Housewarming invitations are the invitations for a housewarming party. What is a housewarming party? For many people, moving into a new house is a dream come true and a cause for celebration. Therefore, they celebrate the new house by throwing a party. A party thrown to celebrate a new house is known as a housewarming party. Moving into a new house is no less than a blessing and is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. An important part of any housewarming party is a housewarming invitation.

Sending housewarming invitations to friends and family is a must if you’re planning on hosting a housewarming party. Also, you must know the things to include in a housewarming invitations. The things to include in a housewarming invitation are something we’re going to discuss in this article. However, before we do that, let’s take a look at how you can plan and host the perfect housewarming party.

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How to plan and host the perfect housewarming party

You’ll be able to enjoy owning a house once you’ve chosen the perfect house, packed your every valuable into a moving truck and settled into your new home. Now that you’re the proud owner of a house and have settled in, it’s time to throw a party and show off your place to friends and family. A great way to do that is a housewarming party.

Apart from allowing you to show off your new place to friends and family, a housewarming party gives you an opportunity to meet and interact with neighbors and people in the community. Generally, housewarming parties are casual and low-key. Furthermore, you can plan the event in a way to show only the best features of your new home. Of course, when you’ve just moved to a new house, planning even the simplest of parties can leave you feeling exhausted. Therefore, shift to party mode only after you’ve given yourself some time to settle in.

The time people require to settle in varies. Some families may be ready to throw a party just a few weeks after moving into a new house while other families may wait more than half a year before even thinking about throwing a party. Regardless of the category you belong to, you will eventually throw a housewarming party. Therefore, how to plan for it is something you must know.

For a very long time, a housewarming party has been a social norm. However, the way we celebrate it today has only been a recent phenomenon. In the years gone by, before the advent of electricity, people would visit the new owners and gift them firewood: this was all that a housewarming party encompasses back then. The new owners welcomed firewood with open arms because in those days new homes were usually cold and dark.

However, after the introduction of central heating, the tradition changed slightly. Now, to commemorate the occasion, friends and family of new owners would gift them symbolic gifts. The purpose of doing this was to help ‘warm’ the lives of the new owners. The common gifts included a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. The purpose of these gifts was to ensure that the house would never be hungry, the lives of the owners always have flavor and that life in the house was full of sweetness. Now that we’ve discussed how a new house was celebrated in the past, it’s time to look at how you can plan the perfect housewarming party. We all know that throwing housewarming party without housewarming invitations is not possible. However, other things are included in its planning as well. What are these things? In order to plan the perfect housewarming party, following are the things to consider.

The best time to host the housewarming party

Once you’ve moved to a new house, planning a housewarming party is probably on top of your to-do-list. However, rushing things is never a good thing to do. So what is the best time to host the housewarming party? Ideally, you should not throw a housewarming party until you’ve moved all your stuff to your new house, unpacked it and set up your house. Once you’ve done all of these things, you may plan a housewarming party and send out housewarming invitations.

What sort of housewarming invitations should you send out?

This is something that confuses most people. Often, deciding the type of housewarming invitations to send out can be challenging. Ideally, you should send out housewarming party invitations a week after settling in. Don’t make the mistake of waiting more than a month to send out housewarming party invitations. Now, you need to decide whether to send formal housewarming party invitations or invite guests through a text or email. Your housewarming party is a big event in your life. Therefore, it deserves to be treated that way. Inviting guests by sending out an email or text wouldn’t be a justifiable thing to do. Instead, your new house deserves something bigger such as formal housewarming party invitations.

Who should you invite?

Once you’ve decided the type of housewarming invitations you should send out, you need to decide who to invite. You need to decide whether you want the housewarming party to be a friends and family only event or you want your neighbors to be a part of it as well. Once you’ve decided who to invite, send out formal housewarming party invitations to them.

Housewarming invitation wording

Before you send out housewarming invitations, you need to choose the message to include in it i.e. housewarming invitation wording. The housewarming invitation wording can be either formal or informal. Basically, the housewarming invitation wording should start with the date, time, and location of the housewarming party. Next, it should include the person’s name you’re inviting followed by what they can expect at the event. Finally, end your message by informing the guest that you look forward to their company.


There you have it—the importance of a housewarming party and how to plan it. By considering the aforementioned things, you’ll be able to plan the perfect housewarming party and send out appealing housewarming invitations.

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