Completing a course of study is not an easy task, and students’ hard work should always be recognized.

You can award a certificate of completion to acknowledge that students have successfully completed a course. Certificates of completion are commonly awarded to students who do not meet the requirements to graduate from high school, but who have instead completed an Individualized Education Plan, known as an IEP.

Whilst a completion certificate is not the same as a high school diploma, they are a great resource to help students participate in a graduation ceremony despite not meeting the academic requirements for a full graduation diploma.

You can also use certificates of completion for any short course of study that someone undertakes. This can add a nice touch to your classroom and shows students that you appreciate their hard work.

You can choose from our range of free certificate of completion templates and customize them to help you award students in a unique and creative way.

Certificate of Completion Templates


What is a Certificate of Completion?

Certificates of completion can be used in a range of work or school environments. They are used to demonstrate the completion of a course and can be awarded to participants for a range of achievements. This can include:

  • An extracurricular activity
  • A language learning course
  • Professional development courses
  • Online courses
  • Health and Safety Training
  • A way to honor a student exiting high school

Once each person has completed the training course or project, you can have a graduation ceremony to award them with their completion certificate. This helps to make a formal occasion of the course completion and is a great opportunity to celebrate each individual achievement.

  • A Certificate of Completion for High School Students
    It is important to note that a certificate of completion is not the same as a high school diploma.
    A certificate of completion is not an academic credential and should only be used as a way to signify a student leaving high school. Using a completion certificate template can provide students who did not meet the requirements for graduation with a sense of dignity despite not having a diploma.
  • Boost your resume with a Certificate of Completion
    A certificate of completion template is not restricted to school learning and can be a great way to show prospective employers that you possess the skills they are looking for.
    If you run a training course, awarding all participants with a certificate of completion demonstrates that they have attended the course and deserve recognition.
    Receiving a completion certificate indicates to employers that you have participated in a course that has given you suitable skills for the job role. It is also representative of the hard work you put into completing the course, through your consistent attendance.
  • Certificate of Completion Templates for a Project
    Teachers will often have students complete a project that is more substantial than their typical coursework. This situation is one of the best opportunities to create a certificate of completion and award students.
    If the project is particularly difficult, such as a lengthy science investigation or an advanced art project, then a completion certificate is proof that students have completed the project. They can use this when applying for colleges if it is relevant to their application.
    You can use a free editable certificate of completion to celebrate your students’ hard work after a difficult project.
  • Completion Certificate for a Health and Safety Training Course
    Health and Safety training is often a requirement for many jobs, and having a completion certificate for this will look very desirable for employers.
    Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is also a highly valuable skill, regardless of employment prospects. You may have to complete this training course as part of your professional development at work, too.
    If you are in charge of health and safety training in your workplace or school, it is suggested that students have a completion certificate as proof of their new skills. You can create a certificate of completion template and edit this to include specific details of the training course if you wish.

Free Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion 11
Certificate of Completion 11 Download for Word Certificate of Completion 11 Download

How Valuable is a Certificate of Completion?

Being awarded a certificate of completion has many benefits.

If you are an educator or an employer, or you run educational courses, then you can create a certificate of completion template as an excellent way to show your students or employees that you appreciate their hard work. A certificate of completion adds a layer to their resume or application that makes them stand out from the crowd, making it a valuable document and proof of their efforts.

You can create your own completion certificate template, or save time and simply edit a free certificate of completion template and customize them for your students. Our free completion certificate templates are a great way to begin awarding participants for their learning.

  • Increase Career Prospects
    A certificate of completion is a valuable award that can set you apart from competitors. If you complete a course that is reputable and accredited, employers will be especially impressed. They may require you to possess specific skills for the job role, and a completion certificate is evidence of this.
    A completion certificate also shows that your skills are authenticated and that someone else can verify your ability to do this specific skill, whether it is coding, speaking French, or knowing how to crochet. Certificates of completion templates can be used for any kind of course.
  • Encourages Continued Professional Development
    In the fast-paced working world of today, it is essential that you obtain as much knowledge about your job role as possible, in order to be the best employee you can be.
    A certificate of completion can incentivize workers and students to achieve their goals and continue learning to further benefit their career prospects. Professional development should not be overlooked, particularly in constantly changing industries, such as technology and education. It is therefore valuable for employers who are looking to hire someone who prioritizes professional development in the workplace.
  • Demonstrates Punctuality and Attendance
    The only way to complete a course properly is to attend in the first place.
    A certificate of completion, therefore, demonstrates good attendance and punctuality, which is a desirable trait that all employers are looking for. It is proof that you put the effort in and showed up, and this will not go unnoticed by prospective employers.
    It may sound simple, but having high standards for attendance is an important skill in itself, and a completion certificate ensures that employers have proof that you are a punctual and hard-working person.
  • Provides a Clear Outcome for Learners
    Having a goal in mind when completing a course is one of the best ways to remain disciplined and actually complete the course.
    That’s why certificates of completion are an excellent way to help structure a course, as it provides learners with something to physically achieve at the end of it. Learners knowing that they will receive a certificate of completion which they can use in their resume will help to motivate them and ensure good participation throughout the course. You can create a certificate of completion to add structure and make your course more formal for students.

Editable Certificates of Completion

How to Make a Certificate of Completion Template

A certificate of completion should be designed and themed to suit the specific course it is for. For example, if the certificate of completion is for a language training course, you can edit it using colors and images related to that country. This brings a sense of detail to your certificate of completion that students will appreciate.

You can download and customize one of our printable, free certificates of completion templates to begin designing your completion certificates in a way that suits your class. You can select a suitable background and color scheme for your certificate template to add that touch of personalization and create a bespoke certificate of completion for each student.

However, you may prefer to create your own certificate of completion templates, and you can do this using a few simple steps. You can use an online certificate maker or an online tool, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word to design your own certificate of completion templates.

  • What is included in the certificate of completion templates?
    You can customize a free certificate of completion template to suit the course of study, with images or additional details.
    However, there are several things that are typically included in a certificate of completion template that are necessary for employers who will look at them.
  • Necessary Elements of a Certificate of Completion Template
    A clear statement of completion
    What course was completed
    The name of the recipient
    The date of completion
    A signature
    Perhaps you prefer each certificate of completion to be unique to the recipient. Although this requires more time on your part, it can help each person who completed the training to feel deeply appreciated for their hard work and achievements. I have included a list of additional elements you can edit into your certificate of completion template.
  • Additional Elements to Include in Certificate of Completion Templates
    The length of completion in days or hours
    Your own photos of the course
    Photos of the recipient’s coursework
    An image related to the course itself
    A logo of the training company
    You can download and customize one of our editable certificates of completion templates and choose what elements to include.
  • Steps to Create a Certificate of Completion Template
    Choose a format for your certificate of completion template. Choose from a range of formats to customize your certificate of completion design. Online certificate makers allow you to search for a suitable format, or you can choose a color scheme of your own if you use a separate tool.
    Include the title of the certificate as ‘Certificate of Completion,’ with a space underneath for the recipient’s name. It is important that the words ‘Certificate of Completion’ are highly visible on the certificate, in order for employers to clearly see this information. You should choose a clear but visually appealing font to customize your certificate template.
    Add the name of their achievement. Above the recipient’s name, it is common to include a sentence such as ‘This is to certify that (recipient) has successfully completed the _____________ course.’ You may wish to include the length or hours undertaken in the course or include a date of completion. Dates are important for employers’ reference.
    Include a signature. A signature provides authenticity to the certificate of completion. It should be signed by the person who runs the course. The signature can be an e-signature or written by hand if preferred, although this is more time-consuming.
    Download and print your certificate of completion template. If possible, download your certificate of completion template into a PDF format, and then this can be easily printed and awarded to the recipients.
    Award your students! Now you can award students for their achievements and hard work.
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