Pregnancy is an exciting time in a family’s life. Let’s face it: As soon as parents learn of the pregnancy, they want to announce it to the world. However, once family and friends hear the news they beg to know—is it a boy or a girl? Now, to ease inquiring minds, parents throw gender reveal parties.

These parties require careful planning. In fact, organizing such a party requires four factors:

  1. An ultrasound
  2. A trusted confidant,
  3. Gender reveal party invitations, and
  4. A creative way to unveil the big announcement.

Gender Reveal Invitations

The Secret

First, the parents-to-be must decide if they want to know the sex of the child beforehand. If not, let the doctor and ultrasound technician know immediately. Instead, ask them to put the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope. Then,

  • Let a trusted friend or family member guard the envelope.
  • Instruct the confidant to keep the contents a secret, until the time is right.
  • Decide how to announce the baby’s gender.

Set the Stage

Typically, protocol suggests sending out invitations six weeks in advance. However, two weeks’ notice is sufficient for this type of party. Make certain that the gender reveal invitation explains the rationale for the party. Ultimately, a gender reveal party is a fun gathering for family and friends to learn the identity of the baby. All gender party invitations should:

  1. Explain the concept for those unaware of the party’s purpose.
  2. Detail any special request such as wearing specific colors.
  3. Create excitement about learning if the baby will be a boy or a girl.
  4. Include the location, time and RSVP information for the party.

Choosing Gender Reveal Invites

Expecting parents will find a sizable collection of gender reveal invitations online. Work out the details before selecting the invitations. Ultimately, this is critical to the party’s success. Consider not every invitation will have all the information that the mother-and-father-to-be may want to include on them. In this case, select the most appealing design and decide how to incorporate the specifics. For example:

  • Take advantage of pink and blue fonts and wording that asks the question—boy or girl?
  • Use pink and blue bows to set the stage for a theme and ask invitees to vote their choice by wearing pink or blue.
  • Try cute mustaches and lips that include purchasing instructions, if necessary.
  • Show off simulated chalkboard designs and mentioned what time the announcement will take place.

Determine a Theme

Similar to the gender reveal party invitations, the theme should keep everyone guessing. When incorporating elements from the party invitations, it is important not to hold back on the details.

  • Deck the place with bow-shaped decorations and treats.
  • Use chalkboard placemats and coasters for a vintage look.
  • Be creative with food coloring, if the event coincides with a holiday.
  • Stay neutral with colors like black and white.
  • Work with nursery rhymes and books for inspiration.

Gender Reveal Party Invitations

What’s on the Menu?

The food is central to the party’s theme. Let creativity shine. Essentially, the spread should make people’s eyes and mouth water. Check out these artistic options.

  • Satisfy sugary and salty cravings at a Cravings Station.
  • Mix colored candy and nuts for gender specific combos.
  • Display appetizers such as deviled eggs.
  • Show off tasty baby-shaped treats.
  • Provide pink and blue thirst quenchers.
  • Present a buffet of baked goodies such as cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops.

The Big Reveal

The big reveal is the highlight of the party. Therefore, timing is crucial. About halfway through the party, gather folks for the surprise. Try one of these fun ideas:

  • Render guests speechless with a lip-smacking clue inside baked treats.
  • Listen to the howling laughter as parents emerge from pink or blue silly string.
  • Watch colored confetti rain from a piñata.
  • Feel the excitement as helium-filled balloons float in the air announcing if the next family member will be a boy or a girl.
  • Observe the expressions of family and friends as they rip open candy bars that publicize the baby’s gender.
  • Watch people grab for tissues as parents open a package with blue or pink booties.
  • Pay attention to the oohs and aahs as parents open an envelope to reveal the baby’s gender.

Play Gender Prediction Games

Beyond, the surprise announcement, guests appreciate lively entertainment. For fun, let them play prediction games. Simply ask invitees to come dressed for the occasion. As mention earlier, an example of gender reveal invitation wording includes a line that states “come dressed in blue or pink.” Once the guests arrive, they will find out if they will be playing for team blue or team pink. After the reveal, the winning team receives prizes. For more enjoyable activities, have guests:

  • Place names in jars labeled boy or girl.
  • Choose gender specific pins or beads.
  • Pick pink and blue water guns. Those who made correct predictions get to squirt the others with water. More than likely, this will lead to an old-fashioned water gun fight. So, if you choose this option, be sure to include gender reveal invitation wording that advises invitees to “come to play.”

Be Camera Ready

Ask someone to take pictures with a fully charged camera. Afterward, make a scrapbook, photo album or video presentation to preserve the memories. Remember to keep a copy of the gender reveal invitations that guests received. Capture special moments by:

  • Letting guests write messages on Polaroid pictures.
  • Recording participants as they take part in the festivities.
  • Taking photos of people’s reaction to the announcement.


In the end, it doesn’t matter if the celebration is lavish or simple. The purpose of the party is to create share-worthy moments for years to come. Friends and loved ones will feel honored to receive gender reveal invites, and celebrate the news. After all, the thing that separates one gender reveal party from another is the people in attendance.

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