Gift certificates never go out of style. Not only are they attractive, they also have a regal flair to them them that makes them seem classier than the ubiquitous plastic gift card.

The following guide can help you better understand how gift certificates work and how you can add them to your small business successfully.

Gift Certificate Templates


What is a gift certificate?

A gift certificate is a quick and simple way to allow your customers to purchase goods and services for others. Many customers are attracted to gift voucher options since it is a way for the recipient to choose a specific item they really want, which takes the guess work out of gift giving.

The main difference between certificates and cards is that a certificate is an actual piece of paper instead of a plastic card, but the purpose of the two is very similar. The certificate also gives you more flexibility in offering a voucher service, since it is easily issued both in the store and online.

Why gift certificates?

For a small business owner, gift certificates are the preferred choice. Not only can you find a gift certificate template free online, you can also enjoy many other benefits. The following are just a few reasons why you should choose gift certificates:

The main parts of a gift certificate

  • The ability to compete with large national corporations. Every major brand has a gift card or certificate program in place, so the only way to compete is to join in.
  • Increase sales, especially with indecisive shoppers or those that are pressed for time. Many shoppers actually spend more on certificates than they would a physical gift, since the recipient will know the value of the gift certificate
  • Provide a physical gift object for online shoppers. Unlike gift cards, which either have to be shipped or a simple card “code” emailed out, your customers can actually print a physical certificate when ordering online. This makes it much easier for them to buy online while still having a gift to present to their recipient.
  • Attract fresh business. Many givers choose certificates from stores they adore, but the recipient may not have heard of. This gives you a chance to advertise at a profit.

Gift Certificate Template Word


The key to a successful gift voucher program is to make sure your certificates are both attractive and that they cover are the main key points. The following list can help:

  • Choose a design that complements your business. For example, you may opt for a clean, minimalist design for tech products, or a more artsy and detailed design for a floral shop. You can find a gift certificate template free online to help inspire you.
  • The amount must print clearly on the certificate, or it needs to be clear what the certificate can be used on. For example, instead of a dollar amount, the certificate may be good for a specific product or service.
  • Include verbiage that indicates that the certificate cannot be redeemed for cash. You may also want to put an expiration date on it, if your state laws allow certificates to expire.
  • Include contact information and the location of your establishment. Don’t forget your web address if you have an online presence.
  • Printable gift certificates will need to be issued a code so that you know they are valid and counterfeit. This needs to be printed clearly on the certificate.

You may also want to include a line for the giver to fill in, such as with a short message or the recipient’s name. This allows them to further personalize the gift certificate template.

Creative ideas for gift certificates

There are many ways you can get creative with a gift certificate template. In fact, you may even be able to offer them as a product, perhaps by using a gift certificate template word document that online customers can purchase and download. Five creative ideas for your business or for online fun certificates include the following:

  1. Provide a template option specifically for special occasions. This means your customers can choose between different designs for birthday’s, Christmas, or other holidays.
  2. Allow customers to upload their own artwork to use as a background on the certificate, which will further allow them to personalize it.
  3. Offer novelty certificates as an actual product. This could be romantic-themed certificate books, good for dinners, bubble baths, and massages, or chore books with a list of tasks that the giver will do for the recipient. You can even provide a gift certificate template word document that allow the giver to add their own ideas.
  4. Provide novelty certificates aimed at fundraisers. These can be certificate booklets they can print that have a customizable novelty certificates the purchaser can assign a usage to, as well as one or two certificates for money off at your business. The fundraiser will purchase these templates at a discount and then sell them at a higher price, allowing both you and the fundraiser to make a small profit.
  5. Include simple envelope templates with the gift certificates so that your customers can print up something fancy for packaging up their gift.
  6. Add delivery options to your purchase page. This gives your giver the choice to print and hand deliver their gift, or to email it to the recipient. This can be handy for those giving gifts to recipient’s that don’t live nearby.

Once you have decided the parameters of your gift certificate program, you can begin to put it into place. Make sure it is well advertised, both on your website and in your store. Have a display near the cash register enticing customers to make a purchase. Also, make sure there are always a few certificates readily available inside the register so your staff can get them out and issue them immediately, instead of having to wait to open a safe or request a manager. With a little planning, your program will be a success.

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