A death certificate is a proof of death of a person. It is issued by the government office as a legal document certifying the personal details, cause of death, date and place of death (hospital, at home, some other place at the time of occurrence) of the deceased person. The death certificate template is therefore a handy document for many legal purposes like settling or closing loans, taking care of bank accounts by the nominee, insurance claims, changes in other legal documents like lease deed, home ownership, and many other legal and family purposes.

Death Certificate Templates

Why do you need a death certificate template?

A death certificate template is a legal document that certifies a person’s demise. It’s created by a medical practitioner then issued by a coroner or some other government office. It contains all detailed information regarding the person’s death including the time, the date, the location and the cause of death.

Because it contains the person’s cause of death, the document is often used to understand why the death occurred and if necessary, to recommend further study. It can also serve as evidence which proves that the family members have a legal basis in claiming life and medical insurance benefits left by the person who passed away. It’s also used to address issues about property succession. Here is a list of the common reasons why you may need a death certificate:

  • When you need to claim life insurance
    Your relationship with the deceased won’t matter. To claim life insurance benefits on the deceased policy, you always need a death certificate issued by the government. The bad news is that procuring from the government might be a very tedious and unbelievably slow process.
    It may even take years before it gets finalized. If you intend to make claims, it’s best to file for this document as soon as possible, so the process goes smoother and faster.
  • When you need to claim pension
    If you’re entitled to pension benefits upon the death of your spouse, you also have to obtain a death certificate template. Aside from the document, you may also need to provide other types of documents that will verify your relationship with the deceased.
    Also, you need a detailed copy of the deceased’s last will and testament if applicable. Only when you have shown all these documents can you claim pension benefits.
  • For the settlement of estate disputes
    There is a great amount of difficulty for claimants like spouses and children in claiming real estate and other types of properties when the owner dies. Together with the death certificate, they need to present financial documents and a copy of the deceased’s last will and testament.

Blank Death Certificate Templates

Does a death certificate have a cause of death?

It’s a state office requirement that death gets registered with the state or local Vital Records Office within a few days after death. Only when you accomplish this can the Vital Records office provide a copy of the free death certificate template, which you can keep for your personal file or for handling the deceased’s personal matters.

Those who manage the deceased’s persons remains will be the party responsible for preparing and filing the death certificate. This can include either a funeral home, a crematory service organization or some other person who’s placed in charge. Enter the personal information into the blank death certificate template. You can get this information from the family members.

Fake Death Certificate Templates

It will also require the medical examiner, medical practitioner or coroner’s signature. You must complete this procedure quickly and completely within three days, but the rules also depend upon state law. The information gathered and entered in a blank death certificate template can vary from one state to another but must include the following:

  • Full legal name
  • Complete address
  • Birthplace and birth date
  • The name and the birthplace of the father
  • The name and the birthplace of the mother
  • Partial or complete social security number
  • Veteran’s claim or discharge number
  • Marital status
  • Name of surviving spouse, if applicable
  • Education
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Time of death
  • Cause of death

In most states, there are two types of copies of death certificates:

  • Informational
    These are only for personal use, and anyone can request for them.
  • Certified
    These have an official stamp. You can use them for many purposes including:
    when obtaining a cremation or burial permit
    when transferring the deceased’s personal properties to inheritors
    These days, more and more states have begun issuing certified copies only to the following
    the immediate members of the deceased’s family
    the executor of the estate
    anyone who has proof that they have a financial interest in the deceased person’s estate

Death Certificate Samples

How do I obtain a death certificate?

As mentioned earlier, a death certificate template is a legal document that stipulates the date along with the circumstances of the person’s passing away. Therefore, you should never create a fake death certificate template for sinister purposes. Generally, it comes from a funeral home or some other organization which handles the deceased’s remains.

The document is later filed as an official document. This is an important document, especially when it comes to property issues. With a death certificate, for instance, you can access the credit history of one of the family members or for the purpose of insurance claims. Instead of making your own fake death certificate template for your loved one, you should obtain one the proper way:

Method 1: Acquire the death certificate template at the time of death

  • Contact the person who will prepare the certificate. If you cannot make the call because you’re in too much pain and grieving, let one of your family friends or relatives do the calling.
  • Provide the one making the document with the proper information. If you don’t have the time to provide the information because of grief, let someone else call the one in charge of preparing the template to supply him with the required information.
  • Confirm that the certificate is already filed. It’s a requirement of most states that this document gets filed less than 10 days after the person died. Since the cremation organization or funeral home are the ones responsible for the certificate’s filing, you can request for them to file it on time.
  • Request for certified copies of the document from the mortuary or funeral home. To make sure you have enough certified copies of the certificate, request for ten if not more. Make sure that the copies are officially “certified” and stamped. You need such in claiming insurance benefits or in settling the estate. Keep in mind that a “certified” copy carries some legal weight. But an informational copy is not enough for legal purposes.

Method 2: Acquire copies of the death certificate template at a later time

  • You first need to know where the person died. Each state maintains their own vital records of any events which happened within their jurisdiction. This could at times be very trying, especially if you’re not sure where your acquaintance died. The best you can do in such a case is to call other friends and relatives for the right information.
  • Contact the state or county Vital Records Office. You may either find the office online or personally visit the office and talk to the clerk. For a case where the death happened in another country, give the Department of State a call. This office can prepare for you a Report of Death document which you can use in insurance claim proceedings.
  • Determine if the records in your area are either closed or public. Some states won’t release copies of death certificates to the public. They may only do so if you’re one of the following:
    spouse or any other immediate member of the family
    an attorney representing family members, the estate, or any other people who have a legal interest
    genealogical researcher
    private investigator
  • Obtain proof of legal interest or relationship. This topic will require proof of your relationship to the person who died and can include marriage or birth certificates. If you’re a lawyer representing a person who has some legal interests, you have to provide court orders, titles or other types of documents to prove your assertions.
  • Request for the death certificate. There are three ways to order this template namely online, by mail or by going to the Vital Records Office. Each of the states has their own way of handling this request. For instance, one state may let you order the death certificate from the agency of that state while others may tell you to go to the city or county where the records are.
    Request through a letter
    In your request letter, include the important details about the deceased including the name, the date when the person died, the place where the person died, your relationship, a contact number, a copy of your ID, and a stamped envelope that’s self-addressed.
    Request for the document in person
    Drop by the office and request for them in person. You can obtain the document at your state’s office or you can proceed to the county or city where the records are. To make sure you find in the right place, contact your state’s Vital Records office first and ahead of time to clarify the process.
  • Finally, pay for the document. Each state has its own fees for death certificate templates. On the average, you can expect to pay around $30 to $50. You can verify the prices by contacting the state’s Vital Records office.
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