Door hangers are commonly used for marketing, although they have several other uses. If someone, for example, is selling their house or wants to invite people for a yard sale, they can use door hangers to alert the neighborhood. They look for the best door hanger designs and print them to hang on doors. When people get home later, they will find the hanger and decide on the action to take after reading it. In hotels, guests use door hangers to warn workers not to disturb, wash their rooms, or provide other types of services.

Door Hanger Templates

How door hangers can help

The benefits you get from a door hanger depend on the door tag templates you use. Some templates will give you impressive door hanger designs, while others will not look beautiful. They can help you in different ways. Here are the top ones:

  • They carry a simple and direct message. Unlike brochures, door hangers do not carry detailed information that requires more time to read. Their message is short and direct, which makes it a great marketing tool. Less than a minute is enough for the homeowner to read the message and decide what to do with it.
  • The probability of reading them is higher. The very first person to get home will see the door hanger before they open the door. The probability of reading it is higher due to their curiosity to know what message it contains. Whether they take action or not is an entirely different thing but what is most important is their decision to read it. This is one of the reasons why the designer should get the best door flyer template to make it attractive.
  • They have a bigger impact. Since they are smaller compared to other types of advertising, it allows the marketer to be more creative with their choice of door signs template and design. They can choose door hanger designs that will make the complete work stand out. They may also include a free item such as a pen printed with the company logo. This makes their impact bigger.
  • They are cost-effective. Due to their small size, it is easy to create them and print them at home. The only other direct cost one may incur is distributing them, which is minimal. Other forms of print marketing are costly and bulky. For example, distributing posters will require permission from the local government, and they will cost more money to mount strategically.
  • They are excellent for targeted marketing. Sometimes marketing costs a lot of money because the marketer targets the general market. The return on investment can be bigger if the marketer focuses on a specific segment. This is one of the advantages door hangers provide. The marketer goes directly to the specific market they are targeting. This helps increase their effectiveness and may have a bigger impact.

Door Hanger Designs

Ideas to make door hanger campaigns more effective

When planned and done well, door hanger marketing campaigns can be very effective. They can make the difference you have been yearning for in your business. It starts with the door signs template you choose, to materials, colors, and timing. Beyond the door tag templates, get the best ideas for your door hanger campaigns.

  • Decide your goals. The first consideration is to determine the goals you want to achieve. These are the results you are expecting from your campaigns. Any of these goals can be on your list of door-hanger campaign expectations.
    • It could be you want to make your brand known
    • You might have a desire to increase sales
    • You may want to increase your email and telephone contact lists
    • You have a target to hit a certain profit margin
  • Having predefined goals will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign once the period is over. It will help you work on the areas that require improvement afterward. You may decide to use a different door flyer template next time or change the message.
  • Decide on the message to print. You must decide on the most appropriate message to print. This is because the effectiveness of your campaigns will be determined by the message. The way you decide to use the best door hanger designs is the same way you should decide to print the best message. The recipient should find value in the message the moment they read it. If they don’t find value, the best decision they might make is to trash the door hanger.  If they value the message, they will keep it and do a follow-up later. The message should be persuasive and include an email address or telephone contact. The customer should not begin struggling to search online for your contacts. You might lose a business opportunity.
  • Choose the best design. There are many door tag templates that you can get but choose one that is good for your campaigns. It all depends on the type of business you are engaged in. Search online for a door signs template that will impress every recipient who comes across the door hanger. Create your message and print the hangers. Cut them into the best shapes and make sure the printing is sharp. Your color and image choice matter if you want to get more benefits from the campaign. When choosing colors, limit them to three but also consider your brand colors. The graphics you use should be relatable to your target market.  Let the main message be bold but also keep the hanger simple. It is cheaper if you choose DIY printing at home. Cut them nicely because their appearance will reflect your brand image. Customers may easily notice mistakes if you are not careful.
  • Choose your target market. The door flyer template you choose will depend on the target market you choose. You need to do further study of the market to decide the most appropriate target. This will help you determine the neighborhood where you shall do your campaigns and the types of houses to target. Your choice of target is determined by any of these factors.
    • Family type: You may want to target married people with children, unmarried, or people living as extended family.
    • Age: Your target could be teenagers, middle-aged or older audiences.
    • Income level: Decide the income bracket you want to target
    • Gender: Decide whether you want to target women, men, or both gender
  • Create a distribution plan. Once the door hangers are ready, create a plan for distributing them. Map out your target area and get ready for the people who will do the work. You may have two people distributing on each street where one focuses on homes on the right side and the other one on the left side. Instruct them on the types of homes to distribute and the total number of homes you are targeting on each street or area.
  • Be ready for responses. Get ready to receive calls and emails and answer all questions that customers will ask. You might have a very busy week within the first seven days after the campaign. Some people will show interest many days after the campaign, which is okay as long as you get business.
  • Be careful with laws. Your door hanger might not involve direct conversations with homeowners. All that you want is to distribute them and give the homeowners freedom to decide on the action to take. It is important to check what state regulations are there regarding the distribution of door hangers. If there are laws you must follow, make sure you comply before the start of the campaign.
  • Measure success. After the campaign period is through, give yourself a few more weeks before you measure success. You can measure it depending on how many homes were reached and the responses you received. Measure the return on investment and consider the mistakes you made so that you don’t repeat them in the next campaign.

Door Signs Templates

What is the standard size for a door hanger?

The size you choose for your door hanger depends on the message that you want to print. For example, a do not disturb door hanger doesn’t need to be big because no further details are required to be added. A marketing door hanger for a real estate company might be bigger because it will include a photo, street, brand name, and contacts. Choose door tag templates that are editable so that you can adjust the size to fit your needs.

The standard size for most door hangers is the mini size which is usually 3.5 by 8.5 inches. If you want a bigger size, you may opt for the medium hanger, which measures 4.5 by 11 inches, or the jumbo size, which measures 5.5 by 17 inches.

Depending on the material you want to use, the standard thickness should be ½ inches, although they can be thinner than this. The resolution that will give you the best image sharpness is 504 by 816 pixels, although you can choose a higher resolution. The standard size of the hole should be 1.25 inches. The do not disturb door hanger is likely the smallest type because it contains a specific message.


How do you make a door hanger?

Many people choose to hire professionals in the design and printing industry to create door hangers for them. You can save money if you choose to DIY and make your door hangers at home. The process is simple as long as you have the right tools for the work. Follow these simple steps to create an impressive door hanger in a few minutes.

  • Choose your door flyer template. The first step is to choose a good door flyer template from a list of door tag templates available online. Find the website with the best design options and browse through the hundreds of designs. Consider your purpose for launching a door hanger campaign.
  • Get your images ready. Images help you to create attractive door hanger designs. Choose sharp images and remove any visible flaws. If you don’t have your own images, search for websites that upload images for free use or purchase. Upload them onto your door signs template and begin the design work process.
  • Type your message. You must have a clear message for use in your door hanger design. The text is the marketing message you want your target market to read. For example, the main message in a do not disturb door hanger is the three words Do not Disturb. This shows how simple the message in your design should be. Make it simple and direct to the point. It should take only a few seconds to read. If the recipient wants further information, they will call or write an email.
  • Customize your design. Your door signs template might be predesigned, but you are free to customize it as you wish. If you want a different color, make changes and add your corporate colors. Choose a font that will attract your audience but avoid an over fancy font. Strategically place your brand logo. Insert your images and make them sharp.
  • Print and distribute. Confirm that your door signs template is well customized and impressive. Choose the paper you want to use and print. Cut into the correct shapes, and your door hangers will be ready for distribution.


What are the different types of door hangers?

Each type of industry can have a different type of door hanger. Although they might be different, they serve the same purpose of communicating a marketing message. Here are the different types of door hangers.

  • Hotel door hangers: The main type of hotel door hanger is the do not disturb door hanger. Guests hang it on the doorknob when they don’t want cleaners to disturb them when they come to clean.
  • Cleaning service providers’ door hangers: Cleaning services take advantage of door hanger marketing to market their brands. This is one of the strategies that give them the most business.
  • Real estate door hangers: Real estate agents use the door hangers to market properties for rentals, selling, or buying. They are particularly useful when marketing new properties.
  • Marketing door hangers: Different brands use door hangers to market products or get more contacts for their email marketing campaigns.
  • Wedding door hangers: When inviting people for wedding events, it is not always easy to reach them. The planners use door hangers so that their targeted guests will see the invitation once they get home.
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