Unpleasant events can happen unexpectedly and there’s nothing you can do about them. You just have to accept these as part of life and the best you can do is to prepare in case they occur. One of the best ways to prepare for emergencies is by having an emergency contact form. This form will help ease situations, thanks to the information it contains. As soon as the initial feelings of panic go away and things subside, you need to start handling the situation in an orderly and expeditious way. This includes knowing who to call to help you manage the situation.

Emergency Contact Forms

What is emergency contact?

There is no guarantee that everything will always go your way all the time. This is where having an emergency contact list comes into play. With this, you can move around with the confidence that you can ask for help at any time from the people you trust the most – your emergency contact.

The contacts to include in your list are people you can depend on in case of an emergency. You can consider them as your best backup plan. So you should carry this list no matter where you go. You may also want to consider creating an emergency list on your phone just in case.

Employee Emergency Contact Forms

What is an emergency contact form?

In companies and offices, the employee emergency contact form should always be updated and employee emergency contact form. The information that the list provides can save lives in case there is an emergency.

Therefore, it’s important to include all of the names of the people on the list along with their contact numbers. In an emergency situation, even someone with an amazing memory may have difficulties remembering important phone numbers. When an emergency happens, you may have to reach the family members of those involved. If you end up in a place where they don’t allow phones, you should have a printed copy of your list.

The list must include all the people you need to notify when something unexpected happens. It doesn’t have to be just members of the family. Aside from the names, the list should also include contact details for each person. Also, make sure that the list has more than one contact number for each person.

For a personal list, if you have people who take on responsibilities for you, include them too. You can also add your neighbors, friends, and other important people. All families should have their own set of emergency contacts that they might have to call and preparing your list in advance is a good move.

Aside from the usual items included in an emergency list, there can also be other significant information like things that your emergency contacts might need to know. For example, these could be after-school activities for children like extracurricular activities or any scheduled appointments. If you have a family emergency kit, you should place a copy of your emergency list in it. It’s also important to assign family members who will make the necessary calls in case of an emergency.

When do you need this form?

Emergency situations happen unexpectedly and when they do, it is important to gather emergency contact details from people on an emergency contact form template. Here are some of the instances when you would need this form:

  • Employees

Most employees need to fill out emergency contact forms for the records of the company. As for employers, it’s common practice to request employees to provide emergency contact information, whether the job carries a great risk or not. Some employees might feel uncomfortable disclosing such personal information but sharing a relative or friend’s contact details is in the interest of both the employee and the employer.

Statistically, the occurrences of workplace accidents are quite rare but they do happen. Supervisors have an ethical responsibility in the case of a workplace injury. They must inform the emergency contacts of the person involved to tell them what happened.

  • Clients

If you’re a business owner, you can request your client to fill out an emergency contact form so you can get in touch with them if you need to. They should also include other contact numbers in case you cannot reach them.

  • Tenants

Landlords should request tenants to fill out this form too. That way, when an emergency happens, they would know who to call. This is part of a landlord’s responsibility.

  • Parents

When children go to summer camp, parents must fill out an emergency contact form in case anything happens to one of the children.

Creating an emergency contact information form is an easy task. You can download a template online or even create one yourself.

Emergency Contact Form Templates

Benefits of having this form

Background checks and employee evaluation forms are essential for employers so they would know the people who work for them better. An emergency info form printable is also an essential document. Here are the benefits of having this list:

  • It will provide an agreement that an employee agrees to undergo an examination by the medical staff of the company. This is a necessity, especially when an employee gets sick or injured at work and should undergo a check-up.
  • For children, the form will contain specific directions from their parent or legal guardian. It could also contain a list of specifications in terms of medical attention that the child might need in case an emergency occurs.
  • The form will make it easier to know exactly who you should notify in case of an accident or an emergency.
  • The form allows personalized medical attention for the person who needs it. For instance, in a case where a person cannot take a specific medication, the emergency contact can tell you about this. Having such information in the form will make it easier for medical professionals to deal with the emergency.
  • The form can help employers stay updated with the current medical concerns and conditions of their employees. Based on the information provided by the form, they can make certain adjustments as needed.

How do you write an emergency contact?

It’s important that the information included in an emergency contact list serves its purpose. When something bad happens, you want to make sure that all the information needed is in one place. It’s also important to decide the contents of the list. This way, people won’t have to sort through unnecessary details to find the contact details they need. Here are some tips to consider when creating this form:

Include information about your company

If you’re making a form for your company, it’s important to include the name of your company, its business address, and relevant phone numbers. During times of crisis, you could forget this valuable information. It’s better to include these details when it comes to emergency services, so you will already have all the details on the document.

Information about the manager of your company

The knowledge of the CEO, owner, or senior manager will come in handy when there are any emergencies. Being in charge of the company, they should know the ins and outs of procedures. They might even have the ability to solve the situation on their own. Therefore, it’s important to have the manager’s contact details so you can reach them immediately in case something unexpected happens.

Information of the employees

If you’re running a business, you should include the contact details of your employees along with their emergency contacts. This is important for a few reasons. First, you will have to inform your employees if something bad happens to your business, especially if they’re directly involved. Second, in cases of emergencies that involve one of your employees, you will need to get in touch with their emergency contacts.

For these reasons, it’s necessary that your list should include the contact numbers and e-mail addresses of all the employees and the emergency contacts for each of the employees.

Emergency service numbers

Aside from the very important 911 emergency number, other emergency numbers also deserve a spot on your contact list. These may include animal control, poison control, the security company, your company doctor, and any other industry-specific services you might need if things go awry.

Insurance information

If something happens to your business, you will need all the help you can get and this is where your insurance company will come in. If your business experiences a loss, contact your insurance company right away. This is the reason why you should include in your list the name of your insurance company, the policy number of your business, and the number of the claims department.

Having this information will allow you to get in touch with your insurance company quickly so you can start the claims process to get your business back on track.

Information about utility companies

Electricity, water, and gas services are very valuable assets. Therefore, you should include them in your emergency contact list. They are crucial in the sense that they will minimize damages should your business experience something like a water pipe that bursts or a gas leak.

Other important contacts

Other numbers that may come in handy that you can also include in the list are taxi companies, tow trucks, locksmiths, and the like. Having these readily available when you need them will save you valuable time as you won’t need to search for them.

Emergency Info Forms

Choosing your emergency contacts

The person you will designate as your emergency contact will take on a big responsibility and might even make a life or death decision for you. Therefore, before you write a person’s name on your emergency forms, make sure of the following:

  • The person has willingly accepted to be your emergency contact.
  • You know that they are often readily available.
  • They know your medical history.
  • They have the legal power to act on your behalf.
  • They can talk about your situation effectively when needed.
  • They understand and will willingly uphold your wishes when it comes to medical decisions.

You might think that choosing an emergency contact is just a formality when you need to fill out a form for school, complete paperwork when hired for a new job, or when going to the doctor. But an emergency contact will do a lot more than just answer their phone when something happens to you. Ideally speaking, the emergency contact must have the ability to speak with medical professionals about your chronic conditions, allergies, current medications, and medical history.

There might even be cases when the contact would have to make medical decisions for you along with your loved ones. In an emergency, these decisions could save your life. This is why you will need to choose an emergency contact who has the willingness to do the job, can answer tough questions, and has the legal right to act or decide on your behalf.

It’s not enough that you feel confident and secure after naming a person as your emergency contact. What is as important is to tell them that you have given them the important responsibility. Also, you must make sure that you and all your loved ones are on the same page to avoid an unpleasant surprise in the event that you will need your emergency contact. Informing the contact will also give you the chance to make sure that they have all the relevant information about you to act as your advocate.

It would also make sense to request your emergency contact to attend any performances of specific procedures. This means that if the person you designate as your emergency contact is often busy at work or has many other responsibilities, they may not be the best person to jot down as your emergency contact.

If you get involved in an emergency situation, your contact might have to explain things like your allergies, medications you take, or your entire medical history Ideally, the contact will know this information and have the confidence to communicate everything to the medical professionals present. While your emergency can provide this information during a face-to-face conversation, it’s advisable for them to have a written copy of your medical details and history, even if you only include the most important details. This way, your emergency contact won’t have to rely entirely on their memory when dealing with an emergency.

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