Have you ever heard your friends saying that their boss always overrules their decisions whenever they want or that they have the responsibility but not the authority to get the job done? Well, if you hear these types of frustrated comments from people working in an organization, you should get an idea that their RACI analysis is overdue. Apart from this, delegation is also really common in organizations; in fact, it is one of the roles of project managers.

Due to this reason, the identification of the responsibilities and roles in a project is essential and requires the application of an RACI model in the firm. A RACI chart is one of the most important aspects of any business; therefore, if you are a business owner, you should read all about a RACI diagram in detail below.

RACI Chart Templates

What is a RACI Chart?

To know what a RACI chart is, you should know that Responsibility Charting is a straight forward technique to identify the functional areas along with the responsibilities and roles in an organization to accomplish a desired task. To avoid confusion over the responsibilities and roles in a certain project, a RACI diagram resolves the ambiguities and differences in the cross functional environment.

Moreover, a RACI matrix enables managers from different and same organizational levels to participate actively in a systematic and focused discussion about activities and actions that need to be accomplished for the successful completion of tasks. This could either be a service, product, system or anything an organization should do to be successful.

Additionally, a RACI matrix is a systematic way of clarifying functional roles or departmental positions. In addition to this, actions and communications required to deliver an acceptable service or product and expectations of participation with respect to roles is also resolved by RACI charts. Since managers and supervisors are not accountable to do everything in the organization, they delegate tasks.

Therefore, a RACI diagram ensures that responsibilities are divided equally among employees or those who deserve them or are accountable for doing a specific task. Often, some types of tasks result in the division of responsibilities for actions. In addition to this, everyone has a different viewpoint; one employee’s point of view about the role would be different from another employee. Therefore, to avoid those confusions and discrepancies from arising, a RACI matrix is formed.

RACI Chart Examples

Four Aspects of a RACI Model Explained

The RACI matrix brings clarity and structure to describe the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a particular task. To apply the RACI model, you need to understand the RACI model properly.

1.      Responsible – R

This person is the individual who is actually responsible to complete the task. They are the doers and are responsible for the actions and implementation of rules. You can also say that they can get the job done. Though the responsibility can be shared,  accountability needs to be maintained.

2.      Accountable – A

This is the individual or person who is accountable and ultimately, is answerable for all the activity in the decision. This is the person who ensures that all responsibilities are assigned properly in the RACI matrix. They are the ones who have the power of saying yes or no to anything. While responsibilities can be divided, accountability cannot be shared among people. There is only one A in a plan.

3.      Consult – C

This is the role of individuals or people who have the expertise and are experienced enough for consulting. They need to be consulted before taking a final decision or action. All the input needs to be discussed with them first before implementing any ideas. These consultants are active participants and are always in the loop. Also, they are responsible to provide information about the project. This subject matter expert task can be given to several people according to their experience.

4.      Informed – I

The person responsible for this aspect is the one who informs participants after a decision has been made. This is a one way communication process and such people are kept in the picture because they need updates on the progress and decisions being made.

RACI Chart Samples

How to Make a RACI Matrix?

If you want to know how to make a RACI diagram or matrix, you can check numerous RACI chart examples available on the web for free. However, if they look confusing to you, then follow the steps below to make a RACI matrix.

  1. The first step is to identify all the tasks for the project and list all of them down on the other side of the chart in a proper manner. To know about the tasks, you can start with the high impact areas.
  2. After the first step, you should also list down all the stakeholders and list them on the other side of the chart.
  3. The third step is to fill the sections determining who is responsible and accountable. Along with this, you should also mention who will be consulted and who will be informed before doing every task.
  4. You need to ensure that everyone has at least one stakeholder and they will be responsible for each task.
  5. Once you are done with assigning the duties and responsibilities, the last step is to discuss and get feedback on it. You can distribute the RACI chart among everyone and ask for their advice and ideas. Update or modify it if you find it necessary so that the RACI diagram is based on mutual decision.


Keep the Important Rules in Mind!

Before you make the RACI matrix for your organization, you should keep in mind the following rules;

  • There is only one person who is accountable and responsible for the task.
  • There must be a communication with the consultant.
  • It is mandatory to inform the required stakeholders.

Regardless of the length and completion time of project plan, there may be chances of confusion among the roles and responsibilities of participants. Before issues, like blaming others for not getting the job done, concern over decision matters and questions over who does what occur in your organization arise, you should try forming a RACI matrix. To save your time, you can download RACI chart templates from our main website and simply edit them and enjoy a smooth and successful implementation process.

TemplateLab April 16th, 2018