An itinerary refers to a detailed plan for a particular journey. It normally highlights on the places to visit and the plan of travel. By having a travel itinerary, you will benefit from having your travel arrangement information kept in one common location for easier retrieval and referencing. The travel plan is usually placed in the front of a folder that is full of your brochures, confirmation receipts and tickets and it will be a good source of obtaining information while you are on the road. Though the information on a travel itinerary for self or other people can contain different items, the basic structure is mostly retained. This site offers you with the best itinerary templates that you could make use of to simplify your work.

Itinerary Templates

How to write a good travel itinerary

There are important details you should include in your itinerary for it to be precisely adequate for your travel and trip arrangements. The following information outlined in steps will help you come up with the best travel itinerary. If you find it hard to come up with a suitable travel itinerary it will be wise to use the travel itinerary templates that we have provided on this site.

  1. First and foremost you need to title the itinerary with the trip dates and primary destination or trip purpose. In case you are in a situation that demands that you prepare many itineraries for different people it will be prudent to place the name of the particular individual or group of people on their respective plans, this being at the top of the page.
  2. The next item is to detail the first flight or leg of travel by providing the departure time and location, the arrival time and the respective location, the flight number or train number and the airline or carrier’s name as well. You also need to list any seat or gate information that is available and what time the people to travel are to check in at the carrier’s departing location. Remember to record the reservation confirmation number as well as the customer service phone number in case there is or are any difficulties that you will encounter along the way.
  3. You need to provide details on the second leg of travel in case you have one before the first destination. In a situation where you have a connecting flight, you need to capture the amount of time that the travelers will have to spend getting off from one flight to the next. This one will make arrangements for connection in case the first leg of travel delays in any way.
  4. You need to include the meeting as well as the appointment information. It is advisable that you list all the meetings and travel arrangements, and this should be done in chronological order. This will make it easy for the traveler to look through his/her itinerary to figure out what to do at a specific time and what is to come next.

For meetings, you need to list the name of the destination, the name and the phone number of the contact person as well as the time for the meeting with the expected duration. Remember to include driving directions in case the traveler will need to drive him/herself to the various appointments.

  1. The next step is to list the rental or taxicab company information at the bottom of the itinerary. In case the trip is in different cities or rentals, you need to list them at the end of the day that they apply. Remember to include the name as well as the phone number of the rental company, the type of car that has been reserved and the reservation confirmation number as well. Don’t forget to list the pickup day and the time as well as the return date and time.
  2. You need to detail hotel accommodation at the end of each day what they apply to in case you have more than one reservation or destination. You need to include the hotel name, the address, the phone number and the reservation confirmation number. You need to remember to include the check-in date and time and the check-out date and time, and this should also accompany the nights the reservations are required. If the traveler will drive him/herself to the hotel, you need to include the driving direction right from the airport or last meeting or appointments of the day, and this should be determined by the timing.
  3. Provide the return flight or rail information lastly in a list of items arranged chronologically but this should be before any car rental or hotel information in case the items have not been arranged chronologically. You need to provide all of the same information for the return travel just the same way you did for the departure flights.



How to create a perfect travel itinerary

Though creating a travel itinerary template might seem like an uphill task it can be made to be as simple as a, b, c if you follow the following tips. It is good to keep an accurate detailed list of information on various issues. You need to have airline confirmation emails, hotel reservations, car rental information as well as your restaurant reservation just mention a few. It is good to be organized, and this can be accomplished by choosing several places and scheduling the various activities and sightseeing times.

  • You need to create a thrilling board. Refer to online sources to help guide your planning as this is a platform of various sites and hotels that you can make reservations depending on the particular destination. The inspiration board should be organized, and it should help you to keep everything in one place. Various sites will be quite valuable especially the ones with photos, videos and numerous articles about different destinations that you might be interested in or planning to visit.
  • Proceed on to organize the essentials. Your next step should be to include your crucial travel information, and this is inclusive of your;
  • The airline tickets
  • Rental car confirmations
  • Hotel reservations
  • Restaurant information
  • You then need to add in your activities. After coming up with an appropriate inspiration board and having your travel information in place, you need to proceed on to include the activities during your trip or travel. You need to source for various tours, sightseeing sites, excursions as well as shows that you can join or attend during your trip in the destination of your choice.
  • Remember to create time for exploration as well. Although you might have time scheduled for all the events and activities in your itinerary it doesn’t hurt and it will be more fun to spare some time for exploring your destination once you get there. It is good to be flexible enough as this will end up being rewarding. You will end up discovering and learning more things about your destination that could not have been accomplished by just sticking to your itinerary schedule.


Some advantages of having a vacation itinerary

Though many people consider travel as an adventure, it pays to have a vacation itinerary to have some sense of order on your trip. You can make use of our vacation itinerary templates to plan your next trip. The following are some of the many benefits that can be accrued from having a trip itinerary.

  • You won’t miss out on anything. By deciding to come up with an itinerary you will most likely gather all the information that you might need for your trip. Your research might reveal many details that you might not have come across if you had initially settled on approaching the whole thing as an adventure. So it pays to have an itinerary since you will capture valuable information on sites to look forward to and affordable hotels or restaurants.
  • You will also be able to keep track of the places you will be staying. It is important to be organized during a given travel especially to a new destination. By having an itinerary it will make your work easier as all you things will be in one place. The various things that you will have a handle on include the confirmation numbers, any important emails as well phone numbers that you can use in case of emergencies. You will also be advantaged as you will have the necessary paper work of the places that you will be residing in.
  • An itinerary enables you to purchase your tickets in time. After doing your research, you will be able to identify sites or activities that allow you to pay in advance. This will enable you to save on the time that could have been spent on queues for accessing these sites or engaging in various fun activities. Though this is desirable, it is good to note that you will be bound by these times making your trip to be inflexible in nature at the various times for these. It is thus good to only prepay for places that you can’t afford to miss.
  • Having an itinerary will help you in packing. By having a plan of activities to engage in or places to visit, you will be able to identify and only carry the appropriate wear for the various sites. This will help avoid carrying any unnecessary material or clothes along with you in your trip.
  • It will enable you to take recommendations. When you are planning a trip, you will have an opportunity of knowing which places to check in and sites to see as recommended by people who have been to these places or as guided by various travel guides. You will thus be better informed, and you will be able to make informed decisions on what to do during your trip.
  • You will save on time. By having tickets being purchased online in advance, you can be able to do away with long waiting times for connecting the various flights to get to your destination. By doing this you will spare more time to take part in other activities or visiting other sites.
  • An itinerary will enable you to prioritize activities. An itinerary should act as a skeleton of all the things that one can undertake during their visit. It is therefore important to plan what is to be done first in a logical order to make sure that key sites or activities are not locked out during your visit.


Having a travel or flight itinerary will enable you to have an elaborate plan for your trip or vacation. You can check out and use the various flight itinerary templates or vacation itinerary templates. These should help you have an easier and more convenient way of organizing your trip or vacation.


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