A schedule can be looked at as a time management tool which outlines the specific times at which certain tasks/activities need to be undertaken. Most of the schedules are organized in a given chronological order, and this sequence will dictate the achievement of certain goals. Scheduling refers to the process of coming up with a given schedule, it will involve coming up with an elaborate order of achieving certain tasks and allocating the necessary resources to facilitate their execution.

Schedules help to instill a sense of order for the people in particular organizations. They will help clarify where one ought to be, at what time they should be there, the coordinator to facilitate various tasks or activities and the time interval in which a given activity needs to be accomplished. Most of the schedules such a daily schedules are meant for a short period of time. They are designed based on calendar dates and times for achieving them. In a case where specific time intervals will not be indicated, the schedule will outline the chronological sequence in which various activities will be accomplished.

Work schedule template

This site offers help to those who are tasked with coming up with schedules. There are various schedule templates that will make it easy and convenient for one to generate as many schedules as possible. Many people who wish to have an orderly day could use the daily schedule template to plan for what is to be done in a given day. This will help them attend adequately to the various tasks, and it will also act as a reminder to eliminate the chance of an activity being forgotten. Similarly an employer can come up with a work schedule using our works schedule templates to help achieve the company or organizations goals in an orderly sequence.

Types of schedules

Publicly available schedules

There are many schedules that are meant for the general public to help them plan on how they will undertake the given activities as outlined by the schedules. Examples of such schedules are;

  • Hours of operation of various businesses, the government offices as well as the tourist attractions schedules. These schedules are useful for consumers who might be interested in enjoying the outlined activities as it will help them plan on the best time of obtaining them.
  • Transport schedules such as airline timetables, train schedules, bus schedules as well as other public transportation schedules are meant to help commuters plan on how they will get to their destinations at their most convenient time. For the case of transport services there is usually a schedule delay, this could either imply that the departure time will be a bit late or early depending on the circumstances in a given day.
  • Broadcast programming is another way in which a schedule of the various TV shows can be publicized to the general public. This will help market a given show and it is also a convenient way of letting the fans of a given TV show or news item tune in to catch up on it. The various programs or TV will be outlined at regular time intervals and they will be different from one day to the other.
  • Various concerts or sporting activities have schedules which outline when various activities or events will take place. These schedules are convenient to many fans as they will know when to buy the tickets and when to arrive for given events during these concerts or sporting activities.

Internal Schedule

As opposed to a public schedule an Internal Schedule is meant for a small group people, these people use it to know when to undertake given activities and everyone in these groups ought to be abide by this. Most of the groups usually use schedules from preexisting groups but for a group to be effective it needs to come up with a schedule that works for it.

Internal schedules are not normally publicized and in certain scenario the information contained in them is kept to be as confidential as possible.

The best example of an internal schedule is a workplace schedule. This site provides a work schedule template that can help those interested in this schedule to generate as many copies as possible in an easy and convenient way. The work schedule will outline the hours that specific employees will be expected to undertake various tasks. It is quite helpful for the employer as activities will be handled in an organized manner and overstaffing will be eliminated. For those business which are open to the general public their work schedules should be in line with operating hours of the business. This will make it possible for the employees to be available when the clients will be asking for various services or the purchase of various goods. A good example of scheduling which factors in this is the Gantt chart as this ensures that the available resources for the accomplishment of a given activity are in place.

Another example of an internal schedule is the class schedule for an individual student. This will help a student to know when and where they need to be for a given class. This is a good way of planning for a given day and it will aid the student not to forget about a given class.

Project Management Scheduling

Various projects that are in their various stages of completion normally have a schedule to guide their step by step development. For proper management of a project, there is normally a formal schedule which is created to guide the whole construction and equipping of the finished project. This is usually the first step that needs to be effected before the commencement of a given project.

The project management schedule will have a list of the milestones, activities as well as the deliverables within their specific time intervals for completion. There is also supposed to be a list of the employees who will help in the realization of a particular project.

On the other hand, a production process schedule is designed for the planning of production or alternatively the operations involved. The resource schedule will help in planning of how the limited resources will be shared by the various units or departments in an organization.

For the resource schedule, time intervals required by the various units will need to be ascertain as well as the dependency and the nature of dependency between the various units or sections.

While undertaking scheduling for the various projects, there is a need of knowing all the tasks that are to be accomplished for a project to be termed as a completed project. The earliest time for completion of the various tasks needs to be determined as well. While creating a schedule for a project there is usually a time that is set aside for the unforeseen days. This time is usually referred to as the scheduling variance also known as float.

How to create a daily schedule

If you wish to have a sense of order in your life with your time being adequately distributed for each task you need to have a daily schedule. As mentioned earlier this site offers free daily schedule templates that could help you come up with your daily schedule without less of a hustle. Below is a way in which you could alternatively come up with a daily schedule;

  1. Get the material needed to design the schedule that is a few sheets of lined and unlined papers. You will also need to have a pen, pencil and a ruler.
  2. List down all the tasks that you want to accomplish on a sheet of paper. You also need to write down the times required to complete each of these tasks.
  • Proceed to write down the other things that you do as well. These may include activities such as eating, sleeping and your free time as well.
  1. Ensure that everything written down occupies the 24 hours. After doing this choose a form of schedule of your choice. You could browse for more ideas that might interest you for a schedule and have a name for the schedule.
  2. Proceed to fill in the tasks according to the time in the schedule.
  3. After accomplishing this, you need to be determined enough to follow it. You might encounter some difficulty as far as this is concerned especially in the first month, but you need to work on getting used to this by staying put and going by it.


Some tips and warnings while creating a daily schedule;

  • Different days might require you to have different schedules, thus you could have different schedules for the various days of the week.
  • In case you are swayed away from following your schedule by some key event such as an emergency you need to make up for this as soon as possible.
  • Watch out for strict schedules that are too demanding in nature. You need to have as much free time to yourself as well. A recommendation of two to three hours in a day are sufficient for free time.

How to create a work schedule for your employees

As employers your desire is to achieve the objectives and goals of your business within a given set period of time. This requires you to have a plan of how certain tasks will be accomplished, the resources for achieving these such as your employees and the sequence in which various tasks will be accomplished. This can be best outlined by the use of a work schedule. Having a schedule will create an order of doing things in your business, you will also guard against overstaffing or understaffing and avoidance of overtime which will attract overtime pay rates. This site offers work schedules templates that can help you come up with suitable work schedule. The following steps will help you create a good work schedule;

  1. First you need to consult a lawyer to know the various work laws. Ask about the overtime pay as well as other laws which you need to abide to as a business.
  2. Work out a number of the employees that you require to accomplish the various tasks in your business in each unit. This can vary from day to day and it will also be determined by the location of your business.
  3. Then proceed to create a chart that will represent the work schedule. This chart will outline the blocks of time in which your various employees will be tasked with various activities. You could use a paper or special software programs such as MS Excel to create the work schedule chart.
  4. Fill in the chart with the relevant details such as the name of the employees and the task to be accomplished. Remember not to overschedule or under schedule any employees.
  5. Make room for holiday and vacations for your employees. You can choose to give your employees day offs to motivate them to work better on their return.

These are just a few of the tips that will help you end up with good schedules either for your daily use or to be used at work. These sites offers a more convenient way of handling scheduling needs, as there are free work schedule templates as well as daily schedules templates that you could make use of.

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