A hotel receipt serves as proof that a guest has given his payment for the accommodation and any other services he availed of at the hotel. Hotel personnel create their own hotel receipt template to provide to their guests as needed. Just like any other receipt, this is typically a piece of paper containing relevant information like payment, mode of payment, duration of stay, number of guests, type of accommodation (room type) and any other details like free/complimentary breakfast, parking etc.

Hotel Receipt Templates

What is a hotel receipt and why is it important?

People use receipts daily each time they perform transactions with merchants, vendors, and establishments. Hotels use hotel receipts as proof of their transactions and other dealings with their guests, suppliers, and clients. Be wary though, because there are hotel receipt generators online which can be easily used to create fake hotel receipts for the purpose of scamming people.

As the name implies, a hotel receipt is an official document issued by hotels to those they transact with. The templates for these receipts may differ in content and appearance depending on the hotel. Such receipts may also differ from motel receipts which you would get from motels.

Although these receipts vary, they should contain important information including total payable amount for goods, services, and accommodation, the personal information of the guest, details about the hotel, and more. All of these are essential, especially if you want to make a professional-looking template.

Official receipts issued by hotels are essential for recording transactions done by hotels for guests. Small as these are, the receipts contain relevant information about the accommodation and services provided by the hotel to the guests. Also, filing all of the receipts allows hotels to make a list of all the details required for auditing purposes.

For the guests, the receipt serves as their proof in case they need to make any complaints or queries about their stay in the hotel. Also, guests appreciate receiving a hotel receipt template, especially when it’s made professionally and visually appealing. As you can see, these receipts benefit both the establishments and the guests.

Hotel Bills

What to include in your hotel receipt

When it comes to creating a hotel receipt template for your hotel, you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can use a hotel receipt generator, download a template and customize it or make your own template scratch. No matter how you choose to create your hotel receipt, make sure it contains the following information:

  • Name of the guest
  • Address of the guest
  • Contact details of the guest (email address, phone number)
  • Arrival and check-out dates of the guest
  • Room number of the guest
  • Room rate per night
  • Invoice number
  • Payment details (cash, debit or credit)
  • Balance

Make sure to itemize all of the charges for the guest to understand the receipt better. Specify the amount of room charges, room service purchases, taxes, other services, and more. Place these charges under “Debit” or “Credit” depending on how the guest plans to pay for everything.

The balance reflects any remaining amount the guest must pay before checking out. At the front of the receipt, make sure to include all of the guest’s basic information along with the basic information about the hotel like the arrival and checkout dates, the room number, and more. Also, the invoice number must be on the front of the hotel receipt.

Your template must also provide your guests with space for them to affix their signature. This is important as it serves as an acknowledgment that the guest had, indeed, availed of the accommodation and all the services stated on the receipt.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to include the address and contact information of the hotel at the footer of the template for future reference. This part also serves as a marketing strategy in case other people want to contact your establishment.

Motel Receipts

Guidelines to follow when creating a hotel receipt

When creating your hotel receipt, you must put a lot of care and consideration into the design and the contents. Otherwise, people might think that you’ve given them a fake hotel receipt you just made in an online hotel receipt generator. Otherwise, they might think the template you made looks more like a motel receipt rather than one from a high-class establishment.

When it comes to hotel receipt templates, there is no standard format to follow. But there are some guidelines you may use to guide you as you create the template for your hotel. You can download a template or create one from scratch depending on how skilled you are at creating documents on a computer. Either way, here are some guidelines for you:

  • Think about the kind of template you want to use or create. If you download a template, customize it as needed. If you create one from scratch, you can design it however you want to.
  • Include all relevant fields as we had discussed in the previous section. You may add other fields or information as you see fit.
  • Come up with a design for your template. Make it simple, elegant, and professional. Receipts which contain too many graphics, colors or images are often confusing. Think carefully about the design of your template so you don’t go overboard with all of the elements.
  • Also, make sure to only use clear, simple fonts which are easy to read. This makes it easier for your guests to decipher the text on your receipt so they don’t have to ask you too many questions about the information written on it.
  • Before having your template printed, check it for any errors. Make sure that there aren’t any grammatical or spelling errors as these might put-off the guests.

Fake Hotel Receipts

How to make sure that the hotel receipt isn’t fake?

These days, it’s so easy to come up with fake hotel receipts with all the templates and generators available online. Nefarious individuals use these fake receipts to scam people into believing that they’ve already settled their finances legally. But how can you tell a fake receipt from a real one? Here are some tips:

  • Look for human error. Hotel staff undergo training to serve their guests in the best possible way. So, if one of the “staff members” hands you a receipt which isn’t filled out correctly or which doesn’t have the same kind of design elements as the other documents of the hotel, take this as a warning.
  • Although most people don’t inspect receipts, you should do this more often. Try to see all of the information on the receipt, how it’s printed, if it only contains relevant information and more. Often, fake receipts either contain irrelevant information or some of the most basic information isn’t present on the receipt.
  • Ask for another copy of the receipt. Hotels don’t have any issues with providing another copy to their guests. If the staff member who gave you the receipt declines your request, then he may have issued you a fake one.

Although fake hotel receipts do exist, there is a very small chance that a member of the hotel’s staff will issue one to you. Still, you should make it a habit to inspect any receipt to ensure its authenticity.

Other types of receipts

There are different types of receipts which you can use to keep track of different kinds of purchases. Receipts come in different forms and you can use them no matter what industry you’re in. If you plan to make more than hotel receipts, here are the other types of receipts you can create:

  • Original
    Suppliers often issue this type of receipt. It may come in the form of a point-of-sale, an invoice or even an order confirmation. The template of an original receipt contains essential information like the name of the company, the purchased goods or services, and the payment method used.
    This is very important, especially when customers need to return an item to the manufacturer as they would have to present proof that they had, indeed, purchased the item from that same manufacturing company.
  • Credit card slip
    When you make a payment using your credit card, you’ll receive a credit card slip as your receipt. Usually, merchants provide this receipt along with the original receipt. These receipts are small in size, they’re generated by credit card machines, and they contain a lot of information. Merchants print out two copies. The customer signs one of the copies and keeps the other one.
  • Full-page receipt
    Sometimes, professional invoices get printed on a full sheet of paper. Such receipts are very common both in independent businesses and in larger corporations. Usually, the word “invoice” appears at the top and the rest of the information comes right under it.
    For this type of receipt, you may include the basic information the same as with a hotel receipt sans the details about the hotel like the room number, check-in date, and others.
  • Window tag
    There are also receipts printed out for the purpose of displaying them on the windshields of vehicles. This type of receipt is typically reserved for campsites or to serve as proof that the owners of vehicles have paid their parking fee, therefore, have the right to park in a specific lot. Again, this receipt contains basic information along with other details depending on their purpose.
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