Birthdays are very special occasions and there are so many ways to celebrate them. To remember when to prepare the party favors, cake, present, and more, you need a printable birthday calendar to remind you. With a little creative inkling, you can present this document in a fun and memorable way. You can even download free templates online. These templates are all about celebrating special events so you can give your greetings.

Birthday Calendar Templates

What is a birthday calendar template?

A birthday planner or calendar template displays the birthdays for a class, a group of friends, a family, a company, or any other group. You can download templates and customize them as needed. Birthday calendars made in Excel can serve as perpetual calendars. This means that all you have to do is to list the birthdays, then create a birthday calendar each year using the same template.

Printable Birthday Calendars

Why do you need a birthday calendar?

Forgetting a friend, family member, or coworker’s birthday is quite common. When this happens, you would rush out to search for a last-minute gift. Just imagine your loved one preparing a special dinner for their birthday and you come empty-handed. But such a situation doesn’t have to happen if you had a personal or office birthday calendar template.

These versatile and practical planners will never let you forget another birthday. Print as many copies for your home or office. You can also use this template to plan special occasions. Plan a formal or casual gathering each month for all of the special milestones your loved ones will celebrate.

There is a wide range of templates you can download online, from fun and colorful styles to professional-looking and elegant ones. These calendars feature months of the year only allowing you to enter the names on the dates for their birthdays. Since the year isn’t usually specified, the templates won’t become outdated. Such would be the perfect tool for recording all birthdays for family, friends, colleagues, group members, and classmates. Since digital files are very easy to work with, your personal list of birthdays can be easily created, saved, and modified as needed.

Examples of birthday calendar template

A person’s birthday is an important event for friends, relatives, and colleagues. Therefore, it’s essential to keep a birthday tracker in the office or at home to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant situations. Here are some ideas for designing your own template:

Birthday calendar diary

You can use this to collect the birthdays of people who are close to you. This way, you can greet them accordingly and make their days more special. You can create a monthly format with lovely layouts to celebrate everyone’s birthday.

Landscape calendar

You may prefer to have your birthday calendar contain all the months of the year on a single page. Using a landscape orientation will allow you to do this. Each month will have lines to write the birthdays of your loved ones. You can even add a special note at the bottom if you need more space for all of the celebrants.

School birthday calendar

This calendar will attract the attention of students as you will hang it in the classroom for everyone to see. Students can wish and celebrate the birthdays of their classmates. Since you can fully edit printable templates, you can personalize them using fun graphics.

Floral print calendar

Using various floral designs with colorful combinations will bring out the happiness and spirit of birthday celebrations. People of all ages will fall in love with such calendars.

Family birthday calendars

Most family birthday calendar templates have lovely background images where you would write various wordings in beautiful, eye-catching designs. Aside from an elegant look, these templates are completely editable. This means that you can write the names of each member of your family. You can also choose a new background whether it be a photo, a graphic, or a scenery.

Yearly calendar

This calendar is already full as it contains all of the months on it. With such a calendar, you can only include a couple of birthdays. The good part is, the calendar template has a clean design without a lot of distracting images. You can even include colorful fonts and features on it. This is ideal for classroom calendars where there are only a few students.

Minimalist calendar

This minimal banner has columns for all of the months. This feature will help you list down all of the birthdays you need on it. If you download a print-ready format, it’s best to keep track of your loved ones’ birthdays. Minimalist designs have a vintage look with bold fonts. For printing purposes, you can use colored or grayscale.

Colorful calendar

This calendar template has a fun and friendly design complete with graphics and lovely fonts. The colorful and vibrant designs will add more fun to your birthday reminders.

Office Birthday Calendar Templates

How do I create a birthday calendar?

Even without any prior experience in creating calendars, you can still come up with an impressive template. If you follow these steps, you can create your own birthday calendar in no time:

Choose the type of calendar template

The first thing to do is search for calendar templates. From there, you can choose the type of printable calendar you want to create. After determining the type, you can search for specific designs to find the one that suits your needs. Use a calendar creator to make it easier for you to add photos to your template. Next, set the orientation and size, then choose the month and year when the calendar will start.

Decorate your template

Design your birthday calendar template. You may choose new colors for each of the headers and cells. You can also change the fonts and set the sizes of the names and numbers. Alternatively, you can also browse through other designs if you will work with an online editor. Choose the main background for your template. You can go with a gradient, a solid color, or even a photo. Decorate the template with masks, cliparts, or frames. If you want to use more than a single image, create your own customized collage.

Mark the cells individually

It’s now time to create a list of all the birthdays of your loved ones. Highlight these days in the corresponding cells. You can do this either manually or by importing the data from Outlook or Excel. Decorate the cells with the photos of the birthday celebrants. You can crop the images to fit into the cells. For the people you don’t have photos of, mark their cells with stylized images or cliparts.

Save and your and print it out

When you’re satisfied with the template you have created, you can save it to make it your perpetual calendar. You can save the template project either as a PNG or JPEG file if you want to keep it digital. For instance, you might want to use it as wallpaper for your laptop. You can also save your template as PDF or TIFF file, then take this file to the print shop.

An excellent idea is to create a customized birthday calendar with photos on it. This could even make a unique gift or become a unique decor in your home. Even calendar apps in PCs or smartphones won’t match printed calendars as they are either too bleak, impersonal or both. It’s time to create and design your own calendar template. Making one will fill your heart with happy anticipation.

Family Birthday Calendar Templates

Start planning the next birthday party!

When you’re done with your template, it’s time to start planning those special occasions. When birthdays come, celebrants usually expect to get presents, cards, and more. For children, a party is a must, and organizing one can be both tiring and fun. And your child’s happiness will make all the worthwhile. To make the party special, here are some tips for you:

Start preparing early

Remember that one properly-prepared person is worth two or even more unprepared ones. You should plan a birthday party should at least a couple of weeks before the actual event. You should take care of things like the date, time, venue, and how long the party will last. You should also create the guest list and decide whether you need to rent some things for the party. You should make the decisions for all of these things well in advance. When the day finally comes, you also need to set aside enough time to get everything ready before the party.

Consider having a themed party

Having a theme for the party will make organizing it a lot easier. With a theme, you can coordinate all of the decorations, the games to play, and the design of the invitations to send. This will ensure the best outcome and make the birthday party something all of the guests will remember.

Let your creative juices flow

It’s easy to send an email or call to your guests to invite them to the party. But if you want to make them feel excited about attending is to send them an invitation. This will be much better and more personal. It will also be fun to choose an invitation for the party, add cool wordings, and even a photo related to the theme. You can browse online to search for birthday card templates with amazing designs. After selecting a template, you can personalize it.

Don’t forget the cake

A cake is the centerpiece of a birthday celebration so you should have one. You can even make things interesting by ordering cakes with different themes. These cakes will draw a lot of attention from your guests although you will have to pay for all of them.

If you enjoy baking, make the cakes yourself. This will add another layer of customization. Although a cake with candles is the traditional way to go, having cupcakes, brownies, or other baked goodies could work too.

Keep the children busy

Make sure to provide entertainment for the children. You can just let young ones play but not for too long. Letting children have their way the whole time will cause your party to dive into chaos. Plan activities to keep the children busy. When the opening of gifts and cake cutting are finally over, you will discover that the party has already gone by.

Ask for help if you need it

When children start playing rowdily, crying, and yelling all at the same time, this will be quite a challenge. Make sure you have people to help you in such a situation. For a children’s party, it would really be great if both parents attend. Even grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends can help. Asking for help will allow you to enjoy the party more.

Think about giving thank you gifts to the guests

Children will love it if you give them something as a memento before they leave the party. This could be anything from a bag of sweets to small presents like coloring pencils, bubble blowers, whistles, bouncing balls, and more. You can even think of something super original like a bamboo magnet. Take a picture of all of the guests together, print the photo at home, and stick it on the magnet. It would be a lovely surprise to see those magnets on the refrigerator doors of your guests when you visit them.

Create a photo album to keep all of your memories

Remember to take a lot of pictures at the party. It won’t cost you a dime as pictures today are digitally stored. So you can take as many as you want. Share these with your guests to remind them of the fun they had while at the party.

Since they only get part of the story from their children, the pictures will make the story complete. Don’t just leave the photos in your camera or smartphone. Have them printed and create a photo album. You can even create an online photo album by looking for ready-made designs or get creative by creating your own collage.

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