Most of the firms conduct an IQ test before recruitment and selection. Nowadays, IQ tests have become a parameter of judging the intellect of an individual. But here’s a misconception; people who score higher in IQ tests may not likely be successful in life, economic success, academic achievement and longevity. IQ tests do not really determine the intellect of the person; they basically determine the capacity of the person in terms of their intelligence. It is simple; it does not test the ability of a person to learn, instead of learned information.

If you want to know more interesting information about IQ and how to read an IQ chart, then follow this article.

IQ Chart

What Exactly is an IQ?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It is a score that is derived from a set of standardized tests to gauge intelligence. These tests come in many forms, using different types of questions and items to determine an individual’s intellect. The IQ classification is the practice where the IQ scores are labeled to be in the superior or the average category. On the basis of several cognitive abilities tests, the individual is given IQ scores. There have been two ways to determine the IQ level after the cognitive ability tests.

The first method is of the ratio IQ, which is entirely based on the mental age of the test taker while the second method used for IQ scores is the deviation IQ. Moreover, the results of the IQ tests would vary every time, even if the same person takes them over and over again. This is because the test taker does not use the same definitions and names for IQ scores classifications.

What Does the IQ Score Actually Measure?

There is a common myth that IQ tests measure the intelligence of an individual. This is actually incorrect. For over a hundred years, the debate over the true meaning of an IQ test has been going on and has remained unsettled. However, most of the experts agree that the IQ score and test actually measure an individual’s intellectual capacity. In addition to this, the IQ score basically measures the person’s performance on the basis of several indicators in relation to their peers.

IQ Scores


How to Read the IQ Scores? – IQ Scores Explained

The IQ chart comes with IQ scores when an individual has completed the test, determining their levels. Let’s take a look at all the ranges of IQ scores in detail below.

Profound Retardation – Lower Than 20

If a person gets this IQ score, they likely have obvious physical deformities and would be handicapped. Also, such people have a short life expectancy. They require help from others and cannot work on their own. Things are very difficult for them to carry out which is why they can learn things only when they are simplified for them.

Extreme Retardation – 20 to 34

This IQ score level determines that the person is severely retarded and finds difficulty in learning things properly. They find everything difficult to learn, from language to intellectual tasks. Such people are dependent upon others and are not employable.

Average Retardation State – 25 – 49

These individuals can learn simple things in life when they are taught skills, such as through education. They can be employed for simple tasks but cannot work in a complicated environment. They look for friendly people and want some independence in working. Also, they are immature but do realize they are different from others and have self confidence. They are not guaranteed to be Intelligent.

Mildly Retarded – 50 to 69

The ones that get this IQ score can likely get education and care for oneself. Also, they can be employed by companies who have easy and special work for such individuals. However, they would require extreme supervision. These individuals are also immature and require social adjustments and have obvious physical abnormalities.

Borderline Retarded – 70 to 79

These individuals are retarded but they are limited to some extent. They can be trained, told how to use a phone book, small banking work, reading bus or train schedules, using appliances, filling out forms, making a video, etc. For such kind of work, they may not require supervision but they definitely require some help to manage these affairs.

Below Average – 80 to 89

Those individuals who fall under this category are very violent in nature. Most of the people in this range have committed a crime, according to reports. Such individuals do not have control over themselves and their anger is extreme. However, they can be trained and given work of their choice.

Average – 90 to 109

In this range, the individuals are able to learn and perform tasks involving decision making. Tradesmen, police officers, clerks and sales-type people come under this category. These are sensible people who have the ability to regulate their behavior.

Above Average – 110 to 129

The people who are found to be in this range are managers, accountants, teachers and bachelor degree holders. They are able to learn things quickly. Also, they able to infer and gather information effectively. According to some sources, these people are also attorneys, executives, chemists etc.

Gifted – 130 to 139

These individuals are very intelligent; in fact, they are god gifted. They are able to write texts and books. Also, they have taken higher degrees like PhD. Such people should be considered intelligent.

Highly Intelligent – 140 to 149

People following under this range are capable of scientific work and rational communication. They can perform advanced studies and can make scientific discoveries. Once trained, they can excel in any task they perform and can be among the prominent people in the world. These people normally experience success everywhere they go.

IQ Levels


An IQ chart can help you in determining an individual’s performance and potential future. Whether you want to hire potential candidates in your organization or your institute, you can download the latest IQ chart from our main website and get good candidates for your institute and organization by evaluating them in this manner.


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