Whether for a party, special event, or just casual dress up- papers crowns can come in pretty handy. You can dress them up with a few jewels or keep the simple and sleek. As an added bonus, they are inexpensive, customizable, and relatively easy to make. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your paper crown template!  Making this personalized masterpiece, however, comes down to a few basic ingredients.

To start making your paper crown today you will need a few essential items including paper (cardstock or construction paper also works well), glue (stick or liquid), scissors, and coloring utensils. To take a fresh spin on making your paper crown you may also want to have glitter, stickers, and jewels readily available. For fancier, more elaborate designs you may consider keeping a paper cutting machine close by as well.

Crown Templates

How To Create Your Own Paper Crown

When all items are in your possession you can begin making your one of a kind crown with these simple steps:

  1. Have Your Template Available.  Every paper crown maker needs a template. A paper crown template is an outline of what the finished product is going to look like. You can sketch a princess crown template by hand, but it is important to note that measurements for the crown need to be fairly exact so opting for a printable template (like the ones found on this website) might be your best bet! Just choose the right template for you and print it out on your choice of paper.
  2. Color Your Template.  Whether you went with the hand drawn or printable template, your paper crown will need to be colored. Coloring the crown before cutting it out will help with the overall appearance of the finished product. You will be able to color more easily, plus you don’t need to worry about staying in the lines because you are going to be cutting around those anyway! (Reminder: Don’t forget to color any rectangular bands on the page as these will be used as the straps that hold the crown on your head!)
  3. Cut It Out. This next step speaks for itself. When you are through coloring, simply take your scissors and cut around the outside lines of the crown template.
  4. Put it together! For this next step, you will need to have your glue and crown template handy. If your paper crown came with two paper strips you will want to glue those into one long strip first. Let the glue set for about one minute. Once you are down to one paper strip you will need to put a dab of glue on each end so that it can be fastened to the crown. Once fastened, let the crown set for about five minutes to ensure your masterpiece will not easily fall apart.
  5. Decorate! (Optional) Once the paper crown has set, you can begin decorating however you’d like! You can add jewels, stickers, or glitter in whatever design your heart pleases! If you have a paper cutting machine available, you may want to cut out different patterns to add to your crown like flowers or hearts. You can use colored construction paper for these cut outs, or color them yourself and simply glue them on to your crown. Remember, your paper crown is one of a kind, just like you!

Following these simple steps, you can be on your way to turning a princess crown template into the perfect tiara for dress up, a crown that will wow at the party, or perhaps a simple stand-out accessory for a birthday celebration!

Innovative Ideas for Using Paper Crown Templates

Paper crowns aren’t just for young children anymore! That’s right, because of how inexpensive, unique, and easy-to-make these crowns can be, more and more people are jumping on the paper crown bandwagon! It may be a funny concept, to wear something you haven’t thought of since your sixth birthday, but you may be surprised to find out just what can be done with a little paper and imagination. Below is a simple list describing some innovative ways you can start using paper crowns today!


  1. Rock It  It comes as no surprise that the first item on this list is simply, to rock it. Recently, paper crown templates have come out in more elaborate, fun designs than ever. This is great for both adults and children alike, making the paper crown more fashionable and flexible. For those who do not plan on wearing the paper crown for everyday dress up, cue the adults, these crowns can be customized as an elegant fashion accessory for birthday celebrations or costume parties. As an added bonus, they cost little to nothing to make!
  2. Decoration  Whether it is for you or someone else, princess paper crown templates can be used to decorate! Using the same steps for making a paper crown, minus the rectangular headbands and glue, you can string together a colorful banner of princess crowns perfect for a party or bedroom wall. Once each crown has been colored and cut, punch small, even holes on each side of the crown and string through your choice of yarn or string. You can even customize each crown with stickers, glitter, and paper cut outs to make each princess crown look unique to your style!
  3. Party Favors  For an inexpensive, customizable treat at your next party, utilize the power of the princess crown template. Nothing keeps a group busy like a good arts and crafts project! Whether for young or old, each party attendant can create their very own paper crown to wear for the duration of the party that can then be taken home with them as a memento of all the fun they had! You can even make these party favors into a competition and have all of your guests vote for the best paper crown at the end, giving a special prize to the winner.

There you have it- young or old, just about everyone can find a way to use a paper crown. These crowns need not look cheap either! With new intricate designs and cut outs available for these paper tiaras, it is not so far-fetched to make these babies look sophisticated. Furthermore, with the printable templates available on this site making your very own paper crown is easier than ever! Simply print and start your paper project today!

TemplateLab August 2nd, 2019