from the invoice date.

The date helps you to track which invoices are due for payment. You use the date to know which ones are overdue so that the penalty percentages for late payments can be applied. The bottom line is to date your invoice on the day you are delivering or sending it to your client.

Your business details

Your customer will identify you by your business name. It is also a way to help market your brand across different types of clients. Make sure you have created the best logo for your business and add it to the invoice template.

Sometimes having a landscaping invoice example can help you get better ideas of how to make your invoice unique. The following business details should be included in your gardening invoices landscaping bill.

  • Your business name
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Website address
  • Physical address

Your client details

Make sure you have captured your client details correctly to avoid any confusion. If the client is an individual homeowner, address them by their name but if they are a corporate, address them by their business name. Whether they are individuals or corporates, your invoice must contain these client details.

  • The name of the client (individual or corporate)
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Website address
  • Physical address

Service descriptions

This is an important portion of your invoice. It gives details of the work you did and any items or equipment you supplied. List them item by item and give the cost for each. You could have done jobs like general maintenance, pruning/hedging, lawn protection, mulching, or creating a new garden.

List each item and in the same row, describe briefly what the work entailed. What you want is to eliminate any type of doubt your customer might develop after they receive your invoice. A landscaping invoice example can help you understand how to itemize services provided in the invoice.

Quantities, prices, and amounts

For each item, your client will want to know the total hours, hourly price, and total cost. Provide the hours for each item, your hourly charges and at the end of the row, indicate the total cost for that item. Some landscaping invoice templates allow you to insert a formula that automatically calculates and indicates the total.

Total balance and due date

Create a row at the bottom of the invoice to indicate the total cost of every item included in the invoice. This total covers costs for services and any items supplied. If there was any down payment, indicate it and deduct it from the total to give you the net payment due.

The due date is important because, without it, your customer might decide to pay after several months. It also gives you an advantage when claiming penalties due to late payments. Indicate on the invoice the penalties for late payment and after how long they become applicable.

Payment methods

Provide the applicable methods for payment. Give details for bank transfers, online payments, checks, etc. If the client is required to add a transaction fee, indicate it on the invoice. You may add some space for comments by yourself or your client. Print the invoice if you are delivering it by hand but if you are sending it through email, attach it and email.

Gardening Invoices

Types of services offered by landscaping companies

A landscaping service company or individual will provide any of the following services.

Plant health care services

Plant health care focuses on feeding your garden with the right nutrients and pest control. Each plant in your garden requires a specific type of nutrient. If you feed them with the same type of nutrients, some will begin to show deficiency signs.

Your professional gardening service provider understands the special nutrition requirements for most garden plants. Some of the plants require more nutrients than others. Apart from feeding your garden with the right nutrition, there is also the issue of pest control. The landscaping company will provide the right chemicals and spray your plants to keep pests off.

Pruning services

From time to time, plants require to be pruned and hedged. It helps maintain the right plant shape to keep your garden beautiful. The taller plants are pruned to keep their branches from shedding too much shade on the rest of the garden, which might hinder growth. The shorter plants are hedged to maintain their beauty.

Occasional/seasonal landscaping services

These are services that require to be done once in a while when they are needed. An example is planting flowers that only bloom during spring or summer/fall. A property owner may require you to provide greens and lighting for Christmas. Other seasonal services can be:


Mulching helps to prevent weeds, insulate roots and retain water. Despite these benefits, mulching is not done often. Most property owners will order mulching services twice or thrice a year.

Removing leaves

Many plants shed their leaves every fall, which makes a garden and entire compound look untidy. During this season, landscaping companies get a lot of work for removing leaves. After the fall is over, the work ceases until another season.

Grass mowing

Depending on how a property owner wants their grass to be, they will order lawn mowing services from time to time. Some will order up to 30 mows in a year.

Irrigation systems installation

Property owners mostly start their irrigation systems in spring. After water freezes in the pipes during winter, the system requires to be shut down until spring when it’s started up. It helps to keep the garden well watered throughout the year.

You will get a landscaping invoice example for every type of service offered by landscapers. The examples are there to help you design the best invoice that will help enhance your brand. You will get MS Word, PDF, or other types of file formats that you can edit to create different invoices for different clients.

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