Birthdays mean a lot to most people and I believe you are not excluded in this equation. Some prefer to celebrate with their family members while other folks prefer to involve a few of their friends or at times even a whole neighborhood. If you want to get to many people you need to come up with an appropriate birthday invitation card. This has to be catchy, imploring and quite informative in nature. If you are stuck up while trying to come up with a birthday you need to worry less about this thanks to the availability of birthday invitation templates. Birthday invitation templates can help you to easily and conveniently come up with as many birthday invitation cards as possible. This site is well stocked with free birthday invitation templates that you could make use of.

Birthday Invitation Templates

If you are planning to have a birthday party you need to inform your friends as well as other people in your neighborhood. It is thus good for one to be good at coming up with birthday invitation cards which will be informative and appealing in nature. This is a skill that you need to work on and the following tips will help you come up with a catchy and informative birthday invitation card.

The best way of writing a birthday invitation card:

  • First you need to think about the actual invites and how you are going to acquire them. Contemplate about the cost of buying them or making them on your own and the convenience that comes with each option.Either way you need to have all the necessary information that will have to be included in the birthday invitation card. If you are going to buy birthday invitations you need to make sure that you get the appropriate ones. Pick a less formal and fun to look at invitation card for a kid’s birthday. But for an adult’s birthday you need to settle for a birthday invite that is less childish in nature. It is also good to consider the gender of the kid to get the one that will be most appropriate.If you have chosen to come with one you need to design them with the help of an appropriate software. This is better than having handwritten cards.There is also the option of emailing the birthday invites and there are sites which offer avenues for emailing the invites.
  • The next step is to think about the kind of information that you need to include. There are certain kinds of information that ought to be included. The name of the birthday girl, boy, lady or gentleman needs to be put out clearly. The name of the person you are sending the invite to needs to be included too. Specify the day and date as well as the time for the party and the venue/address for the celebration. Include any other information that may seem fit for instance the dress cord depending on the venue. It can really be convenient and helpful for one to include a sketch of the location or address, a small map with appropriate landmarks and streets would work the trick.
  • After obtaining the necessary information and verifying it, you can then sit down and write out the birthday invitations. For invitations which are to be bought you need to hand-write the information in the spaces left by the designer. If you made an invitation card by use of a computer you can type in the necessary details.
  • After you are done make sure that you go through what you have written or typed to make sure that answers are given to the following questions; who? When? Where? Any reservation and other contact information that might be helpful to one who is eager to attend the celebration or party will also be helpful.
  • You can proceed to print the birthday invitations out if you had typed it on a computer. It will be best if you could make it to be colorful so that you can print them out in color. For birthday invitations that need to be sent to those far from you can put them in envelopes and send them. In the case of those people who are close enough you can give them the invites more directly and you don’t have to put them in envelopes. If you can, the most economical and advanced way of distributing the birthday invites is by emailing them to the various parties.

Free Birthday Invitation Templates

Here are a few tips to help you come up with the best birthday invitation cards and the best way to distribute them;

  • See to it that all the details an interested party might want to see/verify are indicated in the birthday invite
  • If you have decided to bring the invites to school for distribution to specific people, please make sure that the distribution exercise is private enough to avoid making other people feel left out.
  • Send the birthday invites in good time so that people can get an ample time of replying them and confirming their attendance
  • Make sure that you have supplies in good time to decorate them
  • See to it that all the necessary information is included. To ensure that you don’t leave out anything you can jot down all the information on a separate piece of paper and enquire from your parents if they are okay with what is included.


For a Birthday Party Invitation; there are a few things that need to be stressed to avoid having a sticky birthday party. Here is some RSVP advice and the tactical ways of avoiding these sticky situations. Most of the invitation parts will be obvious as outlined above but there some sections that you need to pay attention to. There are situation in which you may not want to have siblings or parents around during the birthday party. In some cases you might want to invite the parents too. There are ways in which you can kindly ask the guest to cater for expenses such as the food or drinks or an admission fee into the party. You may also want them to donate to some charity course during the party instead of offering gifts.

The RSVP section should include details such as the parent’s names, their phone numbers as well as an email address on the invitation RSVP line. The section RSVP used to imply that one should let the sender know if they are going to attend the party or not. This is quite crucial for planning a party as you will be sure with the approximate number of guest to be expected at the birthday party. This section is mostly ignored by many in the recent past and this might probably be due to many being oblivious of its true meaning. But you could convey its purpose by suggestive sentences that will prompt one to respond in good time. But as much as you would rely on this section it is always good to prepared to cater for the extra people in attendance.

As regards outside venues; In case you are planning for a birthday party that will be held outside your home you need to include this in the invites. So if you are planning to celebrate in the mall, going out for dinner or any other location see to it that is location is mentioned in the birthday party invitation card. The reason for this is that most parents are quite particular in knowing where there children are going to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and check on their children in case of an emergency.

Avoiding surprise guests; if you want to avoid surprise guests you could politely convey this in your birthday party invitation card. This will help in avoiding a situation where parents send other siblings to accompany the one who is invited to a given birthday party. This will help you avoid the embarrassing moment of having to relay this information after they show up at your door step on the material day. You can say that a given party is for the invited guest only to avoid surprise guests, you could also firmly but kindly say that siblings are not allowed.

Asking parents to stay vs. not to stay for the birthday party; there are situation where you would want the parents to stay for the birthday celebration. They are various ways of conveying this as indicated in our sample birthday party invitations. You could accomplish this in the best way by stating that they will be a separate table for the adult guests.

There are other situations where you wouldn’t wish for your parents to be in the birthday party. You could kindly request the parents to keep off by including a statement like them picking up their children at the end of the party or any other creative way of putting this across.

If you are of the mind that your guests should cater for the food or refreshments costs an outside venue you need to specify this in the invite. It will be good to include the approximate cost for such for those planning to attend to set aside that amount. If there is an admission charge this has to be specified too, just make sure that people are not caught off balance.

If you don’t want the guest to bother themselves with gifts you should also specify this in your birthday invitation card. You could just state that you are more than satisfied with their presence and that no gifts will be required. In case you are asking for funds for a given donation you need to include this and attach a copy elaborating on the noble course. It is not prudent to request for certain gifts for a birthday party, let your guests make their independent decisions. In case one wants to have a gift suggestion, you can let them in depending on how you choose to handle this.


To guide and let you draft you birthday invite in the correct way, we have included birthday invitation templates that you can fill in comfortably. In case you want to see how a birthday invite looks like there are a couple of birthday invitation samples that you could check out on this site. Make use of these free birthday invitation templates to ease your work in your quest to come up with the best ones for the day.

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