Using table tents in marketing can be an effective method to invite more customers or advertise products and services for establishments such as hotels, restaurants or even bars. When you properly plan and create table tent templates in Word or any other software in the computer, they can significantly augment your return on investment.

As long as you consider the following key strategies, you’d be able to efficiently use these marketing tools:

  • Do research to know the disposition of your audience
  • Present a great offer along with a call to action
  • Be as creative as you can be

Knowing your audience or target market is the easy part, but knowing why your audience is where they currently are would take a lot more effort and research. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant or bar, you’d have to do the appropriate amount of research to be able to know the disposition of your audience or target market. The templates you make should not just be informative, they should sell! As you would be using these as marketing tools, they should be effective enough to call your customers and consumers to buy what you are selling.

When making marketing tools such as a table tent mockup, you should be as creative as you can be. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box so that your template is unique and would attract a lot more people. As you are considering these things, you would have a better idea of how you would be making your template. To help you out further, this article talks about everything there is to know about such templates.

Printable Table Tent Templates

Uses of Table Tent Templates

Table tent mockups which have been thought of and made creatively can have different uses. Since they are frequently used in establishments which require a lot of advertising, they are usually colorful and more visual rather than containing just text, to attract the customers and consumers. Here are some uses for such tools:

Promotions for Food and Beverages

Using such templates would be very effective when you are launching new food or beverages in your establishment.

Promotions for Desserts

As your customers sit down to eat, having such a template which advertises a dessert puts the thought of it in their minds. Then, there is a high likelihood that they would order a dessert after they have finished their meal.

To Advertise Events and Special Promotions

For hotels, having such a template in strategic locations would effectively spread the word about special promotions and events.

You can actually use these kinds of marketing tools to advertise or simply to spread relevant information to a lot more people. Not only are they easy to make, they are also simple but really effective. Now let’s move on to the different types.

Table Tent Cards

Types of Table Tent Templates

There are many different types of table tents which can be created and placed strategically to market certain products, promotions or events. Here we will be going through the most common kinds of templates which are used:

Tent Setup

This is the most basic type which is made by correctly folding a piece of long, thick paper so that it resembles a tent. This would be able to stand upright by itself without support. This is also the most common type found in different establishments. 

Flip Book

The structure of this is similar to the tent setup and the difference is it has many leaves which you can flip over to look at all the information which is written on the pages. These types are the most flexible as you would be able to input a lot of information or advertisements on them. Then all you would have to do is place them in strategic locations and flip the pages so that the most interesting one is in front. 

Framed Tent

This is a common type wherein a frame is used to insert a flyer or an advertisement on. The frame would then act as the tent and would be a lot sturdier than the template made purely from thick paper. It could also be a lot more cost friendly as you’d just have to change the advertisement in the frame and print it on regular paper. 


Finally, you can have these templates custom made from different printing places. You would be able to choose the type and style as well as the content and the design that would go into your template. This is probably the most expensive type especially if you would like to go “all out” and have a really personalized table tent.

These are the most common types; however, you may find other different types out there. It really depends on what you need it for and your own personal preferences. Now let’s move on to actually making the template.


Making a Table Tent Mockup in Microsoft Word 

A table tent template is kind of like a greeting card which is folded and therefore can stand on its own on a table or a flat surface, resembling a tent. It’s a marketing tool typically used by hotels, restaurants, bars and other such establishments for advertising. Making a table tent template in Word is quite simple if you follow the steps below:

  • Open Microsoft Word, click on the Office button located at the top left corner of the window then click on New.
  • Click on the “Search Microsoft Office Online for a template,” so you can type in your search.
  • In the search bar, type table tent then press Enter.
  • Select the table tent template then click the Download button so you can edit the template.
  • Select all the text in the template (ctrl + a) and proceed to type in the text content you’d like to be present in the outside portion of the template.
  • You can then insert graphics and pictures on the template then resize, crop or edit them to your preference.
  • Continue to add in text and graphics until you are happy with the result. Save your work using a file name you would remember in a folder which is easy to locate.
  • When you’re done editing and saving, print out your work and fold the template appropriately.
TemplateLab April 16th, 2018