If you have been drafting a contract termination letter, you might have been looking at termination of contract letter examples to guide your writing. There are various ways to write an end contract letter or a termination of agreement letter, but contract cancellation letters that are written for another purpose might not be ideal for your needs. Creating a notice to terminate a contract or termination of services letter requires that you have all the right components included to make sure that your letter will hold up in court.

Notice of contract termination
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Contract Termination Letters

What is a Notice of Contract Termination?

Contract terminations cannot always be done by simple verbal agreement. You will usually need to use a notice of contract termination to end a contract before the set agreed-upon termination date of the contract. The contract termination document that you draft will provide the information that is needed to make sure that the contract can be terminated properly.

You will use your contract termination letter in specific situations related to contract changes:

  • Lapse of contract duration
  • Breach of contract terms
  • Fraud of misrepresentation
  • Failure to perform obligations of some kind

This letter might not be needed due to a disagreement. It can be used during the contract period if there is a reason that justifies the end of the contract. The employer or the employee might want to break the contract for various reasons.

Termination of Contract Letters

How Do You Politely Terminate a Contract With a Client?

Client contract terminations are best handled with calm and professionalism. There can be heated emotions involved, but usually, if you are calm and polite, the situation will not escalate to this point. The contract termination letter can be your biggest help in this kind of situation to prevent issues with emotional altercations. Contracts almost always have built-in language that allows for the contract to be broken based on a variety of factors.

If your contract termination letter is drafted correctly, you will be able to reference these parts of the contract to cite why the relationship is ending. If there is no clear reason laid out in the contract, you can still deliver the reasons for ending the contract in a rational manner. You might be forced to submit to legal action based on the contract termination, but that does not mean that the contract termination has to be done in a contentious way.

How Do I Write a Letter to Terminate a Contract?

There are some specific components to the contract termination letter that must always be present when drafting documents like this. If you do not include all the information, your letter might not be valid. You will need to be sure that you do not forget any of the information that should be in the letter to eliminate confusion or problems when you attempt to exercise its functionality.

The things that must be included in the contract termination letter are as follows:

  1. Specifics of the Original Contract. The original contract will often bear the information that is related to the termination of the bond between two parties. This original document will need to be referred to when you are breaking the contract. The letter needs to refer to the original document to explain why the contract is being broken.
  2. Address to the Right Parties. When you are using a contract termination letter to end a contract, the letter needs to be addressed to the right person or group. This means that the company or individual with whom you are terminating the contract with is the right party to address the letter to. When the letter is not addressed to the right parties, it is not valid. You can only notify someone that you have a contract with that the contract is being broken. You cannot notify an adjacent party of the termination of the contract.
  3. Include Reference to the Terms of the Original Contract. The cancellation terms or the contract breaking information that is in the original contract will need to be listed in the contract termination letter. These terms will need to be referenced when offering up means by which the contract can be broken. You will want to refer to termination clauses and the options that are related to them when you draft your contract cancellation letter.
  4. Explain Next Steps. The next steps related to the contract termination need to be listed in great detail. You will need to factor in information about compensation for the terminated party. You will also want to explain benefits and other items that might be lost by the terminated party as well. Contract termination letters will include clauses that state that suppliers or employees need to complete specific processes before the termination is final.
    You can also add as many unique items here as you wish. You might not be able to refer to anything that was not spelled out in the original contract.
  5.  Offer A Means for Contact. When you are drafting a contract termination letter, you need to make sure that there is a point of contact that can offer information and guidance to the person being terminated. You will want this point of contact to be listed clearly by name, address, and title, and you should provide complete contact information for this person as well. This person can help you to sever the bond without issues.

End Contract Letters

How Do You Write a Termination Notice?

A termination notice needs to have the right information in it as well. This termination notice formally will tell the employee that they are being terminated and why. This is a critical step in breaking an employment contract. Without a termination notice, you will not be able to terminate the employee unless they agree to your terms on their own.

Any company property will need to be returned, and you might want to request this be done with the termination notice as well. You can remind the employee of their obligations to the contract that they signed when they were employed. The reasons for termination need to be laid out clearly in the termination notice as well.

The date of the termination needs to be clear, as well as the title of the employee and their job duties. You will want to be sure that it is clear who the party is as well as being clear about the details of the termination.

Contract Cancellation Letters

Some Tips for Writing a Contract Termination Letter

  • Be Polite. Thanking the party that read the contract termination letter is standard. You will want to be sure to thank this person for their efforts on your behalf up to that point as well. This can help to make the letter less of a shock and less contentious.
  • Proofread. Make sure that you proofread the document completely. You cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to the letter being invalid. Any references made to the original contract need to be correct and complete. Your letter needs to be correct and complete to be enforceable.
  • Consider Professional Oversight. If you are not sure that you are going to be able to include all the right legal information and clauses in your contract termination letter, you need to consider having a legal expert check your letter over. This will help you to be sure that you are not going to run into issues with the termination that is being laid out in the letter.

This is one of the more complex kinds of writing that you might need to do as a business owner. You will need to be sure that you are drafting this letter correctly for it to be enforceable. There are some best practices that you need to be sure to use when you are drafting these letters so that you can be sure that they will serve their purpose.

Make sure to use these tips to write a quality letter that you can use to terminate an employee properly and without issues. You do not want to have to struggle with emotional outbursts, difficulties that might impact morale at your business, or other problems when an employee must be terminated.

  • Stick to the point. Don’t talk about personal things or about anything that is not related to the person’s job or their lack of job performance that led to the termination.
  • Be courteous and professional. This is a professional document, and you will want to be sure that you do not forget that this is the case when you are drafting your letter.
  • The letter must be sealed and should not be read by anyone else that does not need to be involved in the firing process.
  • Make sure that you are taking NDAs into consideration or other legal agreements that need to be honored related to the termination of someone that works for your company.
  • The employee needs to be clear about why they are being terminated. You cannot leave anything open to guesswork.
  • The facts of the original contract need to be reviewed and detailed so that the employee is clear about why they are being terminated.
  • The letter must be signed, or it is not considered to be valid. Anyone who needs to be listed as responsible for the termination needs to sign the letter.
  • Make sure that diplomacy is your foremost consideration. This is not a personal attack, and you will need to be sure that you do not neglect this tone when you are writing this letter.
  • The date of termination must be clear, and the reason for termination must also be perfectly clear.

Terminating someone can be stressful, but it is also necessary in some cases. You need to be able to take care of this process properly so that you do not run into issues that could have been avoided. There is no reason to run into issues with terminations related to personal language, incorrect behavior, or a lack of clarity with the person who is being terminated.

Managing a business means that you will sometimes have to terminate people. This is unavoidable, but you can make the process much easier for everyone involved if you use the right contract termination letter template.

Termination of Agreement Letters

Contract Termination Letters Can be Necessary for Any Business

If you have been struggling with writing a contract termination letter, you need to be sure to use these tips to make sure that your contract termination process is not any harder than it needs to be. There are many reasons that this process can be hard, but you can avoid the most difficult parts of the process if you draft a quality contract termination letter.

There are many reasons that you cannot afford to neglect this important document, and it needs to be created properly to be sure that you will be able to use it for a variety of different needs. You can create documents specific to certain jobs, but all of these different termination letters will need to be created with the right parts to be sure that the letters are valid. You cannot afford to end up in a legal wrangle with every single person that you terminate, and the contract termination letter will ensure that this is not the case.

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